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  1. BeckerFan

    Why Nadal is not one of the best ever even on clay.

    There are more compelling reasons why Nadal isn't one of the best clay-court players ... YET. He's won Roland Garros only twice. Lendl, Wilander and Kuerten won three times. Borg, of course, is miles ahead with six. Cochet won four times (five if you count his 1922 win, when the tournament...
  2. BeckerFan

    The shortest Wimbledon finals

    I was just reading a book called 'The Complete Lawn Tennis Player' by A. Wallis Myers, and he provides a little background to Canon J.T. Hartley's three Wimbledon final appearances. Apparently he had suffered a bout of cholera and was in no condition to play, though he admits he couldn't have...
  3. BeckerFan

    How do you rank the great Aussies?

    Yeah, there's quite the diversity of opinion. If you're interested in Vines, his son wrote a book called 'The Greatest Athlete of All Time'. Obviously, it's not the most IMPARTIAL account you'll find of Vines's career ... but it does make for an interesting read.
  4. BeckerFan

    How do you rank the great Aussies?

    I think the idea is that the same criticism could apply to Vines as a player ... perhaps even more strongly. Vines once said that his strategy in every match was the same: 'hit the ball as hard as I can to the corner, then hit the ball as hard as I can to the other corner. Repeat.'
  5. BeckerFan

    How do you rank the great Aussies?

    That is exactly right, except that he ranks Cooper ahead of Fraser ... then Anderson, McGregor and Stolle round out the top 10. In the computer ratings at the beginning of the book it goes a little differently: 1. Laver, 2. Hoad, 3. Rosewall, 4. Sedgman, 5. Newcombe, 6. Emerson. Crawford is...
  6. BeckerFan

    How do you rank the great Aussies?

    Laver #1 and Newcombe #2 sounds about right to me. I agree: Wimbledon and years at number one are paramount. That said ... IMO Rosewall is BY FAR the greatest never to win Wimbledon.
  7. BeckerFan

    Who are your top 15 men and women all time.

    I disagree. Sampras played in an era when grass had become something of a specialist's surface ... he had only a handful of consistent threats to worry about on grass. In Budge's time, EVERYONE was the equivalent of a 'grass-court specialist.' A good case can be made that Sampras would have...
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    Most Impressive Men's Tennis Achivements

    Agreed. This is BY FAR the most impressive record in tennis ... Perhaps the most impressive record in all of sports!
  9. BeckerFan

    Most Impressive Men's Tennis Achivements

    Tilden pulled off the same feat, with a few crucial differences ... Lendl won only three times in his eight final appearances. Tilden won SIX out of eight straight finals, and he later added a seventh title AND another final! I would say that his, by far, is the more impressive record.
  10. BeckerFan

    Henri Cochet

    Might I find Danzig's list in 'The Fireside Book of Tennis', or perhaps some other book? I see that one's quite a weighty tome at 1043 pages!
  11. BeckerFan

    top5 of all time?

    Hm ... seems I've heard this one before.
  12. BeckerFan

    Who'd You clone ( pro's of yesteryear ) to stop FEDERER ?

    Since the thread is repeated, I'll repeat my answer. Rod Laver, Neale Fraser, Tony Roche ... Talented lefties all. Not sure they'd win, but they'd put up a good fight.
  13. BeckerFan

    Who'd I Clone to stop FEDERER .

    Rod Laver, Neale Fraser, Tony Roche ... Talented lefties all. Not sure they'd win, but they'd put up a good fight.
  14. BeckerFan

    Don´t you think Federer needs some epic victories in his career?

    Actually, I agree with you. Federer's record in five setters needs improvement. The problem for him, I think, is that he so rarely gets pushed to five sets ... when a match DOES go the distance, he looks a bit winded. Federer sometimes lets his nerves get to him at crucial points too, as he...
  15. BeckerFan

    Who is the most talented player?

