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    When did your ancestors come to America !!

    Having worked on family genealogy, my lineage is all over the place, and has some of the earliest European's to America. Being close to Thanksgiving, I have a few ancestors that came over on the Mayflower.
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    Soccer and Dementia

    Sounds like it isn't a good idea to use ones head for hitting against objects. Makes sense. In other sports news, learned a nephew went to the ER after a HS football game recently. Being hit in the crotch can cause a considerable amount of lasting pain I was told and know to be true. Poor...
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    How's your spilling? ;)

    I'm spelling challenged and come from a split family of spelling challenged members. Mom was a spelling champion when attending HS. She even went on to win an English scholarship for college. Dad, well, he's about as bad as they come with spelling correctly. I seem to have inherited dad's...
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    Do you eat canned tuna regularly?

    I ate some tuna today for lunch, tuna in olive oil. It isn't something I eat regularly though as I do fear mercury poisoning. My families cats though eat tuna every day. The female cat has severe food allergies. One of the few foods she can eat is tuna. They say Mercury can make one...
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    Anyone see Game Changers on Netflix?

    I haven't seen the Netlfix show. I stopped watching Netflix a couple years ago as I found them boring. I'm not sure I agree with their findings but if one finds they perform better on a vegan or mainly vegetable diet more power to that person. I think that is great. In the neighborhood...
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    Job for a 47-55 yr old man !!!

    Best of luck. Hope you find a good job and have better luck than someone I know. I know a lady who is probably in her middle 50s. She is a Harvard graduate. She worked in a hospital for most of her life. The doctor she worked for died suddenly a few years ago. Ever since then she hasn't...
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    Do you have long term goals ??

    Yes, to see if Purdue is defeated today.
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    Ancient Egypt is Creepy.

    I was reading recently why the ancient Egyptian males shaved their head. It was because they believed more sun on their head resulted in a stronger skull. A harder head was more useful for their armies. A number of years ago some studies were done and found the Egyptians belief to be true...
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    Mexico is a joke state

    Some of the activities that happen in Mexico are frightening, and this is another example.
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    How clean is your house?

    The place is kept neat and tidy most of the time. Tomorrow is the big cleaning day. The cleaning lady comes.
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    Will see my 6 nephews and nieces !!

    It's good fun for me to visit with my nephews in St. Louis. They are part jewish, with the jewish part being more ish than jew.
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    Electric Hat Reverses Male Balding

    I will politely disagree! At least in the earthing book I have it talks about negative charged electrons entering the body coming from the earth. How ever it works, I earth and it makes me feel better, after tennis play or a long walk. I haven't noticed any hair growth from grounding...
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    Electric Hat Reverses Male Balding

    I don't know if it would work or not for growing hair, but there are pillow cases that can be bought that give off a slight electrical current. (The article doesn't mention the electrical current used in the mouse study.) There are grounding pillows. The earth has a slight negative electric...
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    Electric Hat Reverses Male Balding

    Would be nice if the electrical cap works on human for growing hair. Hope those tests go well.
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    Greatest mystery of the universe ??

    My understanding is that the theory of dark matter and theory on dark energy was needed because our ideas on gravity would not be correct without them. Maybe the theory of gravity is wrong. :p
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    Are hospitals in the U.S really this expensive?

    movdqa - Yes, Ralph Moss is not as active today with writing books. He has a web sight. He also still remains quoted in cancer books to this day though. I've run across his mentions in a few newer books on cancer of late. Since we've lost a number of friends recently to cancer, reading about...
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    Are hospitals in the U.S really this expensive?

    movdqa - Thankyou for your information. I didn't read all of your posting, I'll get back to it later, but from the parts I skimmed, yes I tend to agree that hospitals that do higher volume procedures patients tend to have been outcomes. They also tend to have lower costs. At least that is...
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    Are hospitals in the U.S really this expensive?

    I'd want the treatment that worked movdqa. As I've learned, just because something costs more doesn't mean it is better.
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    Are hospitals in the U.S really this expensive?

    Saw this article yesterday. It had me thinking only in America. The U.S. Health-Care System Found a Way to Make Peanuts Cost $4,200
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    Are hospitals in the U.S really this expensive?

    One of the reasons why American medical health care is so expensive is that Americans don't comparison shop around. The cost difference between hospitals can be enormous for same to similar treatments. Most Americans though have little incentive to price compare between doctors and hospitals...
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    I have a couple aunt and uncles living along the coast in S. Carolina. For their sakes, fingers crossed there isn't to much damage in those areas.
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    We're out of the warning cone where I'm at as of this morning. Hoping the hurricane doesn't cause to much damage up north.
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    Need alternative sport

    My nephews are very good and enjoy pickleball. ( I believe it is pickleball. It's one of those vegetable sports) The two of them fly around the nation playing in tournaments. They have not gotten hurt till this last week. One sprained his ankle and couldn't play for a few days. Outside of...
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    What happens around 60?

    The last doctor I visited with advised me to not get old. I thought it sound advice. In my family I've noticed everyone is different when they age. My father still is energetic and going strong in his middle 70s. His brothers are generally doing similar. Others in the family I've seen...
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    Buying a 100K+ German luxury car!

    My daily driver is a Cayenne hybrid plug in. It has been buggy and is about to go out of warranty in a few months. That has me concerned.
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    The genius of the Beatles

    I've always enjoyed the Beatles upbeat, energetic songs. I think that is the main attraction for me to their music.
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    Age is just a number

    I was with a guy that is 94 the other week. He looks very young for his age. If I didn't know how old he was I'd guess he was in his 70s. He's not very healthy though having nearly passed away earlier in the year and now going through new cancer treatment.
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    Supplement NO.

    I guess ACE inhibitors work in part to lower BP levels by raising NO levels. Overall blood pressure medications make a fortune for drug firms, doctors and hospitals. Maybe they are of dubious value. I know some doctors that feel that way about BP medications. A little on that can be read...
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    Can hollywad make a decent movie ??

    That't often a complaint made in my family. We rarely watch new movies anymore.