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    Prince TT Tour 100 (310) Need your opinions.

    Hi Guys, I need your opinions on this and anyone who has specs on their Prince TT 100 (310) would be really helpful. I demoed a TT Tour 100 (310) and decided this would be a good switch from my Pure Strike. It's a little softer and has slightly better touch but pretty similar. The specs on...
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    Wilson Clash and Clash Tour-First Hit

    Hi guys, Thanks to a good friend, I have a chance to demo the Wilson Clash and Clash Tour. The sticks are strung with NXT. I have no idea what tension. I'll find out. I only had an hour today as it's raining on an off and will on Tuesday as well. The clash wieghed in at 10.8 ounces and the...
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    Question For Jason Clash VS Pure Strike

    Hi Jason, I was hoping to get a little more of a direct comparison between the Clash 100 and the Pure Strike. I used to use the APD but left the Aeros when they switched to the Pure Aero. It be came a little too one-dimensional for me. Great serves and spin but hard to flatten out a ball, no...
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    Reconsidering the Ultra Tour for Doubles..

    Hi guys, I absolutely love the feel of the Ultra tour but ultimately put it down because it was too hard to get passing shots working and a little too hard to generate the top spin I like. I was looking at the raquet with a singles filter on. Dipping balls into the corners and hitting sharp...
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    Question for Sean or Chris. Yonnex VCore Pro 97 VS Vcore 98

    Hi Chris and Sean. You were both on the test for the Yonnex vcore Pro97 and the new vcore 98. I'm interested as to how you would compare the two? I am currently demoing the pro97 and the Babolat Pure Strike 16X19. I love the feel of the pro97 and how solid it is. Here, I feel it wins out...
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    A Tale of Two Racquets Babolat APDO VS Pure Aero

    Hi guys, I thought I would share my experience hitting with two Aero racquets. The first one and the latest one. For starters they do both play like Aero's meaning they have more in commmon with each other than they do another racquet all together but barely. You can really see what Babolat was...
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    Anybody try Tourbite/Hyper G in a hybrid?

    I'd really like to try tourbite or hyper G in the mains and gut in the crosses. I've always done Gut in the mains with a poly in the crosses at 5lbs less. I'm not sure how to approach it if I go the other way.
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    Aero Pro Drive Original VS 2013 APD

    Hi Guys, I recently posted about an APD Original I acquired to find out if it's legit. It is and I've confirmed it from multiple sources. Specifically, it has the matching serial numbers on the neck and under the grip, Staples in the butt cap, two chambers in the handle and the weight and...
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    Need Some help. Is this APD Original Legit?

    Hi guys, What do you think of this? Clearly the Grip is not original. Surprisingly light wear.
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    Hannah, maybe others 2013 APD vs DR98 vs Ezone 98 (or 100)

    Hi, I'm directing this towards Hannah just because she used to be a long time APD user but I'd bet one of the others has hit with all three of these as well. After another frustrating outing with a Pure strike 16X19. I went back to my 2013 APD. The slightly raised sweetspot on the new Babolats...
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    Something in between the Pure Strike 16X19 and the Ultra Tour?

    Hi Guys, I think Michelle and Chris were on the play test for both the new Pure Strike 16X19 and the Wilson Ultra tour. I'm hoping you can help me come up with a few ideas for sticks between these guys. I love the Babolat on groundies and especially serves but struggle with touch and control...
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    UGG...Wilson Quality Control. Are they the only ones?

    Hi guys, I decided to get another Wilson Ultra Tour to demo as I am havig a tough time getting that stick out of my head. I didn't have an RDC near by with the first one. This time I did. To be clear, this is a different racquet. Measurements are 11.2 ounces, 31cm balance 305SW. TW's specs have...
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    Another Demo Cycle, Ultra Tour, 2018 Pure Drive and a few more

    Hi guys, I'm going through a demo cycle and I thought I'd take you along as I am demoing a few very new sticks. Here's what's in the bag: 1. Babolat Pure Strike 16X19 (current stick) (tourbite 16 @ 55lbs) 2. Babolat Pure Strike 18X20 (NXT @ mid tension) 3. Babolat Pure drive 2018 (NXT @ mid)...
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    Babolat Pure Strike Too Powerful? ...the king of BOING!?

    I've been using a Wilson PS-97 for a few years and liked it for the most part but find post shoulder surgery, it's still too much to use for a whole match, especially a singles match. I went for the Babolat Pure Strike-98 16X19..To be fair, I've been going back and forth with this and the pro...
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    Babolat butt Cap on a Wilson PS-97

    Hi guys, I've been playing with my Wilson PS-97's lately and I noticed how little flair there is to the butt cap. This time of year where it is insanely humid in the ATL, racquets can go flying! Has anyone ever put another brands butt cap on a Wilson racquet? are they all interchangeable? I...
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    Anybody Else's Mechanics Go Off with Lighter Racquets?

