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  1. Mountain Ghost

    Starter almost 2 years ago, would love some advice!

    Very nice for two years. Just a few things ... Forehand: I'd advise positioning just a little farther away from the line of the ball so you can hit out more ... instead of pretty much hitting straight across your body ... Backhand: on lower balls keep your head from dipping ... shoulders more...
  2. Mountain Ghost

    Afraid to take group lessons

    You mention "class" ... which means it all would depend on who is GIVING the class. Hanging around other players with "bad habits" just means he gets to focus on his OWN strokes and process in the midst of less-than-perfect influences ... which would lead me to ask the only real question ... ...
  3. Mountain Ghost

    Price of 1h tennis lesson in your part of the world?

    In a very funny way ... the "Cost" of a lesson doesn't really matter ... only the ACURACY and the eagle-eyedness of the pro giving the lesson. I can take someone who's had a hundred lessons from a very "well-informed" coach ... and bring attention not just to things never covered before ... but...
  4. Mountain Ghost

    Eastern grip to Semi Western for hard is the switch?

    At this early of a stage I would really resist the desire for his stroke to "look" like a modern forehand. He currently does not have mindful awareness (or control) of his racquet face angle. His racquet face should be VERTICAL throughout the entire process ... from ready position ... through...
  5. Mountain Ghost

    HS Coaches - using ball machines?

    Absolutley YES to the ball machine ... especially if there's someone there making sure they are repeating good technique ~ MG
  6. Mountain Ghost

    Eastern grip to Semi Western for hard is the switch?

    If Federer is who you love ... and Federer is who you'd love him to play/look like ... then stick with the eastern. Truth is ... MANY people have problems with high balls ... and the solution is not (in falling back ... in moving up ... or) in a grip change ... but in changing how far forward...
  7. Mountain Ghost

    Critique My Serve

    The biggest issue is chasing a wild toss. First ... get set for at least a second ... with no movement at all. Second ... keep your arm straight during the toss. Lastly ... if your tossing arm comes up on a line toward the right net post ... you can easily avoid what's happening now with your...
  8. Mountain Ghost

    How to keep enough space from the ball?

    Crowding the ball is a common thing ... that happens to be based on the natural animal instinct to go TOWARDS whatever is being "targeted" ... in this case the moving ball. The solution is best achieved if you have a pro ... a ball machine ... or a feeding partner ... and hundreds of balls are...
  9. Mountain Ghost

    1 hand Backhand

    It is very subtle ... but yourr racquet head is still going a little too much "downhill" during the first part of your forward stroke. The pronation of the right arm should be a little more complete ... getting the racquet head to its lowest point ... BEFORE it starts coming forward. Facing a...
  10. Mountain Ghost

    Where am I losing power?

    There are TWO things that are not currently in your mindful awareness ... that happen to be fundamental aspects of the serve. 1) You do NOT want to hit DOWN ... and 2) You do NOT want to swing TOWARDS the target. On the deuce side ... your swing path should be to the right net post ... and you...
  11. Mountain Ghost

    Inconsistent Forehand

    Most of the stroke is quite good ... but ... The path of your elbow across the right side of your stomach is kind of all over the place ... which is affecting ... among other things ... your elevation control. I would advise keeping your elbow attitude more consistent ... namely pointed more...
  12. Mountain Ghost

    Two-way miss- swing path too vertical?

    If I was on the court working with you ... I would NOT focus on "sections" ... but I would get you to have level shoulders throughout the ENTIRE stroke. Right now ... the non-level shoulder action is heavily entrenched ... and will need major harnessing to correct ~ MG
  13. Mountain Ghost

    Two-way miss- swing path too vertical?

    The one thing that sticks out is the non-level rotational path of the shoulders ... which brings all kinds of inconsistency into the stroke. While one might feel that raising the right shoulder can add lift and/or power to the shot ... all it really adds is instability to the foundational...
  14. Mountain Ghost

    70% game and consistency

    I completely understand how you would think ... and feel ... and experience that ... and I have helped 100's of students with this. When they are dead tired ... and I can get them to focus on their BALANCE only ... and not ANYTHING "else" ... everything "else" ... miraculously improves ~ MG
  15. Mountain Ghost

    70% game and consistency

    When a player gets physically tired ... the FIRST thing to go is the balance ... as the body starts improvising on "posture" ... to compensate for a lack of positioning ... ... ... Being tired is a GREAT time to focus on ONE thing ... ... ... Relax and keep your shoulders UP ... and over the...
  16. Mountain Ghost

    What is exactly going on between trophy position and contact of the ball in the Roddick serve?

