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  1. SummerBreeze

    Big respect for Djokovic

    I have to congratulate Novak fans on these boards. This loss for us fed fans hurts like no other, but I can live with the winner when you look at the match and even more his entire career. Coming up as a young player in the era of prime Nadal and prime Federer... I mean has there be a bigger...
  2. SummerBreeze

    Imagine Fedr win

    Just imagine Fedr wins this. I know it is very unlikely, and don't think it will happen, but wouldn't it put the goat debate to rest between them? Would be epic thats for sure
  3. SummerBreeze

    If Novak overtakes Nadal in the slam count, does the H2H of Fedal become irrelevant?

    As it stand now, people like to bring the H2H record Rafa has over Fed into the debate. But, lets say Novak end the year with 17-18 slams, more then likely the GOAT debate will switch a bit more to a Novak/Fed comparison. Does this mean the Fedal H2H argument gets kind of erased?
  4. SummerBreeze

    Nadal fans: AO 17 or AO 19?

    Which one hurts the most as a Rafa fan, and why?
  5. SummerBreeze

    Djokovic - Nadal rivalry

    Leading up to the probable final on sunday were both men *could* dispute yet another grand slam final, I wanted to ask the TTW community a question that has always been on my mind. Why is there always such a fuzz between the Federer and Nadal/Djokovic (goat discussion and h2h to name some...
  6. SummerBreeze

    Ranking the 20

    Guys, where would you rank this 20th among the others?
  7. SummerBreeze

    Federer to enter RG

    Just a thought. Do you think he would enter the tournament if Nadal's injury turns out to be serious?
  8. SummerBreeze

    Scheduling of the semies

    Any idea when fed would play on saturday? The afternoon session or night session? Is there a way to find out?
  9. SummerBreeze

    What would it mean to the Fedal legacy

    If the Fedal semi happens at the US OPEN, what would a win/loss mean for them in terms of their legacy and rivalry.