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  1. Genious at Work

    Finally leaving TTW

    BRB. I'm just going to get some lunch.
  2. Genious at Work

    Imagine there is no GOAT

    There has never been a GOAT. Even when Sampras got his 14, Laver and even Borg had a case. For there to be a GOAT this player would have to be so far above other players in terms of achievements, H2H, and influence in the game that it would be unquestionable, and therefore there would be no...
  3. Genious at Work

    Does Fed have the Uniqlo curse?

    Is it a real curse or just ugly kits?
  4. Genious at Work

    I know why Nadal lost to Federer yesterday

    Court was playing more like WTF than RG. smh I guess we already know what that means for the final though. :sneaky:
  5. Genious at Work

    Djokovic will win Wimbledon #5 in 2 weeks

    Can he equal or surpass Fed's 8 titles? If he does, what does that mean for Fed's legacy?
  6. Genious at Work

    This has to be the most deranged hateful fan ever

    Not just hateful, deep in the realm of mental insanity. The hate just spills over from each of that guy's posts. How can Twitter allow this filth to see the day of light? If I were Nadal I would report this Sunseeker Slade individual to the authorities. This vile stuff surpasses any reasonable...
  7. Genious at Work

    I have the feeling Djokovic will end up as the One True Goat

    With Federer and Nadal contending for second place. This guy seems posed to beat the slam record and finish with positive H2H records against the other two. I'm not a huge fan of his clinical style, but it is so effective and consistent. You can't argue with the numbers.
  8. Genious at Work

    Anyone using Sennheiser open headphones?

    I'm trying to decide whether to upgrade to an HD800 S from an HD600. I didn't get the HD650 based on claims that it isn't as neutral (though it has a more "pleasing" sound signature, more mellow and more emphasis on bass) as the HD600. If you have the HD800 or HD800 S, can you compare it to the...