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  1. autumn_leaf


    I currently live in East Boston and wanted to know if anyone wanted to play during weeknights Monday-Thurs (sometimes Sunday as well). I'm off work at 5:30pm so I can be at most courts by 7pm, also it's preferable if courts are lighted if possible since we're now losing daylight. I would...
  2. autumn_leaf

    Applying for the Peace Corps

    One of the things I always planned to do was give back to the community and to people less fortunate than I am. I'm still applying to jobs here in the states, but since I am in my early twenties and not in a relationship I thought this would be the perfect time to apply for this type of...
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    TW Are You Hiring?

    deleted 10 char
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    Career Involving Tennis

    2018 edit: Can't believe it's been near 5 years since logging into this site. For anyone that stumbles on this, I landed in a good place. Got a job in recruiting of all things lol, eventually went west to Silicon Valley, got into a top tech company. Haven't played tennis in years, last time I...
  5. autumn_leaf

    slazenger ultra-vis or dunlop hi-vis

    I'm in Hong Kong right now and really wish I packed some tennis balls with me. Right now I bought a can of the Ultra-Vis since I read good things about them for $5 USD. The strange thing is is that it comes in a can of 3... I'm worried about the quality of the ball since I played with the Dunlop...
  6. autumn_leaf

    good enough for warranty?

    bought these t10s from TW in april so i'll still have a few months left if it's not enough. strange enough though most of the wear is at the outside sides of the shoe. the outsole seems to be completely gone and its at the part where there is no midsole, just plastic. pic below:
  7. autumn_leaf

    hyper extended elbow pain on 1hbh and sometimes serve

    i'm extra flexible in my elbow. when fully extended it looks like my arm is broken at the elbow... yea... it grosses people out but it's not as extreme as my sister's. anyways, to the point. i went back to the 1hbh since i'm not going to be playing competitive tennis anymore and always found...
  8. autumn_leaf

    Proposal for an experiemnt.Point of a string pattern? and do i need all the strings?

    So I wanted to skip some holes while stringing to create a more open stringbed, but the more i thought about it the more questions arose. let's start with the old argument for open vs closed string patterns. - usually the argument is that open pattern produces more spin and closed pattern...
  9. autumn_leaf

    Power Bridge Technology, where's the lawsuit? lol

    not sure if has been brought up before, but i have a Wilson Impact racquet with Power Bridge Technology lol. Companies seem to take this advertising thing pretty seriously as a way to make money, so I'm wondering where's the lawsuit? it's probably not the same thing, but i would think that they...
  10. autumn_leaf

    should i pop this blister

    okay, so i had a blister now for over 2 weeks, probably on it's 3rd week now. the first 2 weeks sucked, but now it's just a former shell of itself. it doesn't hurt anymore, but it's not going away. the skin above it is just really soft now, kind of like a deflated balloon with some water inside...
  11. autumn_leaf

    tropicana rewards

    not sure if any of you guys do the tropicana orange juice rewards but today you can claim a free reward (they're usually just coupons) by just having an account (free). since many people here wear adidas you should know that they are one of the sponsors and you can use the discount on their...
  12. autumn_leaf

    broke my first set of strings today!

    so after 6 years of playing I finally broke my first stringbed.note that i usually cut out the strings when they start moving around a lot and i start spraying shots. my facebook status currently reads: broke my first set of strings today! losing this part of my innocense was a fleeting...
  13. autumn_leaf

    another six pack thread ( food intake ratio )

    yep another one of these threads =) Background: so yea a six pack is my current goal. my new year's resolution was to exercise at least 30 minutes a day and i'm accomplishing this. also i weight ~165lbs on jan 1 and currently i weight ~155lbs (150lb after workout though that has to be mostly...
  14. autumn_leaf

    cyber blue snapping while stringing

    okay, not sure if this has happened to anyone but i was stringing the crosses with cyber blue 1.20 mm at 55lbs and the thing freaking snaps as i let the weight down!! :evil: anyone know why this occurred? i let the weight down, i didn't just let it fall. and it was only a 55lbs, the string...
  15. autumn_leaf

    x-tend life brand? and question about vitamins without enteric coating

    this is the main company i've been looking into to buying fish-oil and supplements (more their total balance range than their multi-vitamin multi-xtra even though it's a lot more expensive). It's usually pretty easy to research reviews for products, but many times I end up at an affiliate...
  16. autumn_leaf

    right arm feels more tense during workouts

    I have a rotator cuff injury from when I started playing tennis at 14. I'm currently 20. This week while doing exercises with bilateral movement during the chest and back portion of the p90x program (push ups and pull ups) my right arm felt a lot more tense than my left arm. I don't believe...
  17. autumn_leaf

