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    The real reason behind Roger's win today

    and his tennis longevity in tennis is his wife Mirka. Yes, that's it, you heard me right. 1. She understands him because she was a player too. 2. She is always watching his matches and bitting her nails. Have you seen her today when Rafa could break Fed at the end of the match? She literally...
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    I feel sad for Federer

    and for Nadal too at the beginning of their 2019 Wimbledon match because that is probably their last Wimbledon match and that may not be playing together for much longer. Our enemy time takes away everything from us, everything that is good and the best. This is epic. I feel sad for us fans...
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    If Nadal wins...

    Wimbledon 2019, real drama begins... :)
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    When Federer was 32...

    Everyone would say that he is way past his prime and done, that he is too old for tennis, that he has kids, that he is 42 years old father of 10. Everyone would use that excuse for all Fed's defeats and bad play. It was all over TTW on a daily basis for years, possibly since Fed was 28 actually...
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    Novak giving up on clay season

    I've some feeling that Novak gave up on clay for good. But unlike Fed in previous years, he will still play clay and reach middle of tournaments for now. Clay seems as Novak's least successful surface so he decides to skip clay season silently. Also, it's too demanding for his body. Novak does...
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    Winning record against all current TOP 10

    Novak Djokovic now has a winning head to head against everyone in the Top 10: #2 Nadal 27-25 #3 Federer 25-22 #4 Del Potro 15-4 #5 Zverev 2-1 #6 Anderson 7-1 #7 Cilic 16-2 #8 Thiem 5-2 #9 Nishikori 15-2 #10 Isner 9-2 Total: 121-61 (66.5%)
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    Big 3 - each with 20 GSs

    What do you think if this happens by the time all Big 3 are retired, what would be repercussions for the tennis world and tennis history? How would it be decided who the true GOAT is? And imagine situation where all have 20 but Nadal and Djoko are still playing and are near the end of their...
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    Djokovic's grandpa kidnapped and robbed in Serbia

    According to Serbia's news site B92, grandpa of Jelena Djokovic was kidnapped, chained to a tree in the field and robbed.
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    No. of GS titles when beating at least one member of Big Four

    Djokovic: 13 (100%) Nadal: 13 (76%) Federer: 8 (40%) It is self explanatory. Djokovic had the toughest road to GS title among these three tennis players.