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  1. psYcon

    Federer ranking on a Tennis Ladder

    If there was a concept of ATP Tennis ladder where would Fed consistently rank? In the top rung or a couple of rungs below? The way a tennis ladder works is you play up to two other players in the same rung, and as you keep winning you climb higher until you get to the top. IMO if the world...
  2. psYcon

    ok this Fedal H2H is now meaningless

    Fed just keeps winning and winning against Nadal in the twilight of both guys' careers and IMO if they are allowed to play 10 more times Fed may very well overtake him. Unfortunately several years from now when pundits review the H2H stats between them 23 will always be > 14 and no one will...
  3. psYcon

    Kyrgios vs Ivanisevic - who had the better serve?

    After watching tonight's Miami SF it seems obvious Kyrgios has a great first and second serve, with accurate placement, unpredictability and clutch. However there is one other individual in history with similar height (6'4) who did the same as Kyrgios, perhaps with even better placement, # aces...
  4. psYcon

    Stan the Man to win Calendar Slam

    You heard it here first. The way he decimated Seppi is proof enough. The guy's groundstrokes are a step above everyone else's right now. I can't see anyone challenging him now for the foreseeable future. Too bad he's a late bloomer.
  5. psYcon

    Who all are staying awake tonight to watch the Fed vs Rafa?

    It is going to be some time around 2:30am Central time. That is going to be tough but could be pulled off I suppose. I just need to down a couple of 5hr energy drink and a Latte I suppose. but cannot miss out on this match. It will be awesome!
  6. psYcon

    Why don't players list Federer as their idol ?

    I was browsing the atp world tour website and each new generation player (age 24 or less) lists someone other than Federer as their idol, most of the times it's Sampras. Here are a few examples. Grigor Dimitrov - idol is Sampras Milos Raonic - idol is Sampras Jerzy Janowicz - idol is...
  7. psYcon

    Average American is so ill-informed on tennis

    It's fairly irritating. Sometime back while in office I saw a co-worker of mine, a guy in his late 30s rambling about some football match to another. He then asks me if I saw such and such match, and I told him I am more of a tennis fan. He had this look on his face :confused: like he had almost...
  8. psYcon

    Johnson blowing Gulbis off the court on court 13

    Whoever was saying Johnson will get blown off the court by Gulbis, couldn't be more wrong. Agreed that Gulbis has huge forehand, but Johnson showing that he's not far behind.
  9. psYcon

    Steve Johnson and Bradley Klahn to represent US Men's tennis

    ... now that Roddick is gone. I feel that both Stevie and Bradley are the young kids whom will represent the face of Men's tennis for the US. They are both extremely aggressive players who are not shy in holding back and really crunch through their ground strokes. Give them another year...
  10. psYcon

    Congrats Steve Johnson for winning the Aptos Challenger

    He beat Rob Farah 6-3, 6-3. I really enjoy his playing style. and the fact that he went to college and won NCAA title , makes me a big fan of him.
  11. psYcon

    Well played Murray! Time for Federer to move on. He's still #1

    Happy for Murray to win the Gold. But let's not forget this is a 750 point tournament, with little implication of increasing ranking. Federer should not lose heart. He already has an Olympic Gold, and now has added an Olympic Silver to his collection. Most importantly he's adding some valuable...
  12. psYcon

    Sick of hearing Federer had ideal conditions to win

    The roof on Wimbledon was put for a reason.... and that's because its too frickin' rainy year after year after year in London at the time the tournament is played. All those people who keep saying Federer got really lucky due to indoor like conditions, well here's the's not the...
  13. psYcon

    Can Djokovic deny Federer the 286 wk record?

    As of Monday, Federer will have 11075 points and Novak just 75 points less at 11000. There are ATP Challenger events available from 80 points to 125 points - if Djokovic acts stubborn (or let's say if Pete pays him) he can play and easily win an 80 point Challenger tournament, he can climb back...
  14. psYcon

    Reminds me of the French Open 2009

    The same day that Nadal was beaten by Soderling, Federer was struggling with 2 sets down against Haas, before staging a remarkable comeback. Similarly right after Nadal lost to Rosol, Federer again being 2 sets down , made a comeback. It's as if the news of an early exit by Nadal somehow...
  15. psYcon

    Federer meets Olympic Gold medalist Hottie!

    Federer met Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn, one of his biggest fans after the match against Goffin. This gal is definitely a looker!;-) That and the fact that she just got divorced late last year, and the fact that she has a 'thing' for Federer, makes me wonder and admire how Federer is...
  16. psYcon

    Will Smith and Federer pose

    Would Will Smith have had his picture taken with Berdych and that Men in Black suit had Berdych won the final? More importantly would Will Smith even have been present in that match ceremony? I think not.
  17. psYcon

    WTB: Prokennex Ki5 Ionic 4 3/8

    I'm looking for a used Pro Kennex ki 5. Grip size must be 4 3/8. Please let me know. Thanks.
  18. psYcon

    Federer should soon be knighted

    He should be referred to as Sir Roger Federer. He is the object of adulation for millions, he's the most perfect tennis player ever, and finally he's also the most respective tennis superstar amongst his peers. To not knight him after his greatest achievement ever, would be an insult.
  19. psYcon

    Gonzalez ass wipe on the clay responsible for his win!

    He's holding up proudly with that red mark on his left butt cheek. I predict an easy 5th setter for Gonzalez to win and make it into the Finals.
  20. psYcon

    Rate my game and NTRP [VIDEO]

    Ok you guys know the drill. So finally was able to get hold of a camera and uploaded some videos. Groundstrokes Serves Volleys Wall practice (a.k.a couldn't find a partner :( ) Feel free to...
  21. psYcon

    What a tough point!

    I played a league match this week against a "pusher" and decided to play his game for a change. Usually I play very aggressively, starting out with a kick serve and then following it up with a strong crosscourt forehand, but this guy kept moonballing making it difficult to hit clean winners...
  22. psYcon

    Highlights - Federer vs Djokovic AO 08 Semis

    Just in case someone was not able to watch.
  23. psYcon

    Highlights: Tsonga vs Nadal

    Finally here! After seeing this I have to say I am totally in awe with Tsonga's grace. Not only does he resemble Ali so much, he also fits his bill of "float like a butterfly, sting like a...