    NoMansLandPlayer is an excellent trader

    traded two ti-50s for two kfives with NoMansLandPlayer. racquet is exactly as described, communication was fast, and shipped just as fast. i wish all transactions was this smooth. i only hope he is as pleased with the trade as I am. =) -David
  18. autumn_leaf

    glow in the dark tennis balls?

    so have anyone invented glow in the dark tennis balls yet? sometimes i play late at night on courts with no lights and this would be a big help lol. otherwise i'm looking to invent this =D
  19. autumn_leaf

    SChamp is a great trader

    Traded SChamp two reels of Big Ace for his 2 Wilson kfive s. The racquets are in excellent condition. I took his word that they were next to brand new without pictures (something i would never suggest people to do) since i was in a hurry to get them. He sent it out that day know i was a hurry...
  20. autumn_leaf

    WTT for O3 White or comparable racquet.

    Looking to Midplus racquets that are light an powerful with big sweet spots. Around 11 oz is prefered. something like an O3 White. grip size should be either 1/2 or 3/8. I have these strings for trade: Pro Supex: Big Ace ; available in multiple colors and guages Big Ace Micro Titan...
  21. autumn_leaf

    FT Racquets/Strings

    Looking to Midplus racquets that are light an powerful with big sweet spots. Around 11 oz is prefered. something like an O3 White. grip size should be either 1/2 or 3/8. I have these strings for trade: Pro Supex: Big Ace ; available in multiple colors and guages Big Ace Micro Titan...
  22. autumn_leaf

    Great trade with rasajadad

    Met up with a convenient trade with rasajadad today for his 2 wilson sting os for my 2 maxply mcenroes.
  23. autumn_leaf

    FT Maxply McEnroe 4 1/2 and some strings

    I'm looking to trade my Maxply Mcenroe. Pics will be included below. One shows scratches at the throat. One of the racquets has only been strung once and the other twice. They are in 7/10 condition. 1 racquet is strung with what I believe is Wilson Stamina at 60lbs 1 racquet is strung...
  24. autumn_leaf

    DIY Reusable Overgrip

    Okay so I guess I was in an inventive move. After watching so many shamwow commercials I wanted to get one, but being the researcher that I am I always read the wasn't so good. But I did end up finding a product that got ~90% positive reviews. It was called The Absorber (synthetic...
  25. autumn_leaf

    Oakley Flak Jacket V28 Polarized (RX) Review

    Just got my Flak Jacket XLJ today. It's a prescription lens so I thought it was going to take around 3 weeks, I finally decided that it was no big deal waiting and bam! got it today. =). 2 day delivery from CA and a total of 6 days since order date. 6 day!!! that's faster than my reg. lenses...
  26. autumn_leaf

    Silent Partner Customer Service (for SP Star)

    Sorry for taking so long. About 2 months ago my SP Star broke down. A ball got stuck in the rotators and probably burned out one of the engines. Since my warranty was expired for about 2-3 weeks already I expected to pay for the part. To my surprise SP offered to replace the entire machine and...
  27. autumn_leaf

    Oakley G30 vs Clear

    Hi all. I've decided to buy a pair of oakley glasses. Since I'll be getting prescription glasses I was planning on wearing them on and off the tennis court, i.e. class. So I was wondering how different are the G30 lenses from the Clear lenses. Is it hard to read with G30s or drive at...
  28. autumn_leaf

    gamma progression 602fc missing fixed clamps??

    EDIT: frig i'm an idiot. i did get sent the wrong machine. so you can disregard most of what i wrote. It was the regular 602 with a 602fc owner's manual??!?!?! The way i was able to tell was that the turn table didn't have the slots for the fixed clamps.... though this still doesn't explain the...
  29. autumn_leaf

    Pro Supex Uniflex

    I did a search on tw for this racquet and found that many people that tried it liked it. I'm wondering for those that said it was good in the beginning still play with this frame? The reason for asking this is that it has been long enough that any honey moon affects should be over. I have...
  30. autumn_leaf

    Pathfinder awl problem

    my pathfinder awl from gamma keeps getting pushed back into the handle, or at least that's what i think is happening. last time this happened the awl part was barely sticking out so i decided to cut the tubing so the awl became more exposed and thought "there's no way i won't come out now"...