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    String recommendation for pure strike 18x20?

    Hey guys! I’ve recently bought the racquet mentioned above and strung it at 53lbs using the lux 4g 1.25g string. I feel like this set up makes the racquet feel a bit head heavy and heavy in general maybe ( can’t really judge as I’ve not tried it with other strings)? And feels like it’s...
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    Tips for my groundstrokes, especially backhand.

    Hey guys! I’ve started playing tennis just over a year ago and have watched lots and lots of YouTube videos, imitating pros and learning from online coaches. Footwork is pretty bad in the video and I know I definitely need to work on it but it was just casual rallying. I’ve joined a club so I...
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    wilson burn 100 cv vs 100s cv

    Hey guys, I've been playing with the burn 100s cv (noir edition) for some time now, and absolutely love this racket! Finally found a racket that suits me. People say the racket hurts their arm/elbow or w/e after sometime but i don't get that problem at all after long periods of playtime. Now...