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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Just randomly going through this thread and I find it interesting how some are so quick to weight up the v7 18x20. Some people are so obsessed with the whole headlight thing, and start adding weight to handle as if this makes it a light, whippy racquet. You end up with a 12oz racquet that...
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Just purchased a v7 18x20 off the TT classifieds and so far been very impressed by it. But on my 3rd session using I noticed a buzzing sound in the handle. This sound becomes more apparent on off center hits mainly towards the tip / 12 o'clock. I've read that some Blades have come with loose...
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    FedGR = A+

    Purchased a Wilson Blade v7 18x20 in pristine condition as described! Would absolutely buy from again.. trust this seller!
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Sorry. But if you initially thought it was too heavy, it probably is...
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    Clash 98: underrated racquet of 2019.

    I'm assuming 100 Tour users are somewhere in the middle..
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    Clash 98: underrated racquet of 2019.

    I've become a little interested in the Clash 98 myself. My son started the 10 and under junior program at the National Tennis Center in NYC, and they have high performance teen classes going on at the same time and all you see are Clash's, Blade's and Yonex Vcore reds. Only a couple of Babs...
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    Jannik Sinner racket / strings

    Any ideas on the exact Speed MP iteration? On his Instagram there some photos of him using the Touch paintjob.
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    NEW Prestige MP 360

    I'll keep an open mind and give this line a proper look when it comes out...
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    Why not?!

    So it's a pro stock of the Youtek IG Extreme?
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    Why not?!

    Well we've discussed Andreescu, Medvedev, Schwartzman, Grigor, and Rublev recently... what about Matteo Berretini? What's he using? String and tension? Looks like an older Extreme... which one? Let's go..
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    Help a lifelong 18x20 control racket player transition to a power oriented racket

    I would demo the new Blade 16x19 along with Head Gravity Pro. The Gravity is a 18x20 designed for the modern game.. good pop, forgiving (100sq. in) and good access to spin with it's head shape.
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    Tennys Sandgren - No clothing, shoe Sponsors?

    Surprised he doesn't at least have Bass Pro Shops sponsorship on his hat like Isner...
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    Tennis Warehouse: Head Gravity Pro, MP and S Playtest

    Hey Mogo! Nice review. Seems like we had some similar experiences with the GP. In most reviews the racquet is touted has a low powered stick, but never did I feel a lack of power was an issue during my play test. Of course it's not Pure Drive power! Most interesting was your backhand...
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    Tennis Warehouse: Head Gravity Pro, MP and S Playtest

    Hi all, Here's my review! Racquet: Gravity Pro String: Head Hawk Touch 17 (provided with play test) @ 50lbs. Tennis experience: 4.0 rating, but been mixing it up with 4.5 players lately. Usually play about 4 times a week. Style: Baseliner Current racquet: Head 360 Speed Pro.. Solinco...
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    Any way to make a racquet feel softer?

    Hyper G is one of my go to's. Based on my experiences, 16g is my least fav... too boardy and harshest feeling of the bunch. The feel improves with 16L and higher. Just my two cents..
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    Tennis Warehouse: Head Gravity Pro, MP and S Playtest

    Selected for the Pro! Will be interesting to see how it compares to the 360 Speed Pro which has become my go to racquet.. Thanks TW!
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    The Most Important Match Of Your Life: PT57A, H22, H19 or other

    Never expected the 360 Speed Pro to become an extension of my arm, but it has...
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    lightest replacement grip that doesn't reduce grip size

    BUMP.. Looking for the same as the OP... thoughts?
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    Adidas Solecourt Boost Official Thread

    Just got my Solecourts today. I decided to stay with size 9 like my Ubersonic 3's, and I'm glad I did. The toe box is wide, but the length is true. Will most likely put Superfeet Greens, hopefully this will fill them out a bit. See how they do out on court...
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    Head still makes the best racquets

    Although microgel dipped 360 Graphene with Itellifiber sprinkles could be "The Grail"...
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    Head still makes the best racquets

    The 360 Speed Pro may be starting to keep my Racquetholism at bay.... just maybe...
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    Verdasco blacked out Head at Eastbourne

    You might get lead poisoning by just holding it by the throat...
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    Adidas Solecourt Boost Official Thread

    I wear size 9 in Ubersonic 3's, should I stick with 9 on the Solecourt's? They both have a similar wide toe box... I have a narrow foot.
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    Sore heels. Recommend me a shoe.

    Bumping this up as I've started to experience sore heels recently. This is a new ache and pain for me. Could very well be plantar fasciitis as I have been also dealing with pain when I first get up in the morning. I'm going to look into exercises to help remedy the issue, but would like to...
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    Haase with Radical MP

    Has Head killed off the Prestige??
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    The Babolat Pure Strike Project Two Zero Thread

    The new Tour should be worth a demo...
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    Mizuno Lendl

    TT cold case..
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    Is there any truth to the paint jobs affecting playability? I tested the first generation (red hoop) and it felt fairly heavy to swing. I recently swung the all black version and it felt a bit more maneuverable. What about the tuxedo? Or is it just Wilson's famed QC?! Also why the big...
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    Boycott Wilson Rackets....

    And if we weren't Racquetholics this wouldn't be a problem... :(