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    Will Australian Kids hate Agassi now?

    This comes from the Australian Open website: American Express Aces Charity by Tennis Australia Sunday, 9 January, 2005 Building on its success at Wimbledon 2004, the American Express ACES fundraising...
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    This sux

    This is how I wanted things to turn out at the open, but I want USA to go all the away against in Davis Cup.(cept Fish.)
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    why is it called "love"?

    I read on some website before that whoever had played with zero points had "love" for the game.
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    Joachim Johansson racquet

    I think he likes Philippousis's game so he got the racquet and clothes before.
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    Roddick / Johansson

    Johansson creates insane angles off of a pretty flat forehand. I think it his height.
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    Id rather watch paint dry then watch Roddick play........

    If you don't like how only Roddick plays then don't watch Roddick Pim-Pim. Huge serve then forehand
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    Great 4th rd matchup: Joakim Johansson vs Michael Llodra

    The only time I've seen Pim-Pim was when he lost to Schuttler in the Halle website and in a little clip they showed on CBS on Sunday. It looked like he improved over that 3-month span or I just haven't seen enough of his game. That little clip that CBS showed was amazing though. Blasting a serve...
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    Prince of Tennis

    Still waiting for someone to put a "How to hit a bounceless lob?" topic in the Tips and Instruction thread.... I was taking the show seriously until I saw that in the first episode.
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    Olivier Rochus: Holler out to the little guy!

    He gets his power from his tremendous grunt. Power to the short!!! (I'm about 5'4" still growing hopefully)
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    Anyone know what they're drinking out there ??

    It looks like an evian bottle and cap, so they probably just put an energy mix in it.
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    Roddick-Nadal? NO! GOLOVIN-WILLIAMS!

    Anyone watch Late Night at the U.S. Open where yesterday it showed Golovin on standing on some nightclub table, dancing at night?
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    Any updates on Guillermo Coria?

    hes waiting for a big clay tournament
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    Roddicks 150+ mph serves

    As long as he drops his racquet to the backscratch position then how he brings the racquet up doesnt really matter. The real power is from his legs. Its almost about 3/4ths of a full horse stance.
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    Silica gel in the bag?

    For those who don't know silica gel is, its that little white bag that says do not eat in a box of new shoes or sometimes in a bag of jerky.
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    Silica gel in the bag?

    Silica gel eats oxygen, so I was wondering if I put it in my bag things like my uncovered racquet grip or tennis balls would start to last longer. Does anyone recommend this?
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    A&E Biography Andre Agassi

    No, actually the Graf vs. Agassi match was just one of their practice session I guess. I think I just described it too well.....
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    A&E Biography Andre Agassi

    They showed Steffi playing Andre at the Aus Open! She had him on the run.....untill Andre did a running forehand dtl for a winner. I bet if she still played then Andre would have a challenge.
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    Future MIZUNO racquets

    They probably got the idea from the Agassi of the past, present, and future bit that Roddick did on SNL. But seriously, the new generation of tennis is about topspin and such, it would be impossible to serve or hit any type of western forehand or any kind of backhand with the samurai grip.
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    Would a onehanded backhand player always beat a two hander?

    Roddick hit a topspin 1 hander against Henman at Indian Wells this year. Henman pick off a shot early with a volley and Roddick scrambled and just pulled his racquet back and swung. It sailed out and you couldn't really critique it because he was on the run.
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    Serve: Arm not fully extended on contact

    THE SERVE: Because of sampras's toss his bodys kind of angled(probably cause he had all that kick)
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    who can win the olympics

    I think its going to be a Grosjean Moya final. But all I hope for is that whiny, country loving, fist-pumping ***** Fish doesnt win.
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    Federer out of Olympics

    Fed must have trouble against the teenagers. At this rate, I can beat him...........
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    Who do you want to win the Open?

    I would like someone new to win a slam. Whether it be rising stars like Ancic or Pim-Pim(whom I think can do very well on Decoturf) or those who have been trying for a while like Henman or Haas. I also second Agassi pulling a Sampras.
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    Agassi Vs Roddick Cincinnati Semifinal. Match available BT.

    There was one point when Cliff was commenting that cracked me up on how Agassi was keeping up with the younger, stronger Roddick. Then he pauses for a bit and says "Was gonna say that he's fitter, but he not, Agassi's in great shape." Roddick needs to lay off the pizza and beer. Btw Thank you...
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    Funny pic from Davis Cup

    Youzhny and Safin should play doubles right now, while Marat's hair is like Mikail.
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    The camera men at the last two tournaments

    The camera men at toronto and cinncinati were just a bunch of horndogs!! Usually at a tournament that is televised I see them staring at Carla Coria or Lauren Bedford(with those two I would rather just watch them rather than than Coria or Roddick), but lately they show old farts trying to show...
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    Other sports tennis players could've been successful at.....

    There are a ton of them that could play soccer.