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  1. Wander

    All the men's Wimbledon QF players are 28 or older

    Zero post 1990-born players in the final 8. The only three younger than 28 to even make the final 16 were Sandgren (27), Berrettini (23) and Humbert (21) and the only two true youngsters folded with no resistance to Roger and Novak. May I offer that this is an absolutely pathetic display by the...
  2. Wander

    Winning 100% of first serve points in a match

    How often does this type of thing happen? I am sure it must happen, but probably exceedingly rare in finals? Can anyone list some examples besides Federer vs. Isner at Miami Final in 2019? Also, what examples are there of a higher percentage of points won on serve than 32/35 = ~91.4% in a match?
  3. Wander

    I double-fault all the time in matches

    For example, today, I played a set against a friend and hit 10 or 11 double faults in a 6-4 set where I had 5 service games, managing to hold just twice. This is very typical of any set I play. Rarely do I ever go through a single service game without dfing at least once. Obviously this type of...
  4. Wander

    Another tennis player asking for serve critique

    So, my serve has improved quite a bit over this summer as I did a bit of video analyzing and practice and here's what it looks like now: The better camera was in use for the first clip, after that the quality is kinda crappy with the higher angle so sorry about that. I've never received any...
  5. Wander

    Which is your better stroke, forehand or backhand?

    I started thinking about this when I was practicing my groundstrokes the other day and noted that my forehand still completely sucks, whereas my backhand has improved a lot more with far less work and is now something of a solid weapon for me. And experience tells me that this must be somewhat...