    Hi guys, I've been using a 12 ounce racquet with a 320 swing weight and in an effort to make things easier on myself post shoulder surgery, Many of the sticks i'm looking at are 11-11.3 ounces with a 310-312 swing weight. They are easier to use but my mechanics are just terrible with the lighter...
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    Stringing and APD witch Champions Choice suggestions?

    Hi guys, I'm putting the APD back into production but due to recent injuries going with a gut/poly set up. I tried Champions Choice (favorite setup) with the gut in the mains. IIRC it was string at mid-tension. Like 55/53. It felt decent and actually adds some touch to this stick but too much...
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    Suggestions switching from the PS-97..reluctantly

    Hi guys, After having labrum surgery in September, I'm back on the courts. My stick of choice has been the Wilson PS-97. I like it as I find it a good all court stick BUT. I'm not really strong enough to swing it right now, especially overhead and I was sort of looking for something with a...
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    Anybody else not like the feel of the new PS 16X19

    I was really excited to try the new Pure Strike 16X19. I'm trying to find something like my Prostaff -97 but a little easier to swing after shoulder surgery. I've always wanted a stick with the pop and spin of my APD's and PD's but more stability and feel at the net. I hit good shots with the...
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    Babolat Pure Strike Question for Hannah?

    Hello, I was directing this towards Hannah as we share similar racquet histories but I'd be more than happy to hear from any of the playtesters. I'm interested in a comparison between the Aero Pro Drive and the new Pure Strike. I moved on from the APD as I started moving forward and playing...
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    Papa Mango is a great seller

    great to deal with. Fast service!!
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    Wilson Rush Pro Glide Review?

    Hi guys, I know the glide technology ended up in the Rush Pro shoe. Are you going to review/carry them? I think it would be really fun watching you guys learn to use these..
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    Why oh why do I have this volley problem only with this stick?

    Hi guys, I've been switching between my Pure Aero and my PS-97 lately. I used to use an APD but remembered why I gave it up....Volleys! For some reason, I will often hit volleys with an "aero" racquet off center, usually close to the rim and closer to my head. (3&9 on the inside) More often...
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    Anyone go down a size with Babolat racquets?

    Hi guys, I've been demoing a bit and noticed my 4-3/8 Babolats feel thicker than the Wilsons and Angels I've demoed. So, I tried an APD in 4-1/4 and it finally felt right. It's more the butt cap than anything. They are huge on the APD and Pure Aero specifically. I've settle on an APD with two...
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    I think I just like foam filled racquets..

    I posted in another thread how I switched in the middle of a match from a Pure Aero to my Angell TC-100. The reasoning was I was having difficulty feeling where the ball was going with the pure aero and because of that, I was starting to play tentatively. I wasn't hitting as big with the Angell...
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    Pure Aero vs Angell TC-100 Yin and Yang Comparison

    Hi guys, I thought this would be a fun comparison. I have a Pure Aero 11.4 ounces, 4pts HL, 327 SW. and an Angell TC-100. 11.1 ounces, even balance, 322 sw. (the angell was bought used and I play with the weighting, this is how it exists at the moment). The PA has TB16L at 55 lbs. The Angell TB...
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    Straight or Bent arm forehand..Where do you land?

    Hi guys, I am speaking of a modern forehand with a semi-western ish grip. You watch Federer, Nadal and Verdasco and although their forehands are very different, they all look very similar at contact. The arm is very straight. I find this a much better stroke for the following reasons. 1. By...
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    String for Pure Aero to improve longevity?

    Hi Guys, I need a string recommendation from the experts. I recently started using a pure Aero. I was really surprised at how quickly the strings started moving. To me, this means they are starting to notch. They started moving after about 6 hours of use. My favorite string is Tourbite 17...
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    Pure Aero Users...How long do your strings last?

    Hi guys, I recently bought a Pure aero and I'm having a lit of fun getting used to it. It's still not as precise as my other sticks (Angell 100, PS-97, APD) but it has some serious ommph and it is really easy to turn defense to offense. I'm struggling with string longevity a bit. I use TB 17...
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    Got my hands on an Angell TC-100 quick review

    Hi guys, With all the hype on Angell racquets, I had to try one. There was one for sale in the classified, so I grabbed. Specs: TC-100, 16X19, 70RA, 300G, 33cm balance, 322sw (measured on an RDC). leather grip. Grip shape C. Fit and Finish: The quality is really evident the second you see the...