    The more you focus on details that will not in any way help YOUR game ... the more you do YOUR game ... and the game of anyone who goes on that "exploration" WITH you ... a great disservice ~ MG
  17. Mountain Ghost

    Why do teaching pros insist on teaching spin serve esp to women?

    If you teach a spin serve in segments ... starting with the racquet drop at the racquet-back position ... ANY person ... at almost ANY physical ability ... can learn a spin serve that will work well ... which will ALSO help their ability to hit "flat" serves. A "qualified" pro working with them...
  18. Mountain Ghost


    Humans evolved without a 27 inch tennis racquet as a physical appendage ... and most of our natural programming is "designed" to go STRAIGHT TOWARDS whatever the current "target" is ... ... ... Whereas in tennis pretty much NOTHING ... except perhaps the racquet face at contact ... is actually...
  19. Mountain Ghost

    Why do teaching pros insist on teaching spin serve esp to women?

    To learn the basic aspects of a good ... and mechanically solid tennis serve ... bottomline ... EVERYTHING evolves from ... and is modified from ... a SPIN serve. It reminds me of ground stroke students who want to go for raw power first ... and think they can then just put a harness on it later...
  20. Mountain Ghost

    Muscle memory article

    How long it takes to develop a muscle memory has a lot to do with how much muscle memory must be changed ... meaning how much "demolition" must be done before you can "build" ... or "RE-build"! With a ball machine ... and being SUPER diligent about doing the correct thing ... without variation...
  21. Mountain Ghost

    Serve speed based more on strength or technique?

    If you're wondering where to put your ATTENTION ... probably 100% on technique! A strong person with bad technique will NEVER get as "far" ... or as "fast" ... as an average-strength person with excellent technique. I have actually found very "strong" students to be "tight" ... with much less...
  22. Mountain Ghost

    How to teach forehand drive to kid?

    When under the pressure of a fast incoming ball ... the natural animal instinct is to feel the time pressure ... and to "prepare" in a reactive way ... meaning more focus in hitting the ball ... than on preparing to hit the ball by taking a full backswing. The truth is that even on a very fast...
  23. Mountain Ghost

    Big muscular guy 2hb or 1 handed?

    A 1HBH has a less restricted flow ... but will take much longer to perfect ... PLUS ... you would really need the help of a good pro to fine tune it ... ... ... which leads to the biggest issue ... ... ... VERY FEW teaching pros have a CLUE as to how to teach ... or fine tune ... a 1HBH. I...
  24. Mountain Ghost

    What is my classic mistake?

    Having too much time to think about it ... too many tempting options ... and just plain getting too excited... can easily pull your attention away FROM a few very basic needs on short, soft or easy balls ... ... ... Positioning must be farther forward, still sideways and BESIDE (away from) the...
  25. Mountain Ghost

    Back to Indoor Hard (:- Practice match video

    Not a single FULL BACKSWING in the lot ... forehands ... backhands ... serves ... ... ... the racquet head never truly gets behind you ... which may require a teaching pro's on-court help to correct. For topspin forehands and backhands ... the racquet handle should be aiming at the net post at...
  26. Mountain Ghost

    I'm scared of the net at the start - doubles.

    Just a few things. It sounds like you have a fear that your reactions are not fast enough at the net. This leads me to suggest remaining mindful of just a few things. The best way to practice being with a partner where both of you are one step inside the service line ... for some sincere (but...
  27. Mountain Ghost

    The toss: parabolic, or straight up and down?

    I have a basic toss formula that I start EVERYONE with ... and then they can migrate to their own "solution" (or not) once they get better. THAT formula is that the tossing arm rises on the same directional line as the hitting arm travels during the forward swing. On the deuce court this would...
  28. Mountain Ghost

    Two handed BH to One handed BH

    Looks very good for being so new. There are times when your racquet head does not get far enough down before the forward part of the stroke ... this is when your right arm is pronating back and down. On those balls where it's not low enough ... you aren't able to hit out. The head dip near...
  29. Mountain Ghost

    How To Use The Wall As A Practice Partner!!

    Not your everyday rec player ... well done!
  30. Mountain Ghost

    Looking for tips on form

    Forehand: You never reach a full racquet-back position ... handle is always too high at the start of every forward stroke ... and at some point the handle butt should be aimed at the right net post ... swinging low-to-high and out ... not toward the target. Backhand: Your right hand grip is...