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  1. onehandbh

    Full Poly stringing: 17g or 16g ?

    Almost time to get another reel of Volkl Cyclone. My reel of 17g is almost out. Still have my reel of 18g but only use it in 18x20 pattern racquets, which my regular racquet is not. Debating whether to get 16g this time or stick with 17g. Been awhile since I used 16g poly. Does it offer...
  2. onehandbh

    Which racquet is most similar to the Yonex 95D?

    I only have two Yonex 95D racquets. Love them but unfortunately, they are no longer made. With a Fairway leather grip and Volkl Cyclone 17g strung in the high 50s it feel great to me. Is there another racquet currently on the market that is almost identical to it?
  3. onehandbh

    How much will my NTRP increase after this investment?

    Getting ready to make an investment in my tennis game. How much will my NTRP increase if I make this purchase/investment?
  4. onehandbh

    Things you're willing to do with ANY TTW poster you actually meet IRL (in real life) ?

    What things would you do with any TTW poster you actually meet in real life? My list. For friend or foe: 1) play tennis (singles or doubles; any racquet -- especially wood racquets!) 2) have a beer or any other beverage (e.g. wine, smoothie,...) 3) see if any either of can run spider drill or...
  5. onehandbh

    Prince T22 Lite - request to get same insoles as the regular T22

    I have been buying Prince T22 shoes from Tennis Warehouse for awhile now. I decided to try the T22 Lite version and was very disappointed that the insoles that came with them are far inferior compared ot the T22 insoles. The T22 Lite insoles have *MUCH* less cushioning. Any chance you can pass...
  6. onehandbh

    Contest: Win 1 free month training at Liga.Tennis Pro Academy in BALI ! (and train with former ATP#39 Marinko Matosevic !)

    In case any of you are 14-18 years old, have a kid, or know someone who is... you can win a 1 month training session at the Liga.Tennis Pro Academy. Former ATP #39 Marinko Matosevic will also be personally working with each student. For participants 14-18 years old, record a simple video of...
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    What level doubles is this?

  8. onehandbh

    which current pros still use heavy racquets?

    Which current pros still use heavy racquets? And their weight? Murray? Federer? Wawrinka? Berdych? Anyone use a racquet heavier than @Shroud ?
  9. onehandbh

    Wilson RF97: onehandbh's review

    With grommets for my Yonex 95D no longer available, I have decided to start looking for a replacement. Candidate #1: (black) Wilson RF97 in L3 gripsize. Weight: It feels slightly heavier than my 95D with Fairway grip, but not by a lot. Grip: The black Wilson leather grip feels great...
  10. onehandbh

    Liga Tennis Open 2019 in Bali

    Looks like a tough draw in this open tournament at the new Liga Tennis Center in Bali. Some of the matches are being livestreamed on youtube. In the open division there are a few guys who have won mains draw matches in an itf futures tournaments, and #1 seed has a career high ATP ranking of...
  11. onehandbh

    Bellevue, Washington. July 30 - Aug 10

    Looking to play some tennis Singles, doubles, hitting, anything is fine.
  12. onehandbh

    Replacement for Yonex 95D. Wilson RF97 Auto? Other suggestions?

    I am thinking of switching from my Yonex 95D since grommets are no longer available for it. Any suggestions? Would the Wilson RF97 Autograph be a good racquet? My 95D with leather grip and overgrip is about 360 grams. What are people stringing their RF97s with? Anyone using full poly?
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  14. onehandbh

    Rob Pelinka impresses Lakers with his TIME MACHINE
  15. onehandbh

    Djokovic Calendar Year Grand Slam: Can anyone stop him?

    It looks like he may get a calendar year grand slam some either this year or next year. If Wimbledon speeds up their grass courts again, then all bets are off, though. Nadal and Federer in decline. Younger players not breaking thru in grand slams yet. Murray out. Wawrinka playing at a much...
  16. onehandbh

    Street fight: Gimelstob vs Russell Crowe

    Justin “50 punches to the head” Gimelstob vs. Russell “I’ll throw anything at you” Crowe Both are roughly the same size and have a tendency to get in physical altercations.
  17. onehandbh

    Your favorite shipping company for packages?

