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  1. winstonlim8

    New Year New Game

    After reading the following article, I decided to take a whole new look at how I should be playing. At 60, with a bad back and a 76-hour work week, I can't quite play SV the way I would like to any more. So now -...
  2. winstonlim8

    Djokovic2011/Nadal2009/Federer2008 vs John Hartley

    Who do you think would have won? John was also a former world number one and played quite an elegantly crafty style. Only illness prevented him from a three-year reign apparently.
  3. winstonlim8

    Game Plan B for WTA players

    How many currently active WTA players actually have a Plan B when things aren't going right? Other than Serena and Agnieszka, I can't think of any others. Please don't get me wrong. I used to enjoy watching ladies' tennis more because there was more variety than in the men's game but of late...
  4. winstonlim8

    We Shouldn't Be Copying The Pros

    Interesting article I came across. What do you think? Luckily for me, I have always been so athletically challenged that it never crossed my mind to copy the pros. I might take elements of their stroke mechanics and try to...
  5. winstonlim8

    Serve Makeover Due To Back Injury

    Hi everyone, I'd be grateful for any advice or opinions you might care to express regarding a very real change in my serve. To start, I modelled my serve on Edberg's serve (with the hip and shoulder rotation starting from slightly more than 45 degrees to the baseline) but with a platform...
  6. winstonlim8

    Wilson Blade 98

    I recently bought the Wilson Blade 98 as a spare to match my Wilson Blade 98 BLX and the two racquets play similarly enough that I don't notice any real difference when I switch (I alternate between the two racquets every 2 playing days) so I'm not complaining or anything but I'm curious that...
  7. winstonlim8

    My little backhand slice

    I've always mentioned that my little old-fashioned backhand slice was my favourite shot so I finally decided to put up a video of it here. I'm hitting this return of serve as a down the line passing shot. Sorry about the quality of the video. It was taken at night on my sister's old iphone...
  8. winstonlim8

    Congratulations to the new Doubles Champions

    Sadly bypassed in all the hype about the two Singles Finals are the maiden triumphs of the new FO Doubles pairs - Women's Doubles - S. Hsieh / S. Peng Men's Doubles - J. Benneteau / R. Vasselin Mixed Doubles - A-L Groenefeld / J-J Rojer Congratulations to the new champions.
  9. winstonlim8

    Squat/Kneel Smash Anyone?

    Because I have a less than good forehand, I've found that when I get a high ball on my right, I often find it easier to squat a little or go down on one knee and play an overhead rather than a high forehand. I wonder if anyone else plays this shot.
  10. winstonlim8

    Really really curious.

    Ever since I padded my grip to 4 & 7/8 inches three weeks ago, I've been playing without pain in my wrist, elbow or shoulder. Even when I switched to a 10pts head light Wilson BLX ProTour that weighed 11.6 oz strung, there was always a bit of discomfort and the odd twinge in one of those three...
  11. winstonlim8

    Dream Battle of Best 1HBH at Wimby

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed and dreaming of a Fed/Stan or Fed/Dmi final at Wimby. Fed/Dmi isn't likely to happen but wouldn't it be great if a Fed/Stan final came about? That would be just like the good old times again.
  12. winstonlim8

    Thinking of ONE particular 2-hander

    I'd really appreciate some opinions on something I've been contemplating. Let me explain. I'm thinking of developing a 2HBH for just ONE purpose, and that is to be able to crush kick serves by taking the ball on the rise with almost no take back at all - just a quick shoulder turn and then...
  13. winstonlim8

    is it a sign of deep insecurity?

    Are there any qualified psychologists or psychiatrists here? I'm curious to know what your opinion might be regarding some people's constant need to deify and reconsecrate a particular player as "the greatest of all time" in an endless stream of GOAT threads, regardless of how impossible it...
  14. winstonlim8

    Watching Fed vs Murray - Edberg's influence

    Fed is ahead now but watching this game, I can really see Edberg's influence on Fed's game - 1.Fed is hitting his backhands with more confidence and commitment now than he has in a long time. 2.Fed is attacking the net more and playing the kind of all court, flowing attack I haven't seen...
  15. winstonlim8

    Aching Thighs

    First of all, I just got my blood test results back and for the first time in 10 years, my blood sugar is normal. So YAY! However, I seem to have a bit of a problem with aching thighs now. I had to stop playing for nearly a month because my father was ill and I had to take care of him. I...
  16. winstonlim8

    Topspin Volleys

    I've been trying out a topspin volley more confidently now that I'm using a racquet with a much lighter head. I know that traditionally, that's a no-no but I had a couple of good reasons for developing it. I'm still working on it because my new racquet is 1.5oz heavier than my old head heavy...
  17. winstonlim8

    Beat A Pusher - FIRST TIME EVER

    I am so happy and proud of myself today because I just beat a pusher for the first time ever. First of all, he was half my age, 30 lbs lighter, much fitter and a better sportsman than me. He plays squash and soccer during the winter. So he was getting a lot of balls back in the most...
  18. winstonlim8

    Another GOAT Thread cuz we love them.

