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  1. ElMagoElGato

    Maintain Eagnas clamps

    Now it's about clamps. I have PN-1017, Pro's Pro style clamps. It was very hard to push the lever, so I took them apart, wiped out old grease, put new grease, and put them together. It got worse. I used standard lithium baesd grease but I should have used molybdenum grease. It was my fault...
  2. ElMagoElGato

    Maintain Eagnas spring-assisted clamp base

    For what it's worth, I'd like to share my findings. Who cares? But still. I've got an Eagnas Smart 909 equipped with spring-assisted clamp bases. The manual only describes how to adjust it by a horizontal small screw hidden inside. You can access it by placing the base perpendicular to the...
  3. ElMagoElGato

    Measureing the gap between clamp teeth

    Do you measure the gap between the teeth of clamp? I narrowed the gap until a 1.2 mm string stops slipping at 60 lb and the gap was 0.5 mm. The lever feels a bit hard but the string looks OK. I'm just curious if anybody else pays attention to it.