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    how to improve those "barely reached" defense shots (squash shots, etc.)

    Hi, I wonder if anyone know drills for working on those shots, when you are pushed wide and are nearly out of reach. I am your guy to run like a rabbit on pills and manage to get in reach of many balls, but my squash shots and alikes are far too dull and easy for my opponent to finish. Of...
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    general advice on my game

    Hi everyone, While working effortlessly following your tips on my serve and forehand, I'd like to get general advice on my game (let's say for example: footwork, placement on court, shot selection, stroke technique, and whatever you feel relevant). Here is a video of "free play" with my buddy...
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    Why can't I get lateral spin on my (tentative) kick serve ? (With video)

    Hi everyone, I am trying to learn wide kick serve, and especially to achieve lateral spin to further push opponent wide. I have to admit that I totally admire Thiem's 'new' serve on ad side since #1 year, and would like to have something similar in the bag. As you'll see in the video, I am...
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    tips and thoughts about my forehand

    Hi everyone, I am in the middle of a quite metaphysical debate about my forehand : - I often feel/think my takeback as awfully complex, contact point weird and unstable, feet placement wrong, etc. - as a consequence or not, I actually regularly "lose it" during matches and it gets...
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    thoughts on my serve (and the pain and delight of being a lefty)

    Hi everyone, I have been reading you for a while (BTW congrats for the always animated place and comments quality), and only now decided to join the fray with my french-flavored english :-). I regularly practice my serve but I have a hard time identifying technical flaws ... or let's say...