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  1. mrw

    The new solid core Donnay

    Anyone using them? The allwood looks great
  2. mrw

    Anyone playing with a torn medial meniscus?

    heard a popping in my knee when flexing. No pain at all. MRI shows the tear and zero cartilage within the knee. Age 63. Skied 6 weeks this winter. By the 5th week it was a bit tender. Took 3-4 days to recover back to no pain. Skiing is my passion but I love tennis as well but am worried about...
  3. mrw


    T/W says out of stock and no more expected. Any idea where i can find a few sets?
  4. mrw

    Anyone have any direct experience with the new POG LB?

  5. mrw

    Looking to learn how to string professionally.

    I enjoy stringing for myself on my Klippermate and have been thinking about a life change. At age 60, I want to cut my current job down by about 50% and do some stuff I like to do. Stringing is something I would enjoy which will hopefully take me through Spring to Fall at which point I want...
  6. mrw

    The new Prince line looks great.

    Looks like the magic is back. I can't wait to demo all of the new player's frames.
  7. mrw

    NY Times video interview with John McEnroe
  8. mrw

    Could be stringing....

    my way through Sandy but my stringer is at my beach house. So far, the house is fine but I am bored and would love to be restring all my racquets as I sip a Guinness or two.
  9. mrw

    Chris Wragge (US OPEN)

    Jeez this guy sets new standards for the phrase "empty suit" What is the male equivalent of bimbo?
  10. mrw

    need some help navigating USTA'S Tennis link

    Why is their website so difficult to navigate? I called them and asked for the link to Men's 55 tournaments and was met with pure arrogance. The woman who answered the phone talked to me like I was dirt and told me I'd have to figure it out for myself. For this I send these A holes money? At...
  11. mrw

    Need some shoe advice for a narrow foot.

    I have been using Nike Air Oscillates which initially fit well but seem to stretch allowing my foot to wander around inside the shoe when pivot turning.This is causing me to develop foot blisters. Any suggestions on a replacement shoe for me?
  12. mrw

    Killer serves with one racquet, killer strokes with the other

    How would you decide?
  13. mrw

    Can the French Open be seen on line?

    I am nowhere near cable this month but can pick up wifi any sites carrying the FO?
  14. mrw

    Awsome Classic Racquet Sale!!!!

    I searched long & hard for these and all are at least 8.5- 9.0 in condition. Continental USA only and payment through paypal. Prices listed are + shipping $12. (USPS) Photos available all communication through Thanks Davis Classic III size 4M $35 Davis...
  15. mrw

    Am I OK hybriding 16 global gut with a 17 poly?

    or will it saw through the gut in no time?
  16. mrw

    The grommets on my beloved Head Composite Edge are going

    ARRRGH.... I love this racquet. Any ideas? Is the Microgel Prestige 93 close? What's an old fart to do? I own quite a few players racquets but serve and play my best with the Head Composite Edge.
  17. mrw

    looking for DVDs of 70's matches

    Borg, Mac etc specificly The French Open Any ideas where I might be able to buy them?
  18. mrw

    Looking to enter tournaments advice needed

    Should I enter by age (mens 55) or should I enter by level say 3.5- 4.0 or does it not matter? How are points accumulated as either a player that enters age based or level based tournaments? If I play both will I accumulate points jointly? Finally, I do not belong to a league. Will I...
  19. mrw

    Wtb Pog Mid 4 1/4

    prefer 4 stripe mrw1 at myway dot com
  20. mrw

    FS Classic Woodies

    Prince Woodie w/cover 4 3/8 $30. Head Vilas w/cover 4 5/8 medium $25. Davis Classic III a tough one to find I have both a 4M & a 5M $25ea Wilson Pro Staff Kramer 4 1/2 medium strung with gut w/ correct cover $30. all with little wear 8.5+ all + shipping mrw1 at...
  21. mrw

    I just changed the batteries in my SP Pro

    Not too bad of a job. As you would expect, the top one was easy. The one within the machine was a bit tricky but only took me a half hour. For those of you with the Pro, I found it easier to use a 11/32 craftsman wrench instead of the recommended needle nose vice grips. The most difficult...
  22. mrw

    need batteries for my SP PRO

    anyone know if they are something available at a car parts store or are they a manufactures thing only?
  23. mrw

    Tennis Week magazine folds

    I got a letter from IMG saying the mag is done and will be just web based from here out. Sad. As a long time subscriber, I watched it go from the best out there to the dismal pits of IMG ownership. To their credit, the magazine did improve from their initial attempts but was always a shadow of...
  24. mrw

    Looking to trade My M-fill 400 for a M-fill 300

    4 3/8 ,condition 9+ ,freshly strung with Kirschbaum Proline mains & Gosen crosses in 17g. mrw1 at myway dot com or click on my name
  25. mrw

    Where's dem Donnay grommets???

    anything happening on the Donnay Grommet situation?
  26. mrw

    A nice progression of racquets

    Having progressed a bit in rehabing my shoulder, I was cleared to hit a bit. Still no overheads or serves, just some forehand/backhand stuff. It's been about 6 months so how best to start? Well, I set the SP Pro up to feed me some soft balls and reached for my Head Arthur Ashe Comp 3. I hit...
  27. mrw

    POG mid & OS

    4 1/4 grip 4 stripe mrw1 at myway dot com
  28. mrw

    jbleiman is a great seller

    super quick delivery & the racquet was in perfect condition. Thanks!
  29. mrw

    Active Release Technique

    In a previous thread I discussed my frozen shoulder aka "adhesive capsulitis" Painful it is. Suggested treatment was PT with home based stretches twice daily. I did this for about a month. PT twice a week, stretching twice a day. I plateaued in about a week. Frustrated with my lack of...
  30. mrw

    Need stringing info for Donnay Pro One Mid

    T-W version I am looking for two piece stringing pattern. Will this work? Skip Mains 8T 8B Tie off mains 6T Start Cross 8T Tie Off Cross 6B Thanks