    Which company do you like for shipping packages? One of my favorites is Yamato Transport. If you click OTHER, please state which company or method you use (e.g. personal delivery, person drone, human courier using body cavities, pet penguin, etc.)
  18. onehandbh

    Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka

    Anyone in any of these cities? Recommendations on interesting things do do or places to see? Experiences? Already got tix for Studio Ghibli, which I didn't have time to visit last time. Not sure if I'll have time to play tennis, but might look for some interesting secondhand shops for vintage...
  19. onehandbh

    Tutorial: How to slide like Djokovic on a hardcourt

    Tutorial for those you who are interested in learning to slide like Djokovic on a hardcourt. The Ultimate Hardcourt Slide Tutorial
  20. onehandbh

    Want to be a Hollywood writer? Here’s Your Chance!
  21. onehandbh

    Wind Turbines Are Dangerous?!!

    “If you have a windmill anywhere near your house, congratulations, your house just went down 75 percent in value. And they say the noise causes cancer.” Are there any scientific studies backing this claim...
  22. onehandbh

    RIP @Sterling Wolfe

    RIP wherever you may be. You were one of th rare breed of straight shooters. Rubbed some people the wrong way if they couldn't handle the truth, but your word was good and you had a sense of humor. He only posted for a brief time on TW and only because I referred him to @dgold44 for a job...
  23. onehandbh

    TTW Current Top 10: I Ain’t Afraid of Ya List

    This is a top 10 list of TTW posters who have played tennis with the highest number of other TTW posters. I'm calling it the "I Ain't Afraid of Ya List" because this is a list of people who aren't afraid of meeting other people in real life and actually playing tennis with them. To qualify for...
  24. onehandbh

    tennis in Bellevue/Seattle Dec 27 - Jan 8

    Anyone want to hit/play tennis? Ideally in Bellevue. A little flexibility. Daytime or night, depending on the day.
  25. onehandbh

    onehandbh's Tennis Eco Challenge - RE-USE, RE-PURPOSE, RE-CYCLE,...

    I've always felt that tennis creates a lot of waste. Old balls, tennis ball containers, strings, grips, etc. Awhile back I started to come up with ideas and ways to re-use and re-purpose the "trash" created from playing tennis. I have found and come up with many ways to do this and I challenge...
  26. onehandbh

    How to convert between US and Euro shoe sizes??? (does it depend on the brand of shoes?)

    I want to order some shoes from TW Europe, but I am confused with how to figure out my sizing? I bought a pair of Prince T22s earlier this year from TW USA and my US size is 11.5 When I look at the inside of the tongue of my T22, there is a chart that says US 11.5, EURO 45.0 But when I go to...
  27. onehandbh

    Confused on how to convert between European and US sizing?

    Hi TW Staff, I want to order some shoes from TW Europe, but I am confused with how to figure out my sizing? I bought a pair of Prince T22s earlier this year from TW USA and my US size is 11.5 When I look at the inside of the tongue of my T22, there is a chart that says US 11.5, EURO 45.0 But...
  28. onehandbh

    Good clay court shoe recommendations?

    Seems to be limited options on clay court shoes available at tennis-warehouse USA. Not many reviews of the ones available. Any recommendations? I bought Prince T22 claycourt shoes a few years back from Tennis Warehouse Europe, but they are no longer being sold now.
  29. onehandbh

    In 2019 or 2020 Djokovic will be the first man since Rod Laver to win the the calendar year Grand Slam.

    I think the next 2-3 years will be a huge opportunity for Djokovic to win a lot of grand slams, and possibly win a calendar year grand slam. Federer has been steadily declining. Wawrinka & Murray have really faded. Anderson, Isner, Cilic, Del Potro are mild threats but a healthy Djoko should be...