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    FS: Prince TT 310 (2019) and Angell TC 95 16x19

    1. Prince TT 310 (2019), one week old Head Size: 100 String pattern: 16x18 Length: 27 inch Weight 310g Balance: 310mm Grip Size: L4 (4 4/8) Condition (x out of 10): 9,5/10, no damage. Specific Time Used: 10 hours General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): Racquet in great...
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    FS/FT: Angell TC 97 18x20

    Angell TC 97 Custom Head Size: 97 String pattern: 18x20 Length: 27 inch Weight 320g Balance: 310mm (10 pts HL) Grip Size: L3 (4 3/8) Black grommets on racket and red as reserve Condition (x out of 10): 9.5/10 no damage. One very very small scratch on body. Specific Time Used: approximately...
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    From Ai98 to Dr98, Babolat PO7 16x19?

    Hello friends, I am playing few years with Ai98 and I am very satisfied. I am offensive baseliner with OHBH, 90% playing single on clay. When I play against hevy top spiner I am slicing higher balls. So, there is my problem The only thing which I would like to be, just a little, better on Ai98...
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    Head G Radical Pro vs Yonex Ai98

    Can you compare these two racquets baseline play, serving, slice... I am baseliner and don't like to relly to long, just good serve and few pounches to try to end point (allways trying to make winner :) ) Thanks
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    Volkl Organix 8 Super G

    I have won on Volkl's give-a-way: Volkl Organix 8 Super G :D (Thank you Volkl & TW) and it is travelling to me. So, did someone of you play with regular or heavier version and what is your expirience? What string do you use and tension? Thanks
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    Luxilon Adrenalin Rough vs Technifibre Black Code

    Hello, I am playing right now with Adrenalin Rough, what will I get and what to loose by moving to Black Code in terms spin, power and control?
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    Tell me your opinion about this machine

    Hello, I am wondering to purchase this machine: Price is ok (950us$) and functions seems to be ok. What do you think?
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    Head G Instict vs Volkl V1 Pro vs Volkl Organix 7 (310)?

    Can someone compare these racquets for baseline play? I am playing mostly from baseline, flatter forehand; 1hbh, a lot of slices; 1st serve flat and 2nd kick.
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    which balls? Slazenger - Head - Dunlop

    Which balls will you buy and why, this is choice: 1. Slazenger Wimbledon 2. Head ATP Gold 3. Dunlop Fort Clay court All are 4 balls cans and same price!
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    Wilson Blade 2013 (98,18x20) or Head YT IG Extreme MP 2.0

    I am thinking about to try one of this two racquets. I cant demo, so I will probably buy one, and I need your opinion about this two. I am baseline player, FH: flat or spin (low trajectory), OHBH: slice and spin (low trajectory), Serve: kick, slice, flat... a lot of drop shots also. Currently...
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    Which balls do u prefer from these three

    Which balls do u prefer from these three and why? 1. Dunlop Fort All Court 2. Dunlop Fort Clay Court 3. Head ATP (gold can) I have choice from these three, but only played with Head ATP. I am playing only on clay, so I am wondering that Dunlop Clay Court should be logical choice. thanks
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    BLX Blade or BB DC London?

    I am choosing between these two, very similar specs. Did someone hit with both? I play mostly from baseline, FH flat and spin, BH 80% slice and drop shots.
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    Friend has dillema: Head MG Radical OS or MG Head Extreme MP

    Hi, my friend has this dillema, Radical OS or MG Extreme MP. He is playing 80% of his game on the baseline, better strokes are forehand flat or spin and BH slice. Likes to serve good and placing drop shots. Did someone of you played with them? These two racquets can buy at local seller, for...
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    Pro hurricane, Pro hurricane tour or Technifibre Black Code

    I need your advice, expirience, anything with this three strings: Pro hurricane, Pro hurricane tour or Technifibre Black Code. All of them are 16. I can buy only these three string from local stringer. Thanks
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    Low Budget duel: O3 White vs RDS003 (2008) vs BB Pro

    These three: O3 White vs RDS003 (2008) vs BB Pro are all <=100$, especially with cupon (-10%) :). So, what r your opinions?
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    O3 white or Speedport White (non Pro)?

    Just between these two, O3 white or Speedport White (non Pro), which would you pick? And why?
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    Different racquet specs!?!

    I have found different racquet spec on TW and Racquettech For exapmle: Head MG Extreme Pro, Stiffnes, SW TW , 69, 338 Racquettech, 72, 326 Prince O3 White, Stiffnes, SW TW, 65...
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    Boris Becker Delta Core Sportster?

    Did someone played with Boris Becker Delta Core Sportster? Opinions?
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    Whether exists something like this

    I want control and spin of Yonex RDiS300 and power and comfort of Prince Speedport Pro White in one racquet! Is there anything? Help
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    help me with grip size?

    Hi people, I have good offer to buy racquet (from other country), but grip size is 5/8, and I usually play with 3/8. I am tall 187cm. Is it big difference?
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    MG Extreme pro or Dunlop 500 tour

    Hi, I am looking in these two racquets, MG Extreme pro and Dunlop 500 tour ... Did anyone played with both? Expirience? Control/power? Which is better for arm? Or suggest me simmilar.
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    Youtek Extreme Pro on TW Europe

    On TW Europe you can order new Head Extreme line, available from 16.01.2010. But no specification? I am interested in Youtek Extreme pro. Does anyone knows a little bit more?
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    Replacement for O3 white?

    Hi, I am playing with O3 white and really I am very satisfied with it. But I am thinking, that I want to try more spin, so, I need advice from you: I want racquet with very simmilar racquet spec only to have more head speed. Is there any idea? Experience from ex O3 white players? Advice? Thanks
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    Dunlop M-fil 300 or Yonex RDS 002

    I am thinkin to buy one of these. I am mostly baseliner with strong spin forehand and slice backhand. I know price difference, so tell me everything else. Thanks in advance
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    O3 white, help

    I just get my 03 white from TW, but my friend sad me that I have to get with racquet special tool which has to be inserted in holes while stringing job. Is it true? What is that tool? Thanks in advance P.S. Sorry for english
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    APDC vs O3 White

    After hours reading, I need opinion of these two, only. Specs are allmost similar, just stiff and SW are +2 for APDC. Anyone played with both?
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    Help me to choose one

    Hi All, I am interested to buy one racquet, but I can't demo anything. Help me to choose one. I have looked in spec's (weight 300 - 320gr, stiffness 67 or less, HL, etc...) and here is my list of racquets: Babolat APD cortex Head MicroGel Radical MP Prince O3 White Prince O3 Tour Prince...
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    Babolat Pure Storm Team vs Volkl Tour 9 16x19

    I am baseliner, used Head LM Radical then Dunlop M-fil300, now I want to try with one of these. Do you have any suggestions? Also I have a little TE problem, but both are flexy.
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    Wanted Babolat Pure Storm and Volkl tour 9 16x19
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    M Fil 300 vs Head LM Radical MP

    Did somebody of you played with these two sticks? Please tell me your opinions. I have played with Radical, but, considering a great customer feedback for M Fil 300 I am thinkinking to buy one. What are you suggesting?