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  1. Trinity TC

    Greatest One Hit Wonders

    Slade also had a hit with the original version of "Cum On Feel The Noize"
  2. Trinity TC

    Greatest One Hit Wonders

    Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) - Edison Lighthouse United We Stand Divided We Fall - Brotherhood Of Man My Baby Loves Lovin - White Plains Beach Baby - First Class These were British "One Hit Wonder" bands that made it big in North America...except that they were sung by session...
  3. Trinity TC

    Sports trivia ...

    He played college ball at Washington State and is the most recent MLB/NBA player.
  4. Trinity TC

    Sports trivia ...

    Bob Gibson and Canada's Ferguson Jenkins BTW, Dave Debusschere also played Major League Baseball. Can you name two NBA players who also played for MLBs Toronto Blue Jays?
  5. Trinity TC

    Sports trivia ...

    Doh, it has to be Joe Bellino again. Both Bellino and Roger Staubach were low picks because they weren't available to play immediately after graduation. Your on the right track Fearsome Forehand! Cowboy DBs Mel Renfro and Mike Gaechter were half of the University of Oregon 4X110 yard relay...
  6. Trinity TC

    Sports trivia ...

    They were defensive backs. I think one of them started out as a running back.
  7. Trinity TC

    Sports trivia ...

    The Dallas Cowboys had 3 track and field record holders in the mid-60s. Bob Hayes was one...who were the other two?
  8. Trinity TC

    Sports trivia ...

    Joe Bellino...who had a big nose. Ernie Davis was the #1 pick of the Cleveland Browns who died of leukemia before the start of his rookie season and never played a down of regular season NFL football.
  9. Trinity TC

    twohanded on both sides?

    Greg Holmes played with a two-hander on both sides. He was in the top 25 back in 1985.
  10. Trinity TC

    For the musicians: which of you actually likes and can use modes?

    Not to worry...listen to Robben Ford on YouTube and check out The Official Robben Ford Discussion Group and there is a link to Lessons and Articles. The Official Robben Ford Discussion Group Chris Juergensen Official Website
  11. Trinity TC

    Top 10 Guitarists of all times ?

    Hey...everybody is good. Must be all of those lessons and performance videos on YouTube. I'm currently watching shredder Herman Li (only 600,000 hits on YouTube) and blues jazz guy Robben Ford along with those Roma gypsy guys who play in that Django style. Speed doesn't doesn't hurt...
  12. Trinity TC

    Electric Guitar question for the Experts

    Do ya mean what connects the guitar to the amp or c(h)ords like what's that second chord that Angus Young plays in Highway To Hell? You might want to check out this cheapo Multi Effects pedal...
  13. Trinity TC

    Favorite Singer...or....least.....

    I'm old and have always listened to crap...but what the hey! Favorite Singer(s): Paul Rodgers, Ernest Tubb, Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow), Frank Ifield...even if it's only for one song, Bon Scott, Tony Burrows, Mary Weiss (Shangri-La's...Leader Of The Pack), Mario Lanza, Joey Ramone, Lulu...
  14. Trinity TC

    How important are legs (viz. knee bend) in the serve?

    I've coached players that have had a history of knee problems and it is possible to have a reliable and powerful serve without the type of knee bend that the pros use. You can still get a good enough leg drive and upper body torque with more subtle movements. Keep working on the grip and arm...
  15. Trinity TC

    Help Please, Is it wrong to serve and snap your wrist at contact ??

    I snap my forearm which makes my wrist do that weird thing that some say is a snap and others say isn't. :)
  16. Trinity TC

    Favourite Led Zeppelin songs?

    There is also the infamous Stairway To Gilligan's Island :twisted: An instant classic... a cheeky **** take. --Melody Maker (UK)1978 One of rock's great lost parodies. --LA Times Little Roger's "Stairway" totally de-pantsed the original, as...
  17. Trinity TC

    When to look at the ball when serving.

    I actually have my head upright but half-heartedely watch the back of my toss hand with my peripheral vision. It looks like I'm watching the ball from about shoulder height on up but I'm not. I'm more interested my tempo, rhythm and timing of the racquet head in the pre-acceleration phase...
  18. Trinity TC

    Favourite Led Zeppelin songs?

    Favorite song is Nobody's Fault But Mine. Stairway To Heaven and Freebird are banned in every music store in the solar system although I still hear 15 year olds pick a guitar off the wall and cack their way through the first few bars. Australian TV show, "The Money Or The Gun" featured...
  19. Trinity TC

    New serve videos (much better, lots of work to be done)

    Yep, that's normal. A slightly misshit serve can really put a strain on the joints. Any modern racquet has a lot of technology behind it. There is nothing better than hitting the ball on the screws...but if your don't hit your serve on the's pain city. Your doing well...
  20. Trinity TC

    past pro fischer users

    Frew McMillan and Bob Hewitt won the Wimbledon Men's Doubles using Fischer fibre composites in 1978.
  21. Trinity TC

    Help me... please

    Me too. Ted Williams was another who batted left and threw right. The biggest difficulty I had switching from baseball to tennis was the swing tempo change. I threw and hit at about 85-90% my maximum swing speed. Tennis was about 70% max swing tempo. The one benefit of having played...
  22. Trinity TC

    Backhand slice

    ...and in the court, hopefully.:)
  23. Trinity TC

    Backhand slice

    You might want to rephrase that. :)
  24. Trinity TC

    Even weirder serve question

    Good plan! Tell us how it eventually works out.
  25. Trinity TC

    what to work on with teaching pros

    My gut instinct would be to address the strategy issues during or before the first lesson in order to give her some peace of mind. I generally watch players hit and play matches for a few weeks before assessing technique because I like to see the patterns that reveal themselves only over...
  26. Trinity TC

    Even weirder serve question

    Toss it another 8-10" farther into the court and a little closer to 12 o'clock. The ball will probably hit the bottom of the net the first few times so adjust the trajectory and not the (edit: new and more aggressive) body lean.
  27. Trinity TC

    Having a match this Sunday, Haven't been playing for 3 months. Advise needed!

    The tennis is secondary. I'm sure Thai culture has certain do's and don'ts so don't breach social protocols. If you play well...great...if big deal.8)
  28. Trinity TC

    163.3 mph serve....

    They used a camera attached to a strobe/flash unit. A calibrated board was set on the court and the distance covered by the serve during each photo was converted into mphs. Scott Carnahan was by far the fastest at 137 mph with Roscoe Tanner at 128 mph and John Newcombe 123 mph.
  29. Trinity TC

    Totally non-tennis- eye twitch?

    It sounds like it could be central nervous system fatigue which is usually associated with lack of sleep and overtraining. The rule of thumb is 20 days of...guess what...more sleep and less training before your nervous system is back at it's peak. Your twitch should be gone by now but it...
  30. Trinity TC

    -THIS- helped my game more that anything.

    Having a good coach or mentor that can quickly get you through the plateaus and bumps in the road that you inevitably hit regardless of how hard you work. TC...:)