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    Sampras 1998 vs Federer 2008

    lets not forget pistol skipped the aussie open i dont see federer do that.
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    Who was the true no1 in 2003?

    wheres agassi on that list? he won a major too
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    USTA to offer live streaming of Federer v Sampras

    try much better quality
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    hey laurie

    I heard that they were shutting down Stage6
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    hey laurie

    dont worry be happy
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    Does anybody know who this guy is/was?

    it is stich heres a better view:
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    hey laurie

    Leave Laurie alone man, i can see the ball just fine on YouTube. If i can then you can too...
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    guga farewell
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    Better Career: Guga vs Rafter

    H2H 4-4 2001 Indianapolis IN, U.S.A. Hard F Rafter 4-2 RET 2001 Cincinnati TMS Ohio, USA Hard F Kuerten 6-1 6-3 2001 AUS v BRA WG QF Florianapolis Clay RR Kuerten 4-6 6-4 7-6(1) 2-1 RET 2000 Paris Indoor France Carpet R16 Kuerten 6-4 7-6(4) 2000 Lyon France Carpet...
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    Marat Safin in 1998 (Video)

    Interesting match at the 1998 French Open between Safin and Pioline. Enjoy!
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    Are we gonna see new Safin-Sampras Final?

    meaning young up and coming tsonga destroying the legend federer in final?
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    Is Mary Carillo good for tennis??... Not Any More!!

    she was just keepin it real...and thats necessary
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    LoL, what an ownage!

    thats what I call an HAHA
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    Anyone here ever gamble on tennis?

    i'd bet on tsonga and get rich
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    Djokovic vs Federer: Repeat of 2005 semi finals?

    Ironically Djokovic was Safins first hurdle in that Australian Open 2005 run. Safin beat Djokovic 6-0 6-2 6-1 in the first round
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    how many bagels and/or breadsticks for j-bloke tonite?

    my guess, it will be at least one bagel
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    Battle of former Agassi coaches
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    Sampras vs Federer MSG?

    MSG network?
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    Sampras and Agassi - a conversation

    whats your next Utube move laurie?
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    Sampras and his Ex-Girlfriend

    mulcahy was a knock out back in the day when she was with the pistol.
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    Roger Federer 2007 Highlights

    it already is
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    Now PatMac has a title. Will he finally leave us alone

    heres one for you my friend....
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    Some stats for 1988 RG semi (Wilander-Agassi)

    speaking of this match, you can upload it now on megaupload.
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    Paes Vs Sampras New Haven Vkartikv

    where can i get this match from?
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    Tribute for Mr. Sampras

    this is the best Sampras tribute video out there.
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    Sticky request: Tennis video clips and matches

    anybody know why i only got the audio version of that megaupload link?
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    Still think fed is washed up and rafa will be new #1 next year?

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    Roddick vs Fed - let the battle begin!

    when is this match gonna be broadcast in the usa?
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    Collection of stellar Sampras running forehands

    how bout these laurie?