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    Promote Semi finalist to final , if finalist walkover....

    Atp World tour final Semifinal : A beat B C beat D final : A vs C If C retired, then they should arrange match for A vs D in final, but A will decalred as champion, can we change that rules ? Because if any of the top 8 seeds retired , then 9th and 10th ranking players will play round...
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    New BIG 4 Confirmed ?

    Shanghai SF : Medvedev vs Tsitsipas & Zverev vs Thiem
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    The next rafa-daniil match!??

    They may play in world tour finals....
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    How many Slams Non Big 3 ll win in 2020

    How many Slams Non Big 3 ll win in 2020
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    Practice in one court and win that slam

    Why don't Non Big 3 players practice only in one court [either hardd or clayy or grasss ] for whole year and win atleast one slam in that, will that work ? so it will give more money and fame.
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    who ll win more than 5 slams ?

    Dominic Thiem , Alexander Zverev , Stefanos Tsitsipas , Denis Shapovalov lost in first round.... can anyone win more than 5 slams in future ?
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    If the Nadal had picked soccer instead of tennis...

    Federer will be unarguable GOAT....
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    Djokovic and Nadal can still play Queen's

    just upgrade the halle or queen to masters, everyone will play.....
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    2009 vs 2019 federer in clay ?

    in which year , Fed played well in clay ?
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    2019 Cricket world cup and Wimbledon to conclude on same day .

    Cricket is not much popular in UK compare to other sports, tournaments will be watched worldwide, there will not be any conflicts....
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    Rankings based on court ?

    We should Start giving Rankings to players based on court type - hard, clay, grass.... in tournaments, players seeds should be based on rank of particular court type....
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    Wimbledon also switched to tiebreaks in final set

    Clay courts consume more energy from players , why can't they change rules for french open also ? , they should make final set tiebreak....
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    Dimitrov played Qualifying Competetion to Qualify for 2019 Geneva Open [ 250 series ]

    Here is source : Discuss....
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    Fed out of Rome

    Now will they reduce ticket prices ?
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    Why don't they move the final to monday ?

    What about Starting Tournament on Sundays & finish the final on saturdays..... so that if rain spoil the play , then they can move the final to sunday..... most pepoles have holiday on saturday too....
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    Why don't they move the final to monday ?

    Some players will play two matches today in rome..... Why don't they move the final to monday ?
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    Why there is no week gap b/w Indian wells and miami , rogers cup & cincinitti....

    Why there is no week gap b/w Indian wells and miami , rogers cup & cincinitti....
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    Is Federer still the most accomplished player at 7 of the 14 biggest tournaments in tennis - compared to Djokovic/Nadal

    hi all , Big 3 are enjoying & focusing on their carrear, you guys please don't waste time on comparing them, lets wait for all of them to retire, then we can conclude at the end :)
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    why tournaments based on courts are shuffled ?

    We start the year with outdoor hard courts, than clay and grass tournaments followed by outdoor & indoor hard court tournaments , why can't we finish all the Hard court tournaments , than go for clay and grass followed by world tour finals ?
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    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga did't got wildcard in miami ?

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is a Grandslam finalist, Its very disappionting that he need to play in qualifying draw to qualify to play in main draw source :–_Men's_Singles