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    For the Extreme users, do you know how to tame the Head Extreme Pro?

    Hi everybody. Let me share something for you: I play with the new Extreme Pro and i love it! However, sometimes i think it's hard to tame this racquet and i want a little more control. Can you share about what kind of string and tension did you use in this racquet? I use Luxilon Alu Power...
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    USTA Chief Katrina Adams apologize Carlos Ramos for the US Open's Woman Final fallout.

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    Why, in this world, gender is more important than being right or wrong nowadays?

    Let me tell me something: i am totally upset about what happened to the US Open Woman's Final. The tennis court is a neutral zone. There is no space for racism, sexism or other kind of misbehaviour bias in a tennis court. Carlos Ramos only followed the rules, but Serena and WTA boiled down to...
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    Man, maybe i'm crazy, but i think the new RF97A 2018 is different from the 2016 version.

    Hi, people. How are you? I bought the new RF97A 2018 and when i compare the 2016 version, it seems it's not the same. I think the design of the throat in the new version is different from the older version when i compare side by side. I haven't played the new one yet Maybe i'm wrong, but man...
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    Can i make a LM Radical MP to become a LM Radical Tour

    Hi everyone. I have a LM Radical MPand i am wondering if someone turned this racquet to a LM Radical Tour. I was wondering in adding silicone in the handle and some lead tape at 12'', 3'' and 9'' to get almost the same specs as the Tour version (325g ang 6 pt head light). If someone did this...
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    To the RF97A 2016 users: How to clean the rubber paint's racquet

    I bought the new RF97A and it is amazing. However, in Brazil, almost all courts are clay and, of course, the racquet gets dirty a little bit because of that. I know a lot of people will say the rubber paint won't last long (the guys who had the earlier i.Prestige will say that), but anyway, i...
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    Strange question: does 0.16 inches difference makes the racquet a extended length?

    I have two racquets: one Pro Tour 630 and one Tour Xtra Long. The Pro Tour 630 has standard length (27 in or 68.58 cm) and the Tour Xtra Long has 27.16 in (or 69 cm). Does the 0.16 in, or 0.42 cm, make the Tour Xtra Long a extended length? I saw some specs from other racquets and many says 27...
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    Troy - Wilson Blade 18x20 modified specs

    Hi, Troy. How are you? In the RF97A youtube video, you are using a modified Blade 18x20. Do you mind sharing the specs of this racquet, like weight, balance, if you use lead tape ( how much weight and position), leather grip or silicone? Thanks
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    Is Wawrinka the most courageous or the most confident player nowadays?

    I was wondering after watching USO finals (and also the FO finals) if he is the most courageous or the most confident player nowadays? It is impressive his achievement: he won three GS finals out of three. He is definitely a clucher. What do ya think, guys?
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    Jared Donaldson's racquet

    Hi. Does everybody knows what is the real Jared Donaldson's racquet? Sorry, people, but i can't post any pics because i am in the work. :D:D
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    For the PT57 users: what is the best string setup?

    I have a question for the PT57 users: what is the best string setup for PT57? I have one PT57A and one PT57E that i bought recently. Usually i go with a full bed of poly, but i know the Prestiges are the kind of racquets that belongs to control and precision. I want more power from these...