    What do these GOAT contenders all have in common? Why is Pete Sampras Numero Uno compared to the rest? And why is Juan Martin Del Potro a potential candidate to join their hallowed ranks? 1.Pete Sampras 2.Roger Federer 3.Rod Laver 4.Rafael Nadal 5.Novak Djokovic Hairy chests! :)
  19. winstonlim8

    From 10 pts to 8.5 pts head light

    As I mentioned in an earlier thread, from a Wilson Hybrid N6 (9.6oz and 0 pts head light) to which I added 21gm at the handle, I switched to a Wilson BLX Pro Tour that is 11.5oz strung and 10 pts head light because the N6 was giving me tennis elbow. I love my new racquet because it is more arm...
  20. winstonlim8

    Is my split n hop illegal?

    I recently learned to do a sort of Edberg-style split step and bounces or hops when receiving serve. I have far less active movement than Edberg so I know my way is not illegal when it's just me returning serve in Singles BUT is it also legal to do a split step and bouncy/hoppy routine during...
  21. winstonlim8

    Racquet flexibility indication

    I'd be most grateful if anyone could tell me whether there's any way that a racquet's flexibility is indicated among the specs normally printed on the throat or shaft. I've got bad tennis elbow and pain in the shoulder from using my Wilson Hybrid N6 which is also too light for me and I have...
  22. winstonlim8

    Davis Cup Final - Radek Stepanek

    I watched the DC Final live telecast last night and I sincerely wish I could get a full recording of Stepanek's matches against Djokovic and Lajovic - especially the second reverse singles match. It was a master class that I wish I could study more carefully with a notepad in hand! What I...
  23. winstonlim8

    Serve speed

    Bragging rights aside, I've always why anyone should want to worry how fast the ball left his racquet at the point of impact or just after that when what's really really relevant is how quickly it jumps off the ground after it lands. Isn't the real measure of a good serve how well you place...
  24. winstonlim8

    A new era begins hopefully

    When even Djokovic says that attacking the net is key to his improving play and tournament performance, you know something really momentous is happening in tennis. I'd noticed Nadal...
  25. winstonlim8

    Thank you.

    I just wanted to say a very big and heartfelt thank you to everyone here who's contributed their thoughts and experiences. As I mentioned in one of my first posts on this board, I have been slowly going through the threads in the Archives and picking up tips to help me with my game and...
  26. winstonlim8

    Thanks for the Service Tip

    Sorry I can't post the link here because I couldn't find the original thread in the archives again no matter how I searched but I do want to thank the OP for bringing up the importance of staying completely relaxed and even slowing down the swing slightly when serving. As I said in my first...
  27. winstonlim8

    Am I breaking any rules?

    Ever since I learned how to take the ball on the rise, I have also developed the habit of moving into the court when my opponent is serving so that I can attack the return of serve. I time my move so that I my first step forward as his arm is going up for the toss and by the time he is...
  28. winstonlim8

    Hereditary low blood sugar and electrolyte loss

    I'd be grateful for any advice about my problems with these two things when I play. I am not diabetic but my blood sugar level drops very quickly when I play. If I warmed up for just 15 minutes, for example, I'd be showing the first symptoms of low blood sugar by the 6th game of a singles set...
  29. winstonlim8

    Different Swings

    I'm curious if anyone else here has different ways of swinging the racquet to hit in different directions. To hit a forehand down the line, I either use a flattish sidespin with a windshield wiper finish, a flat-slice skidder slice or a buggy whip topspin shot. I hit all deep crosscourt...
  30. winstonlim8

    Pushers and Beginners Best For Practice

    Hi Everybody, I've just joined though I've been reading many threads from the past (up to Page 15) already. I'm 55 and consider myself 3.5 at best because I don't have the patience to actually rally for up to 10 shots though I have been told that a club committee** would rate me higher than that...