    Agassi IMO was more talented than McEnroe.
  16. BeckerFan

    Federer Honors Connors

    Lendl played (and won) a sh*tload of tournaments in the early 1980s, omniexist. In fact, his number of titles is second only to Connors's in the Open Era.
  17. BeckerFan

    Who is the most talented player?

    Safin seems to be warming up to grass, ever so slowly. He could very well become more of a threat at Wimbledon later in his career.
  18. BeckerFan

    Federer Honors Connors

    Players were also less protective about their schedules in Connors's time, and they entered many more tournaments. If Federer were serious about breaking this record, he should be winning 15+ titles a year now ... these are, after all, his prime years. Of course, Federer knows that if you play...
  19. BeckerFan

    World Number No. 1's who have gotten bagelled

    You must be thinking of his 1-6, 1-6 loss at Cincinnati. Connors was ranked number two at the time, behind McEnroe. Connors took over the number one spot only briefly in 1982, after his US Open win in September ... despite that, almost everyone considered him the unofficial number one that year.
  20. BeckerFan

    Henri Cochet

    I would love to see the full Danzig list if you get a chance, urban. One of the treasures I found at my university library was a book called 'Histoire du tennis' (1960) by Pierre Albarran and Henri Cochet. No one had checked it out in over 40 years! My French is intermediate at best, so it...
  21. BeckerFan

    Henri Cochet

    The more I've read, the more I've come to believe that Henri Cochet was one of the greatest and most underrated players of all time. Standing only 5'6", he won seven singles titles at the French, Wimbledon and US Championships ... and he also won many doubles titles. He was the number-one...
  22. BeckerFan

    Ellsworth Vines' 10 Best List

    By virtue of the Grand Slam alone, I would say that Budge probably deserves his reputation as the greatest player of the decade ... however, the first time I saw clips of Fred Perry, it was truly a revelation. There is no doubt in my mind that Perry would be one of the fastest players in the...
  23. BeckerFan

    Jack Kramer Wood Racket poem ?

    I sometimes practice with a Kramer. Lots of fun to swing. Though I may have to stop after reading that 'poem' ...
  24. BeckerFan

    The shortest Wimbledon finals

    Washington was actually a towering 5'11". On the other hand, Ken Rosewall was only 5'7", and he reached the finals four times. I believe two-time winner Henri Cochet 'tops' them all at just 5'6"!
  25. BeckerFan

    do you think Federer will lose focus like Sampras after he wins his 15th slam?

    Samprass Underpants ... that's brilliant! I think I've finally found my entrepreneurial calling. You will of course get a cut of the profits. All we need is Pete himself to sign on as endorser/model ...
  26. BeckerFan

    johnny mac

    McEnroe is a marvel. Feel lucky you're still able to see him play. Far more entertaining than 99% of the pros out there today ...
  27. BeckerFan

    Sampras serves 4 aces in a row

    Thank you, joe. The story is found in many other sources as well. Not sure if it's in Deford's book, but I'll check next time I have it at hand.
  28. BeckerFan

    Ellsworth Vines' 10 Best List

    I find the praise heaped on Segura's two-handed forehand to be somewhat surprising. I haven't seen it myself, though I'm sure it was a phenomenal shot ... but there are obvious weaknesses to any two-handed stroke. I saw an interview with Don Budge not long ago, and he said he felt 'sorry' for...
  29. BeckerFan

    Boris Becker interviewed at NBA ALL Star

    I really shouldn't get into it now; there may be kiddies reading! Suffice to say that Internet slang can sometimes produce dubious results ... Very sorry to hear about your leg, BTW. Do get well.
  30. BeckerFan

    The shortest Wimbledon finals

    On a related note: the longest final of all time took place in 1982, when Connors upset McEnroe 3-6, 6-3, 6-7 (2-7), 7-6 (7-5), 6-4 in 256 minutes. Strange that only a couple years later, these same two would play the shortest final of the last 37 years ...