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    New Balance and Raonic

    Watching the Raonic v Nadal match and couldn't help but notice how ill-fitting the crew shirt Raonic was wearing. It was only highlighted by Nadal's complimentary fitting outfit. Begs the question, if Raonic is your bran 'superstar,' why not tailor fit his gear? I'm sure it would boost sales...
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    2012 Nats at the Zoo

    Starts this Friday, anyone here going? Seeds were Announced a few days ago....Kozlov is seeded 11th in the 18s....looks like he'll reach at least the 4th round. Boys 18s: 1. Mitchell Krueger 2. Michael Redlicki 3. Dennis Novikov 4. Mackenzie McDonald 5. Noah Rubin 6. Jared Hiltzik...