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    You are stranded on an Island.

    Nadal - Coria 2005 Rome
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    Is Kyrgios's serve better than Roddick's?

    Roddicks serve when he was Kyrgios age is way better, the ATP stats reflect that . Also peak serve rating Roddick 308.3 and peak 1st%win 81.5. For Kyrgios peak serve rating 303.0 and peak 1st% win 78.9%
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    How much difference does choice of balls make?

    ITF has 4 different classification for tournament level balls but nobody makes type 3 balls. Even within those categories there is room for significant differences. - Page 21
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    Tecnifibre - new logo and identity

    Not usually on board with logo changes (like the new US Open one) but this one actually seems decent
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    Wilson Ultra 95 Countervail

    I currently use the previous version of the racket(Burn 95 CV). I've added some weight at 12 and had it strung up at 50lbs with Pacific Poly Force 1.25 but I've moved to Hyper-G 1.20 at 50lbs recently and that's given me much better power with the same level of control. I find the racket to be...
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    Why don’t more players wear sunglasses when serving against a sun?

    Isn't this problem mainly down to eye colour? I've always had more problems with my green eyes in sunlight than my brother with brown eyes does.
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    The greatest forehand?

    That's basically just Verdasco
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    Racquet size: Can peak Sampras win NOW with PS 85?

    If Mischa Zverev can reach a GS QF with serve and volley, Sampras can certainly do some damage as he is a much more accomplished net man even with the small frame.
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    Is Lleyton Hewitts using extended length racket?

    99% sure it's strung balance
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    Is Lleyton Hewitts using extended length racket?

    TW were selling Lleytons racket 2 years ago, I took it upon myself to screencap the specs
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    Nadal News 2.0

    I too prefer Berdych. He's a good test for Nadal to prepare himself for any big hitters later in the tournament but also not particularly likely to beat Nadal based on the H2H. Diego will keep Nadal on court for a long time and raises the probability of some injury occuring like with Cilic last...
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    Prince Beast Pro 100 Longbody

    Will you be stocking this racket or any other extended rackets in the near future? Thank you
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    Murray To Retire At Wimbledon

    Well that sucks :( In that case I hope to see him in the commentary box
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    Murray To Retire At Wimbledon

    Anyone think he'd still be able to team up with Jamie and compete in doubles?
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    Prince Phantom Pro and Phantom Pro100P

    He is listed at 5'10'' on his playtester profile on TW.
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    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    Any update on those LTDS?
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    Yonex extended length + rackets discontinued ezone and vcore? 100+ 98+ DR

    I've kept an eye on their websit since they started doing extended lengths. They have never been listed on the site, the only way to know anymore information is to either contact Yonex or the stock buyer at TW.
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    Nadal News 2.0

    So like this one but at indian wells?
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    Sock gambles on Paris

    Dude I thought Sock has Chipotle every meal he is able, maybe pizza is his new love though.
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    Wanted: Yonex Vcore/Ezone Extended Rackets L2

    I'm looking to buy some Yonex extended length rackets. DR98+/100+, SV98+/100+ or EZONE 98+/100+ preferred. Would also be interested in other rackets and customised rackets that are less than 28'' length. Shipping to UK Thanks
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    How long does Rafa stay at # 1?

    The indoor season you've given to Nadal is worse than his 2015 season where he won 3RR matches at WTF and got to 2 500 finals in addition to everything you listed, you clearly didn't even try to look this up.
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    Did the closed roof make a difference in the end?

    Nadals worst surfaces are indoor and grass so it would be surprising that if those 2 elements combined didn't have any effect, Djokovic has also played more matches under the roof than Rafa. Same conditions for both players so well played to Djokovic but I can't help but feel that outdoor...
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    Wanted : Tecnifibre TFight 315 LTD 16 x 19

    Would really want to hold out for a grip size 1 or 2, thanks for the offers though.
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    Let us Create the 100% unbeatable player for every surface

    On clay, Nadal with Roddicks serve (Maybe Djokovic/Guga backhand). Isner and Karlovics serve are unrealistic because it's a product of their height.
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    Nadal News 2.0

    Rafa said in an interview last year ''Pain free was a long time ago''. Probably to do with the 2005 foot injury
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    Fed fans: Now he is out of Miami, who are you rooting for?

    Verdasco, he'll never ever garner the mental strength to do it but I like to dream
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    Wanted : Tecnifibre TFight 315 LTD 16 x 19

    Sent you a message.
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    Wanted : Tecnifibre TFight 315 LTD 16 x 19

    Forgot to mention, Grip Size 2 preferred.
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    Wanted : Tecnifibre TFight 315 LTD 16 x 19

    Preferably the version with the red one with the leather grip. Not bothered about any cosmetic damage so long as the racket is in usable condition.