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  1. tkdojo

    Best way to increase the grip size by 1/16?

    Hi, I searched for a bit, but there doesn't seem to be much on the topic. So I have a leather grip of size 4 3/8, but it just feels a tiny bit small, which I suspect could've been the cause of my wrist pain. I usually put 1 overgrip on top of the leather grip, so tried to put on 2 overgrips...
  2. tkdojo

    The size for Barricade that matches Asics Gel Solution Speed 2

    Hi, My feet have never agreed with the (internal) design or the fit of Adidas shoes, Tennis or not. Usually, a pair of Adidas would take quite a long time to break in, even then I don't think they were as comfortable as Nikes. My current favourite shoes is Asics Gel Solution Speed 2, which...
  3. tkdojo

    Best way to get last minute tickets to French Open

    Hi, I just realized my trip to Paris coincides with French Open. Wish I'd realized it earlier so I could've have purchased a ticket to early rounds since all tickets in the first week are sold out except for ones that costs 800 euros. So I would like to find out what the best way(s) is to be...
  4. tkdojo

    Ai 98 vs PS 97

    Hi, In my search for a "perfect" racquet which is to replace my RF97 that is too harsh on my wrist, I am looking for a bit lighter and less stiff racquet. I tried a few in last couple of years, most recently, the previous model of Head Speed Pro. I really like that one: Perfect weight, solid...