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    Using bicycle bartape for racket grip?

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, Anyone have ever try to install bartape for bicycle handle bar for racket tennis grip? How does it feel? The bartape comes in various thickness and quite light. Bartapes:
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    Racquet Bare Grip Measurement

    Hi all, This is the some of bare / base grip measurement of racquets that i own. Hope it helps those who have problems with grip size or try to building up grip. They are measured straight on the pallet / base without grip.
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    Pure Drive Lite 2015 or 2018 for platform?

    Hello all, I'm going to try bab PD as platform for mod racket. Target unstrung spec will be around 300gr, 9 point HL, swing weight around 300 - 305. I will also use silicone to add weight and act as dampener. Which one will be better between Pure Drive Lite 2015 and 2018? PD Lite 2015 suppose...