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    Roddick and Federer haven't played in a year

    Its amazing that Roddick and Federer haven't played in such a long time. Last year they played 3 times b4 their epic and ever since then they haven't had the chance to play each other, even when they were drawn in the same quarter at Indian Wells. Does anyone think they play this year at...
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    Could Roddick be like Agassi??

    "This is just the infancy. He could be similar to [Andre] Agassi, with his best years at 28, 29." Stefanki said this after Roddick's win and I think we can say they were similar in the early parts of their careers with being tormented by the best player of the generation and having a serious...
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    just sayin but is there like a curse that comes from beating fed at places not named Roland Garros. cus since 05 the people who have beaten Fed have suffered problems going forward. Safin AO 05 : never came any where close to returning to that level of playing Nadal Wimby and AO: he's not...
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    Is Roddick #1 in the Atp race if he wins tomorrow??

    just asking cus atp doesn't use the atp race anymore
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    History is on Roddick's Side

    Amongst players that have lost in a 5 set final in the open era (there have been 11 different ones excluding roddick) 9 of them went on to win at least one more slam later in their careers. The exceptions are Roscoe Tanner and Rafter and in Rafter's case, he retired after only one more slam. The...
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    the linesman that gonzo high fived

    just saying but isn't he the same guy who was calling all those foot faults in the hit for haiti???
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    Roddick vs. Stepanak who wins it. i say roddick in 3
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    Does anyone kno where u can watch ATP Brisbane highlights??

    yea the title is self explanatory.
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    Is it Just Me or does Melanie Oudin have a good shot of making the finals???

    Next round she plays Kuznetsova or Wozniaki. Neither is a scary prospect considering she's already beaten Dementieva and Sharapova. And playing either Wickmayer or Bondarenko in the semis isn't an impossible task. I'm not saying it'll be easy but I think she can make the finals.
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    How many night matches will each player get.

    Federer gets 1: 3rd round because that's when the Americans don't play at night which frees up a slot for Fed. i think that roddick gets 4: 1st,2nd,4th, and QF's as he normally gets the afternoon timeslot during the weekend. Djokovic gets 1: QF against Roddick Murray gets 3: His 1st...
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    The Big Four is Now the Big 5

    A lot of people were asking about who would break the Fed, Rafa, Djoker, and Murray (sorta) monopoly on tennis. Delpo was a popular candidate but I think we all know the answer is now ANDY RODDICK.
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    A Complete Rankings Breakdown For Anybody Who Has Questions.

    This is an article by Deep Chatterjee on Bleacher Report Explaining the Rankings. Rankings right after Wimbledon 1 Federer, Roger (SUI) 11,220 2 Nadal, Rafael (ESP) 10,735 3 Murray, Andy (GBR) 9,450 4 Djokovic, Novak (SRB) 8,150 5 Del Potro, Juan Martin (ARG) 5,705 6...
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    Should they change the points system?????

    I mean....its not fair that Roddick losing 16-14 in the 5th set to Fed gets the same amount of points as Soderling did in the French final. No offense to Robin but it isn't exactly all that fair. If Roger gets 2000 in a match this close, Roddick deserves 1900. That's my honest opinion.
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    Andy Roddick WILL Win Another Slam

    After the way he played today, I can't see him not winning another one....especially if Stefanki stays by his side. And a lot of great American tennis players won slams after 26. Sampras: 5 Agassi: 4 Connors: 5 Now while Roddick may not be on the level of those guys (He might be up...
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    No Matter who wins which final is the greatest of all time.

    I'm writing this as Roddick holds. This match won't finish before 10-8 minimum. Which match is greater?
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    Will Stefanki have any tricks up his sleeve?

    Any ideas now that the drop shot has been exposed?
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    Roddick's Road back into the Top 4.

    Okay here it goes. After Wimbledon Roddick has 5440 points. And going into Indy Roddick will be #5 because of the points Del Potro lost at Kitzbuhel. If Roddick wins Washington and makes at least the semis at LA, Roddick has a net gain of 340 points or in other words a total of 5740 points...
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    Is It Just Me or Is Wimbledon shaping out exactly like the NBA Finals.

    Dream Finals: Murray vs. Federer (Cavs vs. Lebron) England hasn't won forever (Neither did any team from Cleveland) Roddick spoiled the British hopes (Like the Magic did to the Cavs) Roddick struggled a bit in the beginning (Like the Magic did with the 76ers) Roddick beats an old...
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    Roddick's best approach shot is..............

    His serve. And he should use it more often. Its not very easy returning a 140mph bomb coming right at you. He won most of his points serving and volleying against Murray and Murray returns better than Federer.
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    Sunday WILL Be Competitive

    Say what you want guys but the last four times at least 2 sets have been super competitive. Plus Roddick's won a set the last two times. And he's playing better than ever before. PS: To anyone who says that Roddick is too drained after this match....The same thing happened with Hewitt and...
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    When Did Roddick Get A Drop Shot?????

    The thread title asks my question.
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    Should they Make Different Rankings for Clay Court and Grass/Hard Courts.

    I think there should still be overall year end rankings but for seeding purposes wouldn't different rankings me more useful. I mean.......why is Nadal being seeded 2nd at FO in 2008 when he's already won the last 3.
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    Del Potro is going to lose 700 points.

    Because of the new ranking system, all of the tourny's Delpo won before the US Open will lose a few points except for Washington. Because of this Del Potro loses a minimum of 700 points before going into the US Open and that assuming that he defends all of his victories by beating Roddick in LA...
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    Nbc Gives Up Rights To The Semis Of Wimbledon

    Espn covers all of the semis for both men's and women's. Even if ESPN does suck, they show live coverage for ALL time zones unlike NBC. We should be celebrating.
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    Do You Think That Roddick's match will be moved to center court.

    I mean the chances of the Karlovic/Verdasco match finishing anytime in the next 4 hours is pretty low if it goes to a 5th set......what do you guys think?
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    Espn 360

    Will they continue to show coverage of all courts for the rest of this week even if Directv isn't doing it anymore?
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    How Many Aces Tomorrow

    How many aces will be hit in the match between IVO and A-Rod. I say Andy wins it just cus he can do more on Ivo's 2nd serve than Ivo can do with Roddick's. But the ace count is going to be high.
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    Where Do Players Enter in Indy Tennis Championship

    I'm planning to attend the event this summer and I would like to get the player's autograph, but I'm not sure where they enter the court. Looking through pictures I know its not the Southeast or Northeast areas of the court but can't decide I'm not sure if its the northwest or southwest area...
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    Television Coverage for Queen's Club

    A lot of people have been complaining about lack of coverage for Queen's as well as other tournaments. For Queen's there is a pretty good broadcast going on for singles. It froze once during Roddick's match but other than that it was pretty good. And you could actually see the ball during rallies.:)
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    Why are all of Roddick's matches in the middle of the night.

    It's so annoying. The Aussie open is putting Rod's matches at times where people in the US can't see it. sucks so much.