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    What is making this year's US Open so much more brutal than other years?

    I've heard of reports from several players and commentators stating that this US Open has one of the hardest conditions to play in ever. However, I see the weather stats before each match and the temp and humidity seem relatively normal...So is it the way the stadiums are constructed or what...
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    2016 Swiss Indoors Basel QF- [3] Kei Nishikori vs. Juan Martin del Potro

    This will be their fifth head to head meeting, which delpo leads 4-0. Two of my favorite players slugging it out!
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    2005 US Open Final Federer vs Agassi HD Highlights

    I don't know if anyone posted these HD highlights already or not but I found them and couldn't resist posting them. If you haven't seen it already, enjoy!
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    Federer pulls out of Montreal Looks like he gonna lose some points
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    Help trying to find delpo vs stakhovsky!

    I, like a lot of you guys, have been eagerly awaiting delpos return but... I can't seem to find live streams anywhere! Even online can anyone help??
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    question for tw

    Okay, let's start over with this. Hi TW! I use the head gsp and I tried the babolat pure control team that came out in like 2005ish? I loved it! My question is how does the current pure control tour compare with the version i tried? And also, how does the current pure control tour compare...
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    Question for anyone

    Hi I'm playing to get into a d1 school and currently I'm using the head graphene speed pro. I recently played with the babolat pure control team-which came out in like 2005ish? I loved it! My question is how different is that racquet from the babolat pure control tour that is out now? And...
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    MasterChef Fans Anyone?

    I found an episode online last week, and since then, I've watched every episode in this season. Any fans of the series? Any predictions for this year?
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    Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Thread

    The biggest sporting event in history kicks off this summer. What are your guys thoughts? Who will take the trophey this year?
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    Wawrinka better than Fed on clay according to skysports

    I heard on sky sports of the announcers said that physically, not mentally, Wawrinka is a better clay court player than roger.:confused: Is that really true? What do you guys thinks?
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    Who is this...

    The behind the scenes video of indian wells on Who are the women posing with tommy haas in the video? Does anyone know?
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    Del Potro Doctor Confident Wrist Will Heal hope he will get well...
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    Nike Vapor review on TW?

    Hello I don't know if this has been answered already-sorry if it was-but are the reviews for the 9.5s coming out? If so, when? Thanks so much for your answer