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  1. mrw

    The new solid core Donnay

    Anyone using them? The allwood looks great
  2. mrw

    Anyone playing with a torn medial meniscus?

    Well, I am going to be 66 this December. Haven’t played much tennis however have done a lot of biking and skied over 60 days last season pain free. I think the twisting, turning motions of tennis were not doing me any good. I still practice my serves regularly and hit with a ball machine all...
  3. mrw

    Better Beginner Stringer: Klippermate or MiStringer?

    I bought a Klippermate over 10 years ago. Great stringer has held up very well and I see no reason to change.
  4. mrw

    Showing off some NOS TADs TA Davis standards, topspins, and Its

    Absolutely incredible! Back in the day I was a Davis Classic guy and today have a few really nice vintage Davis racquets.
  5. mrw

    DO NOT USE - Tecnifibre Grips

    frequently happens with quite a few overgrips. Seems to depend upon how much you sweat. I find if there is any residue I let it dry and it will flake off with my fingers. As I always use an overgrip, to me it's no big deal
  6. mrw

    Ultimate Comfort Racquet - help me narrow it down

    The answer is always...POG
  7. mrw

    My first woodie - a bit of a revelation

    I grew up playing with a Davis Classic. Moved to a Donnay Allwood Pro at some point but really liked the Davis much better. I can remember showing up for the first time with the Allwood Pro and my friend and I looking at it and the Davis and noting how much nicer of a build the Davis had. The...
  8. mrw

    Dunlop M-FIL 2 Hundred Twenty 6

    The M-fil 300 is still my racquet of choice in fact I have a new one still in the wrapper as a back up For me i find it a great racquet that noting else compares to. For just hitting around I prefer my Head Composite Edge
  9. mrw

    My small collection of older Head racquets

    The Composite Edge is my all time favorite racquet. I own 5 and use them as often is possible
  10. mrw

    Anyone playing with a torn medial meniscus?

    By pain I mean there was a bit of a burning sensation at the bottom of the knee. A bit of rest and it went away. At no time during the season was I eating Ibros or Aleve for any reason. This season I skied a lot of powder both light and heavy, Cut up powder and flat groomers. I am thinking...
  11. mrw

    Anyone playing with a torn medial meniscus?

    I am questioning why you would recommend a knee replacement at this time when I have zero pain, able to fully flex and skied all season without difficulty
  12. mrw

    Anyone playing with a torn medial meniscus?

    Thanks for the response. This season I have met many skiers with torn meniscus,acl problems etc the latest medical idea seems to be " no pain, no surgery ". When in the off season, I live at the beach so following your advice should be simple. If I stick with tennis I think I will limit myself...
  13. mrw

    Anyone playing with a torn medial meniscus?

    heard a popping in my knee when flexing. No pain at all. MRI shows the tear and zero cartilage within the knee. Age 63. Skied 6 weeks this winter. By the 5th week it was a bit tender. Took 3-4 days to recover back to no pain. Skiing is my passion but I love tennis as well but am worried about...
  14. mrw

    Playing professionally...

    Give yourself a year, live for tennis. Even if you don't make it you will have that year to look back on for the rest of your life.
  15. mrw

    Prince Phantom

    And a 12 oz 98 would be perfect
  16. mrw

    How many hours to get good serve?

    About 10 years ago I was making it a point to serve at least 200 balls a day. i am on the road for my job and had all kinds of tennis courts everywhere. I would take a break around 10am and fire off serves. I could pick off cones anywhere on the court with my serve. Life got in the way for a...
  17. mrw

    Grommets: where does the ten ace men ace get them

    interested, do you have a link?
  18. mrw

    Prince 2016

    I just hope they make it to 2017
  19. mrw

    Prince Original Graphite ( POG ) Mid and OS versions

    He is on FB and will be at the US Open. Shoot him the pics and ask him if it was his
  20. mrw

    Favorite Rackets from HEAD

    Composite Edge. I have 6
  21. mrw

    Klippermate customer service.....

    They are great. I bought an old oddball racquet at a rummage sale. I called them for the stringing pattern. Bingo 30 seconds later I had what i needed.
  22. mrw

    August 22-23: Newport, RI

    Great courts. There is also an hard court in the neighborhood that you can use to warm up prior to incurring the $90. per hr fee. ;) In fact you can see a few pros warming up there in July when the tour is in town
  23. mrw

    Wristbands: Do you wear them?

    If i remember to throw one in my bag I wear it on the opposite arm so I can dry my face between points.
  24. mrw

    Leather - Overgrip or no?

    I use both of these regularly. Right now i am liking the wilson a bit more
  25. mrw

    Lefties: How do you put a new replacement grip on?

    Lefty wrap. If it has the original factory grip, i wrap my overgrip lefty
  26. mrw

    If tennis didn't exist...

    For me it has always been tennis in the warm months, skiing in the cold. Without tennis, maybe badminton and for sure more biking both road and mountain
  27. mrw

    Where to Stand

    One of my pet peeves is doubles...
  28. mrw

    I played with Jimmy Connors' old racquet today

    i have a T2000 & T3000. I enjoy hitting with them. When they first came out, the Wilson Rep gave me one and i hated it. LOL. I went back to my davis Classic in a heartbeat. Now i wish i had stayed with it. It's a nice hitting racquet.
  29. mrw


    Nice collections here. I need to put mine together and take some pics.