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    Gasquet Specs

    I searched but couldn't find anything. Only that it's 27.5 in
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    Pros' Grips

    I've been watching tons of court-level coverage lately and what I've noticed is that: The pros grip their racquets higher than recreational players are taught. Just look at pics of Roddick, Dimitrov, Wawrinka, Murray, Davydenko, Ferrer, Robredo! The buttcap is CLEARLY visible under their...
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    Bare Leather - How Long Will It Last?

    I'm into using bare leather lately with no Wilson Pro/Tourna on top. I like that it's smaller and harder and doesn't have the annoying spiral that an overgrip adds. But I wonder how long it will last before I have to replace it. I used one for nearly a year under an overgrip before it compressed...
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    Wilson Pro Stock Revisited

    I came in contact with this guy who is very knowledgeable on the subject of Wilson pro racquets and here are some of the things he told me: 1. He refers to Tursunov's racquet as K19 and he calls them K19/K22 instead of H19 and H22 as we call them here. 2. He informed me of the existance...
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    When tossing the ball "correctly" the serve hits the net

    I used to toss the ball too much above me on the serve instead of "in a way that it will fall about a meter inside the court if allowed to fall". Now when I toss the ball further in front of me I sort of struggle to reach it and the ball always hits the top of the net... I'm desperate
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    Holy Grail - The Process

    Obviously 99% of pro players have either shaped their game around a particular racquet with a particular setup or they have played almost every racquet and setup available and have decided what is best for them. It's interesting to know whether any of the casual players have the found their best...
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    Is My Racquet Warped?

    Long story short I just missed this shot and slammed my racquet face down against the surface with a semi-western grip and all. I thought I heard it break but when I checked it there were no cracks or chips or anything. Later I got the idea that it was just laterally warped and I tried looking...
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    How does pro customizers apply lead under the grip?

    Do they put strips vertically up the grip, do they put strips like rings around the grip? If so, do they slap all the lead on one plane or do they evenly space them with a certain center of mass?
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    Should You Replace Leather?

    I use a leather grip under tourna or wilson pro and have been using the same one for just under a year now. It seems to me like the grip is slightly thinner than before and less cushy, but my real concern is that the buttcap sort of sticks out. It's not a smooth round bulging edge anymore it's...
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    B. B. Specs Playtest

    Platform for customization: Wilson H19 Starting specs: 310-ish g, 32cm, 300 SW Target specs: 365g, 33.3cm, 377 SW (Based on proracketeer's B.B. specs) Hypothesis: I will need to add a significant amount in the head at 3/9, a touch of lead at 12 and a touch of lead under the grip...
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    Federer using western grip

    Take a look at the picture, his knuckle is between bevels 4 and 5. For comparison, Djokovic's western grip:
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    Pure Drives - polarized or depolarized

    Is the weighting of the Pure Drives polarized or depolarized? It would make sense that they are depolarized because of the power you can get
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    RPM Blast 17 Review

    I'm very picky about my strings because I restring rarely, once every few months to be exact. I used to use ALU Power 16L and BB Original 15/16 up until now. But they can be very pricey here + some extra cash for the stringjob. This time I ordered it strung with RPM 17 after using BBO 15 for...
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    Experiment - what do you think?

    I have my H19 with 20g around the collar area of the grip and 20 in the head - 14g at 3/9 and 6g at 12. I've been contemplating whether to fiddle with the weight in the head. Probably add all the 20g at the 12 area? What do you think, will it play nice?
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    Grip Preferences

    What are your grip preferences in terms of shape, size, overgrips, etc. I'm currently playing with: Flat, Wilson shape, L3, Wilson pro on top and leather underneath. It has to be flat though, otherwise I don't like it. My ideal preferences are: Very flat, Something between a Wilson shape...
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    Is it worth having a matched pair if...

    ... if you don't ever break strings and play around 3 times a week? I only string with Luxilon so I don't break strings, I just restring when it loses too much tension. So, is there a point in having more than one racquet?
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    How many hours of play does Pro Ovegrip last for you?

    I have currently played 5 hours with mine and it's already shredding at the buttcap area and it's losing its tack
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    How do pros control super powerful sticks?

    For example, Nadal's stick is already very powerful and when he strings it in the low 20's with poly, it's hard to imagine how he keeps the ball in the court.
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    Racquets that are close to pro stock

    What are some racquets that share molds with pro stock sticks and have a similar layup and feel? For example, the TF320 that shares the same mold as Berdych and Haas' old sticks, is it close to what they are using?
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    Berdych Specs

    Anybody have em?
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    Tommy Haas Specs

    Anybody got the specs of his racquet?
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    Did Marat Safin Fail with his Tattoo?
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    Top Junior Girls Hitting FASTER than Top Junior Boys?

    I've seen a lot of top juniors from my country and I've noticed that a lot of the girls actually hit flatter and harder than most junior boys. I mean the ball flies faster through the air with very little spin. Most of the tournaments here are played on clay so you can really see the difference...
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    Boris Becker vs Boyko Borisov

    I don't know if most people will understand this because they aren't familiar with politics in Bulgaria but Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borisov is a passionate tennis and soccer player and is known around the world as "The Bulgarian Batman". A few days ago there was an exhibition match where...
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    Has any male here tried a WTA pro setup?

    I know there are plenty of people here who have tried making a copy of an ATP pro's racquet. For example, numerous people have bought a K6.1, added 3-4g of lead under the bumper, Gut/ALU hubrid at 22kg, pro overgrip and they have a Fed setup. Others have bought a Pure Drive GT, slapped 8g of...
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    Longest Racquets

    What are some players playing with very extended sticks - 28"+
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    Is This Real or Montage?
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    Marat Safin "Leg Lift"

    Watching slow-mo videos of Safin's strokes I've noticed that instead of shifting his weight he lifts the leg he wants the weight AWAY from. Like on serve, instead of rocking back like Sampras and Federer he just starts his tossing motion and just lifts his front foot off the ground, which...
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    Mid Users Swingweights

    Can anybody make a list of players using mid frames and their swingweights? Federer is obviously first on the list with 338
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    Big Banger Original vs Alu Power [Rough]

    I'm currently using Alu Power 16L but I am considering going to BBO since it's a bit cheaper. Can anybody sum up the differences?