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  1. darrinbaker00

    Is Berdych Finnish?

    Is Berdych Finnish? No, he's Czech.
  2. darrinbaker00

    Can Monfils save Tennis ?

    Tennis doesn't need saving by anyone from anyone or anything.
  3. darrinbaker00

    Could Federer still play professional tennis at 45-50 years of age?

    Could he? Sure. Would he want to? Would he be successful? No.
  4. darrinbaker00

    Any bay area tennis players here? Want to get a group started.

    I live in Berkeley, and I'm a legit 3.5, for what it's worth.
  5. darrinbaker00

    Serena Williams

    First of all, she isn't 37 yet. Secondly, she won Australia last year and reached the finals of Wimbledon and the US Open this year, so her "decline" is still better than most players' peak.
  6. darrinbaker00

    Serve Clock Failing?

    Exactly how many voices do you hear in your head?
  7. darrinbaker00

    It pains me to say..But Djokovic is finnished on Hard Court

    Being finnished on hard courts is better than being swedished or danished, I suppose.
  8. darrinbaker00

    Konta vs. Serena

    NINE.....YEARS.....AGO!! How would you feel if we went back NINE YEARS and held something bad you said or did over your head? Seriously?
  9. darrinbaker00

    Women dont use the same net as the men?

    I'm watching Sock vs. Medvedev at the ATP Rogers Cup now, and the net has ATP WORLD TOUR woven into it. That's the difference between the two tours in that regard.
  10. darrinbaker00

    Konta vs. Serena

    Yetunde was a grown woman with a good full-time job. She lived in Compton because she chose to, not because she couldn't afford to. You can't make someone do something they don't want to do.
  11. darrinbaker00

    Muhahahaa... Nike wont give Rodge his Logo

    Since Nike owns the RF logo, it's reasonable to assume that they also own Rafa's Bull and Serena's SW. Wise move on their part.
  12. darrinbaker00

    Tie break in 5th set long overdue

    If you don’t want to play a long fifth set, win your match in three or four. If you’re incapable of doing so, make the necessary adjustments to your game so that you become capable. Mr. Isner obviously didn’t learn that lesson from 70-68.
  13. darrinbaker00


    It’s a good thing you didn’t find a taker, my friend.
  14. darrinbaker00

    Taylor Townsend

    Fitness issues aside, I think Taylor definitely needs to make a coaching change. Donald and Illona Young are great if your goal is to be #1 in Juniors, but if you want to reach your full potential as a professional, they're not so great.
  15. darrinbaker00

    is it true that federer owns a private plane

    No, because I'm not morbid like that.
  16. darrinbaker00

    The Roscoe Tanner Appreciation Society

    Check's in the mail.
  17. darrinbaker00

    Federer as......Bond, James Bond

    If Peter Dinklage isn't the next Bond, they should discontinue the Bond franchise.
  18. darrinbaker00

    Pronunciation of "Fedr"

    "Feeder," of course. ;)
  19. darrinbaker00

    NFL player gave up tennis, turned to football for financial reasons. Top 400 must be paid more.

    Apples and oranges, Hunter. Baseball players are salaried employees, tennis players are independent contractors.
  20. darrinbaker00

    NFL player gave up tennis, turned to football for financial reasons. Top 400 must be paid more.

    I have attended my share of Challenger tournaments, and I have spoken to my share of Challenger-level players. They have told me how they have to stay four in a room at a hotel, how they have to eat at fast-food or casual dining restaurants, and how they have to practice at the nearest public...
  21. darrinbaker00

    NFL player gave up tennis, turned to football for financial reasons. Top 400 must be paid more.

    At that level, the ranking points are more valuable than the prize money anyway. Win enough at the Futures level, you move up to Challengers. Win enough at the Challenger level and break the top 100, you get direct entry into the four majors and start making some real money ($50,000 for 2017...
  22. darrinbaker00

    Dear Nike,

    German, yes. Named after its founder, Adi Dassler. Jesse Owens won four gold medals in the 1936 Berlin Olympics wearing Mr. Dassler's shoes.
  23. darrinbaker00

    Unapologetic keyboard warriors...

    Says the man who has clicked on my profile page AND my business website.
  24. darrinbaker00

    Dear Nike,

    All Nike has to do for me is bring back the Breathe Free II. That was the greatest tennis shoe ever made, and anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong.
  25. darrinbaker00

    Unapologetic keyboard warriors...

    Isn't he, though? You can, you have, and you will.
  26. darrinbaker00

    NFL player gave up tennis, turned to football for financial reasons. Top 400 must be paid more.

    I know how. If you want to make more money, win more matches.
  27. darrinbaker00

    Sharapova Will Finish With More Slams

    If that were true, you would (a) cease from replying to me, and (b) cease from stalking me by paraphrasing the tagline on my website. OK, now I'm done.