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  1. Notirouswithag

    Court Postitioning

    Follow the ball in or watch the receiver before they bit so you can see where it may/may not go , if your hitting the ball back cross court hit heavy and follow it in towards middle of the deuce court so you dont leave too much court open, hence being passed down the middle
  2. Notirouswithag

    Yonex VCORE series 2018

    I noticed the feel was much different between the VC95 and VC98 also, I wish the VC98 felt just like the 95, i still throw the 95 into my hitting once in a blue moon, but my main stick is the ezone 98 w/ 4g soft at #40, going to try it on my teaching VC98 too soon to see how it feels/changes the...
  3. Notirouswithag

    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    What string and tensions are you using in them?
  4. Notirouswithag

    Fed WTF Vapors?

    I'd rather have his Laver Cup vapors
  5. Notirouswithag

    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    Id love to hear feedback, im waiting my turn to get my hands on the prototype from a friend also
  6. Notirouswithag

    Week 5 of Nationals - 18+ 7.0/9.0 Mixed, 55+ 8.0

    looking forward to 10.0 again as my old co worker on the high rollers mid atlantic is going back down
  7. Notirouswithag

    Yonex VCORE series 2018

    Go lower, I use the yellow 1.25 PTP at 40-45# on my vcore 98(it's my teaching stick) and it feels great. If your still getting arm/elbow pain maybe look to add a bit fo lead at 3/9 for some stabillity and to reduce the vibration
  8. Notirouswithag

    Why did you switch to Yonex?

    I've been a Wilson user for the last 7-8 years and partially because my club is Wilson sponsored, my stick of choice was the 2015 Blade 98, but after I broke my last 2 and have had a hard time finding brand new ones to buy I ended up trying out my Director's Ezone 98+ which wasnt bad. He was...
  9. Notirouswithag

    Worst day since awhile

    I take a shot of fireball to tell myself its not worth getti g mad about, seems to help me relax and not care as much Your going to have good days and crappy days, its noral, just dont dwell on it
  10. Notirouswithag

    Black code or Polytour Pro

    At looser tension there is more dwell time/"mushiness" from people that have used my stick, but they say there isnt as much spin. Control for me is still there and so is the spin but to each his own. Using it at 54# there is definatley alot more control and spin, and less pop/power and its...
  11. Notirouswithag

    Black code or Polytour Pro

    I use fb of PTP 1.25 yellow in my ezone 98 low as 43 to as high as 54 and has still mainted quite alot of spin, No discomfort either. Currently have it at 44#
  12. Notirouswithag

    Week 5 of Nationals - 18+ 7.0/9.0 Mixed, 55+ 8.0

    Chestnut forks right? And yes I agree, Matt's BH is a beautiful thing, he makes it seem effortless Growing up at my club in ashburn there were 2 other pros including matt, brandon beets and gerhard ofei, i grew up learning from all 3 of them at some point, small world it is Erin is the...
  13. Notirouswithag

    Week 5 of Nationals - 18+ 7.0/9.0 Mixed, 55+ 8.0

    Erin green, ben leahy, matt stillwagon
  14. Notirouswithag

    Week 5 of Nationals - 18+ 7.0/9.0 Mixed, 55+ 8.0

    They were as I was texting some of my coworkers on the mid atlantic team(high rollers)
  15. Notirouswithag

    IPAs = PED?

    I prefer a travel bottle of fireball to calm me before I play
  16. Notirouswithag

    NTRP Grievances in Playoffs... What's Even the Point?

    There isnt a point to it. Regionals and Sectionals reward cheating I had the same thing happen to me this summer when my ladies 2.5 team made it to Mid-Atlantic regionals. We got our butts handed to us on day 2 from 1 richmond team. Out of 2 richmond teams there we got the ringer team...
  17. Notirouswithag

    Official Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Thread

    I like them for the better colorways hahaha, and comfort. Some prices still shake my head but I've been pretty lucky as I got my last 2 pairs for $85-$100
  18. Notirouswithag

    Official Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Thread

    I dont mind the X as I have 2 pairs but my heart lies with the Vapor 9.5's, i just bought 2 pairs in 2 weeks off fleabay and their my 8th/9th pair in the last few years. I rarely wear my vapor X's anymore
  19. Notirouswithag

    Favourite string to weave?

    Favorite: any syngut or multi Least favorite: RPM Blast, Wilson NXT(fullbed) or Hyper G
  20. Notirouswithag

    Strings for a 2.5 Ladies Team

    Prince synthetic duraflex. My 2.5 ladies team i coach i also string for and use that for middle 2.5 and under, some closer to 3.0 i ise a hybrid of poly/multi I use anot
  21. Notirouswithag


    Curious to grab a set and string it in ny ezone 98, oronanly thinking 48-50# to start as i usually string PTP at 45#-50#
  22. Notirouswithag

    Federer Uniqlo outfits: full catalogue

    Only thing missing now is havibg Nije release the vapor x colorways to go with
  23. Notirouswithag

    How the perfect racquet feels (chime in!)

    For me i thought it was the 2015 Blade 98, it was plush connected, point and shoot and perfect all around. With the right string it was phenomimal and was comfortable and had the plow. Ive since switched over to yonex and tried various blades/racquets innetween but I've been glued to the Ezone...
  24. Notirouswithag

    Yonex Ezone 100 cross tie off

    Main tie off on main, cross tie off on cross no matter what, especially if its gut. If your going to tie off starting knot for the cross use the 3rd cross with the enlarged hole to tie off, as someone said make sure you leave enough string to be able to reach the 3rd cross to tie off
  25. Notirouswithag

    FS: Yonex VCP 97 4 1/4, Wilson blade 104, Klippermate dropweight stringer

    Have a few items for sale as follows: 1. Yonex Vcore Pro 97 Grip Size / Size: #2, 4 1/4 Quantity:1 Head Size (if a racquet): 97 sq. in Condition (x out of 10): 7/10 *Specific Time Used : 19-21 hours *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): some chips on neck of racquet...
  26. Notirouswithag

    "I joined a D.C. tennis league thinking I’d make a few friends. But this was no social club.."

    Sounds like i need to invite him to my side over the potomac river where we like our beers and shots pre/inter(liquid please) and just shooting the crap. DC has always been more of that serious environment. I teach not too far from DC as well and the enviroment is totally different, most of...
  27. Notirouswithag

    Tennis Warehouse-Mid Atlantic Chapter

    Awesome, I was there last year and i met Smitty while watching my co workers at my club play, they ended up winning their levels. I'll be the tournament director this year but I'm also hoping to hop in and play If anyone is playing this year I'd love to meet some locals, IM too busy at my...
  28. Notirouswithag

    Tennis Warehouse-Mid Atlantic Chapter

    It's at the tennis courts across from lake Newport/ Lake Anne off Baron Cameron