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  1. Lendl and Federer Fan

    Good job at Shanghai Masters, young players, no more old guard left in the tournament!

    Nice to see the young guns are rising. It is actually pretty easy to beat these old guards like Federer, Joker and nadaloser. Play aggressive and dictate the rally is the key to victory. Move them around the court, or you get jerk around by them. Change direction on every stroke: if they...
  2. Lendl and Federer Fan

    Will there be Federer Cup?

    As you are watching the Laver Cup, ever pondering the Federer Cup after the GOAT retires. Hate to sound like the failed economists, but I think it will happen.
  3. Lendl and Federer Fan

    Who is going to Area 51?

    Count me in to see some aliens.
  4. Lendl and Federer Fan

    Who is not tired of seeing Fed and joke in the final

    38 and 33 old men in the final. It is a sad reality for ATP. I am fully expected the 5 year youngster joker to bagel the 5 year older Fed in the final, 6-0, 6-0, 6-0.
  5. Lendl and Federer Fan

    Who is tired that we keep seeing Fed, Nad and Joker in the final four!!!

    C’mon, young players, please beat these old men!
  6. Lendl and Federer Fan

    Nice to see 1HBH players are dominating, to heck with the boring 2HBH players.

    Nice to see 1HBH players are dominating, to heck with the boring 2HBH players.:p
  7. Lendl and Federer Fan

    How many tennis bags do you have?

    I have about 10, 1 more Kfactor RF and 1 K88 Pete Sampras are in my other house and not on this picture.
  8. Lendl and Federer Fan

    How come Tennis Warehouse doesn't carry Wilson Rip Spin string?

    This is the best string I've played in my opinion, it is better than my old Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour in every area. I generate more topspin and have more pop on my serve, my 125mph serve is back because of Wilson Rip Spin. I haven't served this well since high school. My opponents say my...
  9. Lendl and Federer Fan

    Nadal is just another average player if you attack his backhand

    This AO final exposes Nadal's weakness again. That is the reason Djoker has such an easy time beating Nadal in recent years. Serve to Nadal's backhand and attack relentlessly his backhand side. When Nadal tries to pin you down on your backhand with his topspin forehand, hit it back down the...
  10. Lendl and Federer Fan

    Is Nadal going bald?

    looks like his hairline is receding!;) He could be another Agassi!
  11. Lendl and Federer Fan

    Will Federer win another major?

    I would say 19 before he retires! :p:D:)
  12. Lendl and Federer Fan

    Federer's commenting his own practice

    King Fed is the first pro who is doing this, always numero uno :) in everything, like first won 17 majors.
  13. Lendl and Federer Fan

    How many tennis shoes do you own?

    I think I have more than 50 if not more than 100, lose track. All brand new shoes on this picture: 1st column is various Adidas Barricade. 2nd is Nike Vapors 3 3rd is Nike Vapors 4, I like these shoes the most, I think I have 19 pairs at one point. 4th is Nike Vapors 5 5th is Nike Lunar 6th is...
  14. Lendl and Federer Fan

    How many racquets do you own?

    I have been picking up racquets at pace of around 30 a year for 10 years now, and bought over 30 this year because of the Wilson PS97 RF Autograph. Overall I have about 300 to 500 now, mostly Wilson, a very few Head or Babolat to try here and there. Would definitely like to see > 500er(s)...
  15. Lendl and Federer Fan

    Wilson Pro Staff 97 RF Autograph butt cap color

    I have a few in black type like the one on the picture TW posted for sales, and have a few in red color. Both are legit and identical beside the butt cap color. The black butt cap looks more sophisticated, the red one looks rather simple and has GJX on it. Is the black color the earliest...
  16. Lendl and Federer Fan

    The pre 2013 Federer forehand was more penetrating and flatter

    I was watching the 2009 and 2012 Cincinnati finals, Federer totally owned joker, his shots were flat and very penetrating, skipping off the court. Now federer's groundies are more loopy, aka top spin. I remember Boris Becker started to lose his edge when he added more top spin to his serve and...
  17. Lendl and Federer Fan

    How to earn cheat points on your serve against nadal and joker?

    Kick serve is not as effective against 2hbh, but 2hbh naturally has weakness in return the wide slice serve. On the even court, slice serve to nadal's backhand, and on odd, slice serve to djoker. I wouldn't serve and volley, just stay inside the baseline and ready to pound the return to the...
  18. Lendl and Federer Fan

    I have commited a sin, bought nadal's stick

    Forgive me, just want to figure out nadal's special sauce. ;)
  19. Lendl and Federer Fan

    How to post picture here?

    It has been a while since I posted pictures. ;)
  20. Lendl and Federer Fan

    No more Wilson pro staff 90, regular ps 95 and six one 95

    I could not find them at the regular stores include TW, is Wilson discontinued them?
  21. Lendl and Federer Fan

    String(s) similar to bobalat hurricane pro tour

    Does anyone know string that plays and feels like that yellow hurricane pro tour string?
  22. Lendl and Federer Fan

    Where to play in Queens, Forest Hills, Manhattan New York?

    I will stay at a friend's house after the usopen. So is there any decent public or private court around the above places?
  23. Lendl and Federer Fan

    Wimbbieton is just not as prestige as before

    I remember it was the most prestigious among all majors. But if a clay court specialist can win it twice, what is so special about it? Ivan Lendl should regret skipping the american fries open to have more time to prepare for this wimbbieton. It is no longer a big deal, next year I am going...
  24. Lendl and Federer Fan

    Wimbledon is a shame and joke!

    The game is so boring now, what happens to serve and volley! The surface is so slow and the ball bounces up instead of away, even a clay court specialist can win this thing twice. What a joke! If it were like this in Lendl' era, Ivan could probably win it 5 straight and make the finals 8...
  25. Lendl and Federer Fan

    Any Minnesota player here?

    Any Minnesota player here? :)
  26. Lendl and Federer Fan

    Lakers just won, and so did Federer, can it get any better than today?

    Lakers just won, and so did Federer, can it get any better than today? For all the Federer and Lakers fans out, have a nice day!!! :):D:grin::lol:
  27. Lendl and Federer Fan

    Why Home Prices May Keep Falling

    June 7, 2009 Economic View Why Home Prices May Keep Falling By ROBERT J. SHILLER HOME prices in the United States have been falling for nearly three years, and the decline may well continue for some time. Even the federal government has projected price decreases through 2010. As a...
  28. Lendl and Federer Fan

    Could someone provide a complete list of the indoor tennis courts in the Greater Los

    Looks like it might rain this weekend, could someone provide a complete list of the indoor tennis courts in the Greater Los Angeles Area? Greatly appreciate it! :)
  29. Lendl and Federer Fan

    My opinion on 2009 Australian Final between Federer and Nadal

    What this Nadal was able to achieve on winning this year’s AO and last year’s Wimbledon is nothing short of how Francisco and few hundred Conquistadors conquered the Inca Empire of few million people, if you compare Federer’s natural talents and tennis abilities with the one dimensional Nadal...