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  1. Grieeegoorr

    Tension advice for 18 x 20 low powered racquet?

    The Stringway online tension advisor is fun to play around with, @Irvin put me onto it. It takes into account the length and width of the racquet face, because what tension feels good in a 90" frame will feel different in a 100" frame. There will still be some experimenting but you will end up...
  2. Grieeegoorr

    Dominic Thiem's new strings at Indian Wells

    I guess there are following in the oxymoron footsteps of Kirschbaum's Max Power
  3. Grieeegoorr

    Is the HEAD Microgel Radical MP the goat of Rad's?

    The originators not the imitators
  4. Grieeegoorr

    Volkl TR-25

    I don't think you need an RA machine @teachingprotx, you seem pretty well calibrated ;)
  5. Grieeegoorr

    The Cult of PT57

    I think the approach to getting the PT57A brought back to the retail market has to change. It is very clear that the people in control of Head Tennis have absolutely no interest in providing what we (paying customers) want. It is completely pointless to try and engage with them, they are so far...
  6. Grieeegoorr

    The Prince Phantom 93P is a gift to us from TW - My Review/AMA

    Will the 97P be the publicly available PT57A that we all so desperately want? Will Prince trump Head and give the tennis public the equipment they deserve? Will Head trump Head? Again. Stay tuned, more developments to come, although I'm sure the 97P will have its own thread so maybe keep an...
  7. Grieeegoorr

    Wilson Ultra 2 —> Wimbledon Graphite?

    St Vincent definitely, awesome thanks very much retowagen. That paint job would have fooled a lot of people back in the day. I can understand the need for it though, once you've held the Ultra 2 for while it is hard to walk away from it.
  8. Grieeegoorr

    Looking for a soft poly to compliment my sore shoulder and my Volkl C10 Pro

    What do you feel is the right tension range mctennis? I feel I am not in the zone with my C10's
  9. Grieeegoorr

    Does your tennis bag brand match your racquet brand?

    Doesn't matter the brand, just needs to be massive so I can bring along a shed load of different racquets because who knows where my fancy is going to take me. I don't know if it's a thing but I think I may be a racquet swinger.
  10. Grieeegoorr

    Wilson Ultra 2 —> Wimbledon Graphite?

    What, a Wilson Ultra 2 Midsize painted to look like a Wimbledon 100% Graphite, this I have to see. Could you please post some pictures retrowagen?
  11. Grieeegoorr

    Wilson Ultra 2 —> Wimbledon Graphite?

    I know Kathy Jordan played with the Ultra 2 and I think she won the 86 French and Wimbledon mixed doubles using the Wimbledon Graphite with Ken Flach.
  12. Grieeegoorr

    Wilson Ultra 2 —> Wimbledon Graphite?

    Did this particular player win a couple of grand slam doubles titles with another player who used the Wimbledon Graphite as well?
  13. Grieeegoorr


    Thanks Irvin, fun tool to play around with.
  14. Grieeegoorr


    Hey Irvin, Have you settled on a tension yet or are you still experimenting? I too prefer a softer stringbed and have a couple of packs of Ice Code 1.25 I'm planning to string up in a couple of flexier 95's, one 16 x 19 and one 18 x 20.
  15. Grieeegoorr

    Prince Spectrum Comp 110 white attributes vs POGOS

    Bummer, I love hitting with my Mag 90, I just can't look at it too closely anymore, otherwise the does it play better with the head bending away from me or towards me chatter takes over my mind.
  16. Grieeegoorr

    Prince Spectrum Comp 110 white attributes vs POGOS

    Don't string the Mags up high, they'll go badly out of shape, that's the main reason you hardly see any around nowerdays.
  17. Grieeegoorr

    The Cult of PT57

    Ok, I don't have the racquet yet so I can't check for myself, but what I'm gleaning is that you measured your Radical Tours @ 21mm beam thickness, so the Prestige Touch grommets will fit no worries.
  18. Grieeegoorr

    The Cult of PT57

    Cool, thanks
  19. Grieeegoorr

    The Cult of PT57

    Prepping to become a cult member, I have a Bumblebee Radical Tour 630 on the way, it has a couple of scrapes and chips so I want to fit a set of full CAPS to help preserve its beauty. Locally it looks like I can only source Prestige Touch MP CAPS, I thought they might work, but when I checked...
  20. Grieeegoorr

    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    Surely the first string to try in the TF40 would be the Ice Code(y)
  21. Grieeegoorr

    The Expendables: Jolly's Classic Racquet Adventures.

    I recon fibreglass was dropped because it was deemed not to be fancy or marketable
  22. Grieeegoorr

    The gut/poly thread

    I think it is Tecnifibre's Pro Red Code Wax
  23. Grieeegoorr

    19g non-poly string for a PK Micro Mid 22x30?

    Last night I stumbled across a 200m reel of 0.75mm neon yellow syn-gut, which the seller said was for badminton racquets
  24. Grieeegoorr

    Looking for durable multifilaments strings

    Hey @TW Staff please work to make the Head Velocity 1.40 only available in France (post #2120 Book of V) accessible to us, so as to save tennis arms all over the globe.
  25. Grieeegoorr

    Wilson does it again...3x

    It's all been pretty much downhill since they closed down production in St Vincent
  26. Grieeegoorr

    Great dealings with blai212, definitely trustworthy

    I had a great transaction with @blai212, good communication and fast responses, happy to send stuff to me on the other side of the planet. I would definitely buy again.
  27. Grieeegoorr

    Best racquet to never win a grand slam?

    I sometimes wonder if Paul Angell was abducted by the aliens who were originally responsible for the Secrets. The TC95 63RA is the more controlled evolved Secret 04, the feel is different but the end result is similar, with the added bonus of less balls hitting the back fence on the full and...
  28. Grieeegoorr

    Best racquet to never win a grand slam?

    Yeah the FPK is definitely a lot softer than the U2, I don't think the transition to it was that successful. I believe she retired not long after making the switch, not blaming the racquet for her retirement though, I'm sure there were a few other factors as well. Never seen the FPK 85 in the...