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  1. Hypergxtraspin

    FS: Prince Phantom Pro 18x20 4 1/4

    Item Description: Prince Phantom Pro 100 18x20 Grip Size: 4 1/4 Grip type: leather Quantity: 1 Head Size: 100 Condition: 9 *Specific Time Used: I have 4 of these, this one specific has been used 3 2hr practice sessions. *General Description: Has a Fairway brown leather grip Installed already. I...
  2. Hypergxtraspin

    A little more spin with WC scorpion 1.22

    Currently used a full bed of WC scorpion 1.22 for the first time. First off, great string! I loved the the power/comfort it had alot. I am now considering a way to add just a touch more spin with a hybrid set up as Scorpion mains or crosses. I possibly want a shaped poly just to get that extra...
  3. Hypergxtraspin

    Best USTA mens open tournaments

    I have seen alot of USTA tournaments, but many seem to lack players/high level competition. What are the best tournaments for men's open players? What to search on USTA? The el Paso 25k in August is usually great, and even the Tucson city championship in June is pretty good. The Mercedes...
  4. Hypergxtraspin

    Wilson Pro Staff RF97A on clearance

    Looks like TW has this stick on clearance. Anyone know if a new version is coming or a new PJ soon?
  5. Hypergxtraspin

    String Ping annoying

    So I have been stringing my own frames for well over 10 years now. I am a low 5.0 player. I RIP the ball with heavy topspin and slice a lot. I break poly strings in 4 to 8 hours of play depending on the string. I have played with so many strings and hybrids always in search of the grail...