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    Rafa needs Medvedev.

    If Rafa is to advance no matter if he wins or loses vs Tsitsipas… he relies on Medvedev to win vs Zverev. So his efforts vs Tsitsipas does not matter... he can tank it and save himself from injuries
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    guga farewell
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    Marat Safin in 1998 (Video)

    Interesting match at the 1998 French Open between Safin and Pioline. Enjoy!
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    Are we gonna see new Safin-Sampras Final?

    meaning young up and coming tsonga destroying the legend federer in final?
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    LoL, what an ownage!

    thats what I call an HAHA
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    how many bagels and/or breadsticks for j-bloke tonite?

    my guess, it will be at least one bagel
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    Battle of former Agassi coaches
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    Still think fed is washed up and rafa will be new #1 next year?

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    Pete Sampras vs. Jerry Stackhouse Tennis & Basketball NBA

    pretty cool.
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    Why not Roy Emerson?

    Just wondering why is roy emerson excluded from the "goat" debate? he won 12 majors including all four. 6 AUssie Open Titles. The only time you ever heard of his name even just being mentioned was when pete sampras was approaching and/or breaking his record
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    Serena after her loss
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    Poor Serena
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    Pete Sampras on Charlie Rose in 2000

    Pete Sampras on Charlie Rose in 2000 and 1995 Pete Sampras on Charlie Rose after winning Wimbledon in 2000
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    Sampras or Federer

    who would win in arm wrestling?
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    Rudi Berger just passed away....

    Tennis Mourns 'Larger-than-Life' Rudi Berger © Getty Images The tennis world is saying farewell to distinguished official Rudi Berger, who passed away Wednesday. Gayle David Bradshaw, the ATP's Executive Vice President of Rules and Competition, pays tribute to one of tennis's favorite sons...
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    Who's the GOAT now? Moya or Joke-ovic?

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    Richard Krajicek interview

    QUESTION: As a Wimbledon champion, I’m sure you are excited to play on the grass courts at the Gibson Guitar Champions Cup? RICHARD KRAJICEK: Yes, I do like to play on grass. There are not too many players who feel really comfortable on grass, but my game was made for it. I played in the days...
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    Trivia: Sampras/Borg/Federer

    who is the only player to have beaten 3 greatest players in the open era :borg, sampras and fed?
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    Andre Agassi still hanging in there...

    ...he is curretly ranked 300th on the Atp Tour rankings. He is only 13 places behind Justin Gimelstob, 10 places behind Donald Young and 34 places AHEAD of scoville jenkins........
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    Sampras, Hall Of Fame

    anybody know which channel in the usa will broadcast this? And when....
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    Sampras, Hall Of Fame

    anybody know which channel in the usa will bradcast this? And when....
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    Possibility exists that Federer may not be the greatest player of this era

    21 year old Nadal is slowly but surely catching up to him....He has better H2H and is improving on all surfaces. And maybe, just maybe he could even surpass Federers slam record. He has 3 already federer at 0 at that stage.
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    This is why Roger won today...

    ...his secret has been revealed.
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    Rafa will beat Federer tomorrow, no?

    i think rafa will finally get the wimby title, no?
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    Who's The GOAT?

    me or roger federer?
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    Kafelnikov or Safin

    who is a better player between the two russians in your mind? Here are the stats. ...................................kafelnikov.............safin grand slam titles..................2......................2 career titles.......................26.....................15 head to...
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    Goran back in wimbledon...

    guess whos back? Goran Ivanisevic will play invatational doubles with cedric pioline against Krajicek/Cash. Watch it here live...of course only if youre subscribed to "wimbledon live" javascript:launchMC('D')
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    Sampras/Federer : Trivia Question

    who was the only player to beat Sampras and Federer in the same tournament?
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    Tsonga reminds me of Taylor Dent

    anybody else thinks so? Not only do they have similar games but they look alike too.
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    I knew It!!!!(ESPN SUCKS)

    the yshowing roddick match, instead of safin-federer. Can You believe this crap. You got winners of 12 grand slam titles playing each other and the yshow rodick match .AGHHH