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    Strange Injury

    My coach changed me over to this new Pacific string, it's very thin and very hard. Hasn't broken yet, had this string for six months. Coach says its a string pros use. About two months into using this string i slowly started coming down with a sore shoulder and arm. So I suspect it might be...
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    What I learnt today in my match

    I won 1-6 6-2 6-2 today in my singles but i learnt that it could've been a 1-6 1-6 loss today if my forehand went south on me. What did I learn from playing this match? I played the match in hot sticky humid conditions. That is probably the worst kind of conditions to try to play a match in...
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    Cheating or Gamesmanship?

    Now I Played a singles match today and throughout the whole match in between every point that I played, against this weak player, his team mates were all gathered up on the court bench watching like vultures the match and they kept on yakking away to their player on the court to boost up his...
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    Forehand Slice/Smash

    Leed am i onto something here? I have found a way to increase the velocity behind the forehand slice, by using the shoulder more instead to pronate the ball with and not with the wrist. I discovered that the shoulder brings the ball down in the court more if you go to bang it in hard. I...
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    I Changed over to Roddick's Motion a week ago and...

    I got these following results in soon as I started using Roddicks serve motion..... Can Anyone in here who uses Roddicks motion and has mastered it can tell me just what kind of pronation effects they are getting off their serve when they play matches with it? Because I have seen a big...
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    Nasty Nasty little crosscourt angles

    Any players in here know how to do the killer crosscourt angle, this is a deadly little forehand shot that does a little tiny hop over the net but done on such a ridiculous sharp angle over the service box and the guy either stands there and can't return it, or is running off the court and...
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    Pain in elbow

    I've been having second thoughts about the window wiping technique since my elbow and wrist has been getting a bit sore. I do rotate upper body when i wipe the ball but maybe yers of hard serving weakened the wrist or elbow
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    Why would a teaching pro say this?

    some day you're good, and some say you're not. I wish they make up their mind !
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    Can someone explain this to me please ?

    "About the grip, you may not have noticed one seemingly minor thing: the separation of the forefinger from the other fingers. Jack Nicklaus called this his trigger finger. This does a few things. You should notice a little more wrist action by this finger placement as long as you are not death...
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    Using the legs to hit. Works for Slice but Not sure about forehand

    I need some advice from a coach or top player in here.. I need to know more about the leg drop for I'm not too sure if what I'm doing here is on the right track. Having good strokes, Split Step, Basic Footwork I think this is only good enough to take a player up to the Intermediate ranks...
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    Too Much Power and pace

    I had a good topspin forehand, enabling me to hit sharp angles on the court and hit with reasonable pace down the line (am a righty) with reverse forehand when I needed to flatten out the spin, that forehand would send the ball anywhere from 1-2 metres or a few or inches curving fast over the...
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    Wilson Tour 95 Pro racquet

    It Has quite a heavy solid frame, has this racquet been known to weaken the wrist over time? Everytime I play with it, the wrist gets sore and stiff the next day. I know this racquet had a problem of hitting topspin serves outside the lines, so I had to modify my serve to work around...
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    The White Pro Overwraps

    I been using the Wilson White Pro Overwraps (These are thin wraps that go over the top of the grip to protect it) , the same that Roger Federer endorses to use, you get three overwraps in the pack... They're good overwraps and give very good feel but now I have this problem of wearing the...
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    The Topspin Sidespin Forehand

    Well Leed I added your sidespin component to my Topspin forehand, the result is a fast-dipping forehand that opens up the court more with the short angles. Now I can hit those fast little dips or hit down the line more easily without fear of hitting too flat into the net or hitting the ball...
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    Stronger One-Hand Backhand

    Who else in here uses Federer's One-Hand Backhand style?
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    Forehand - Just one finish or two?

    How many finishes on your forehand do you use guys? I use two different finishes for doing my flat or topspin with.
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    One of the rudest teaching pros around?

    My coach left me really confused as a player.. I couldn't get on with him. He says I have talent. But In Training with his other talented guys, he criticizes every all of us few minutes and puts his players down in front of us, saying we're stupid or idiots when we make a mistake this...
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    Stringing Speedport Platinums

    Is there a stringer here? Guys did my coach string this racquet the right way or did he string it incorrectly? I have a Prince Speedport Platinum. My coach strung it with the Long String-Thru System using Babolat Pro Hurricane a poly string..... The coach did not install that special...
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    The Prince O3 Speedport Platinum

    What a crazy racquet that Prince has come out with. A super power racquet with spin. I'm a compact swing player but this thing has nearly three times more power than my n-code and I can't play my normal strokes with this unless I'm hitting the ball soft. There is too much power...
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    Nailing down the T again and again

    One of the most frustrating problems in tennis I've ever come up against. There's nothing more frustrating (second to a double fault), than a well placed serve that heads down the middle t to the backhand and lands deep in the T, but then suddenly the ball veers off to the left heading...
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    Staying low

    Most annoying issue of all I have is this.. When I get tired, my Legs tend to want to pop up too early in the middle of the drive on the forehand and backhand, not staying down long enough and this causes me to pull up out of the middle of the shot on the backfoot and ruin the drive. At...
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    Flat Serve which is Better Continental or Eastern?

    I want to hear from a professional coach if this grip is safe for me to use as I been taught pronation. I have three serves, Flat, slice, and topspin. I was taught to use the eastern for hitting flat serves with, volleying and overheads. With eastern I am finding the ball just sits up too...
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    Serving Precision - advanced

    How difficult is it to get your flat serves to land near the lines and not hit short?
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    Playing on Artificial Grass Sprinkled Sand Surface

    Have any of you guys ever experienced having nasty tiny bits of loose sand flicking up into your face from the spin of the ball on that surface?
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    Dishonesty with coaches

    Just a few days ago I was told the root cause of the problem in the serve one that can lead to a shoulder injury. But for two years when I had my tennis lessons, I was just mucked around with and told only symptoms of the problem, bad toss, ect instead of being told about the root cause of...
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    Weight Transfer on Hardcourt & Grass

    Got an issue with Grass that needs solving.. On Hardcourt transferring weight from forward to back foot is easy and I get good rythym because I do it at a certain speed that works for that surface. But on grass with the sand it is different. When I do it at my normal speed like I do on...
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    Backhand Slice problem with fast serves

    When i get fast deep serves to the backhand and go to slice. They are going deep back down the middle to the server!. Will looking down during the slice stop the ball going down the middle?
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    Backhand Slice problem off fast serves

    The Problem they return the fast serves back down the middle. Will looking down stop this problem?
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    Strength Training

    It is not safe to beef up your own game like the pros unless guided to do so under a professional coach and had the strength training to apply those techniques or you leave yourself open to injury if you apply those techniques without guidance of a pro or had the proper strength training as I...
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    Serve Speed

    For speed serve fanatics... I found a way to measure my serve to get a rough estimate of how fast the ball is going but before I can calculate my speed, I need someone here to tell me for recreational and club courts with the surrounding fence, what the distance is from the service baseline...