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    How hard is it to transfer colleges?

    you prob won't be able to transfer into those schools because they have small transfer classes. My friend is transferring this year to cornell from a SUNY state university he attended for 2yrs. He only had a 3.8 (smart guy, but just saying that he didn't have a 4.0) but got into places like...
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    Do you share your birthday with any tennis pro?

    Andy Roddick and Ernests Gulbis (Aug 30) for some non-tennis names: Warren Buffet Cameron Diaz Pavel Nedved Lewis Black Ted Williams
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    Road test paperwork

    what state are you from? i found it for NY
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    Distinctive Names in Sports

    Mister Alexander, Florida Sate Football team---only known due to the fact they played against UF on national TV
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    7 ft NFL player

    at the same time, jalen rose was listed at 6'8" as well and when he played against lebron he said lebron was definitely and inch or two taller than he was, so this is the one time I will actually believe that lebron is at least 6'9". We all know NBA heights are usually off...iverson was never...
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    Need help with television

    the splitters I think are the ones causing the problem. I'm not sure where you're located, but at home with cablevision we had this problem. Buy a bi-directional amplifier for the cable and that should solve your problems. We had similar issues with certain channels as well and this cleared up...
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    how many years left in xbox 360?

    microsoft said until at least 2012
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    Donte Stallworth: 30 days for DUI Manslaughter. Is this justice?

    he also can never drive again (permanently revoked license) and 1000+ hours of community service. I am in no way saying this is totally fair, however the family said they wanted a deal done quickly and they also agreed to the terms that stallworth was given. It kinda does imply that the life of...
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    Is Accounting a Good Thing to Major In?

    Technically speaking it is a safe job, but people act as though if you are a highly qualified accountant you can't do anything esle. As warren buffet said (according to a post above) and one of my professors said now, accounting is the language of business. Look at the higher-ups in companies...
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    Random thread of good jokes, aggie jokes, yo mama jokes, or what have you..

    this fact is important based mainly on the fact that in "e" is the most commonly used letter in the English language when written
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    Homeland Security Bill- Classified Classified Classified same exact's obviously a fake (in case that hasn't been noted by now)
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    Best music downloading sight?

    when you download songs from rhapsody, you get them in unprotected mp3 files. Just add the file to your itunes library and then upload it to your ipod. It does work
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    flat screen TV's on wall

    for analog input, I have seen that the older Tv's can produce a better image. However, you put an HD broadcast on the new fangled LCD's, you will NEVER want to go back
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    Nike socks

    you have to fold it over so that you leave the top part still with the outside showing. It's tricky to describe, but you fold them down, but then turn the top back out/up so the swoosh is on the outside. I'm pretty sure that's how players get that look
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    MARCH MADNESS: Predictions (School Flaming Most Welcome!)

    I go to Binghamton, so I hope that everyone who doesn't want Duke to win should definitely cheer for us!
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    Real or fake NFL clip

    yeah, unfortunately it's fake. It doesn't mean that these guys still don't have incredible skills: as you can see here: they're pretty athletic
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    new shoes every match

    basketball players wear new ones quite often b/c they need the support during games and can't afford to have shoes that aren't stiff. there was a vid from the aus open a couple years ago on the tennis channel, and they went in federer's hotel room. He had about 12 pairs with him. He even showed...
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    if you guys are still wondering about that girl sarah davis, she's a senior in HS right now. That website is her High School tennis website. Just thought you should know.
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    Are you lefty or righty?

    Desks are a pain for us lefties. however, Saxophones? I have no problems playing the sax, and if anything it's better for us because the left hand keys require some dexterity that is trickier to develop if you're a righty. I don't know what your complaint is there.
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    size of pro's shirt

    some pros get custom sized apparel. Some of my friends were ball boys at the Hamlet Cup (when it was still around) and got some of JM Gambill's stuff. It had a size tag technically, but some things were adjusted for his liking, such as sleeve length and other minor tweaks that make it more...
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    Why do nice guys never get dates?

    Lakoste is just being sarcastic... I'm kinda in the same situation as you, however with my experiences as of lately, I've managed to get the girls I want, but I end up getting screwed over in the end by the ones I trusted. I was never an ass or caused them any problems (they would concur) but...
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    Getting a Loan to Start a Business

    you will probably need to find people other than a bank to help you out with getting the necessary funds. Banks will definitely need to see what looks like a good idea, because above all else they want their money back. If one could find a couple other people to loan you some money in order to...
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    Exactly how difficult is it?

    All I can say is do your best, apply, and hope for the best. That's honestly all you can do. I had a graduating class of 670ish and I was ranked, let's say 40th and I got into UNC, the 5th most selective public university in the country. And anyone from outside of NC knows that they rarely...
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    usually the water intoxication is when you have a significantly excessive amount. It was a problem one time b/c someone decided to chug gallons upon gallons of it (b/c they assumed water was harmless) for a dare or something and it turned out it was a VERY bad idea. I'm not sure if you can over...
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    BC, Johns Hopkins, Fordham, BU

    contact the coaches and see what they might or might no need. If you just want to make the team, you might have a shot at a few places, but if you're expecting to be definitely playing then you might need to ask a lot of questions. I would guess maybe try Hopkins b/c they are Div III and they...
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    this is probably a stupid question, but...

    It may not be the wittiest of lines, but it's just getting a point across. safe sex prevents pregnancies, and some girls find out they're pregnant by missing their period and they say that they are "late". So safe sex prevents guys from getting a text that says their girl is late... and if you...
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    the new one isn't so bad. in fact it is so much better. I originally hated it, but i found it's basically the same. you guys just waited til the last second to try and adjust and now it sucks. I switched over when they said the old would finally dissappear. At first it was rough, but now it's...
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    when to get busy...

    wow, too many people are hung up with sports instead of education in college. Of course, you can go to the best tennis program, but if your gpa is a 2.5 you aren't getting a good job. The all-time leading scorer for Lax on Long Island went to harvard, b/c he was smart and his lax helped him get...
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    Lol Ucla

    im pretty sure the OP was joking about them blaming lloyd carr. I think he was trying to say that people still might blame him even though he's not there.
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    vapor flywire they are sorta like these new nike b-ball shoes, which are very light for baskteball shoes. the nike sponsored teams wore them, and they seem to be good for b-ball, so i guess they believe it...