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  1. bjk

    Nick's Forehand form

    Any comments on Nick's forehand form
  2. bjk

    Why are old players dominating?

    What is going on? There are more players over thirty in the round of 16 at Wimbledon than under 30. What's the reason for the success not only of big 3 but other veteran players? You can make multiple choices in the poll.
  3. bjk

    Does FAA have a weapon?

    There's been some dispute about this. He's only 18 so he does have time to develop weapons.
  4. bjk

    Looking for tennis balls with 147+ rebounce

    Anybody know?
  5. bjk

    Is it possible to learn a semi-western forehand at an advanced age

    I've been hitting an eastern forehand my whole life and I used to hit it Ivan Lendl style. Now I take the racket high to low but still hit with the eastern grip. I feel like my forehand is no good because it's half the old style and half the new style. I tried to hit almost semi-western forehand...
  6. bjk

    Should Pouille bend his new before his knee bend

    Look at this Lucas Pouille serve. Here he rocks back, loads on his right knee, then moves forward before dipping into his knee bend. In other words, he takes all the energy out his right knee before going into his service motion. What am I missing here? Shouldn't he rock back without bending the...
  7. bjk

    Donal Young: Will he ever make an ATP main draw again?

    Not including wildcards or making it through qualies. He would need about 130 before grass season to make it into Newport main draw.
  8. bjk

    Krueger forehand grip change

    Mitchell Krueger changed his forehand grip and racket over the offseason. Does anyone know what grip he had / adopted? It feels like you're actually downplaying this. To think that you're spending hours doing hand-feeding...
  9. bjk

    Have any pros gone through "Open" qualifying?

    The "Open" in US Open and FO means that anybody can sign up and try to qualify for the tournament. So has a pro ever gone through open qualifying to get into the US Open or French Open because they couldn't get in the qualifying draw?
  10. bjk

    Did McEnroe coin "you cannot be serious"?

    McEnroe is famous for his classic line, but did he get it from somewhere? I've looked into this important question and here is what I've found. Priority actually goes to a famous movie from 1980:
  11. bjk

    Why do pros hit right at their opponents at net

    I've seen this hundreds of times, a player will have an open court and hit right at their opponent at net instead. Here is Jaziri hitting it right at Klahn even as there is vast open space right in front of him.
  12. bjk

    The Federer of Taiwan

    TT'er Jason Jung: Three years ago, when I moved up to 140 in the world, I had to get foot surgery. I came back, after almost half a year, and it wasn’t really the same. I was consistently losing. The combination of taking the losses and traveling alone was exhausting. You’re trying to get back...
  13. bjk

    What is the status of 3-d printed grommets

    Anybody know? And why don't racquet companies make it easier to buy grommets? Occasionally there will be some grommets available on **** but it's hit an miss and I don't know if they're from the manufacturer or not.
  14. bjk

    Why do smaller countries have smaller players

    I'm watching Radu Albot from Moldova and wondering why small countries have small players. By small and large I mean a large country has a lot of people and has always been a tennis powerhouse. The US has Isner, Opelka, Querrey. Russia has Khachanov and Medvedev. All the French players are over...
  15. bjk

    Sock is already a doubles specialist

    Sock and a warm body (80th ranked Nebraskan Jackson Withrow) beat the number 2 seeds, Cabal and Farah. If they can beat the #2 seed, they can win the tournament. Sock doesn't have anything to prove in doubles after winning USO and Wimbledon and WTF, but maybe he wants to win a career doubles...
  16. bjk

    One easy trick to fix Sock's first serve

    First serve is probably the biggest weakness in Sock's game, even bigger than his backhand, but looking at video it might be possible to come up with a simple fix. At right about the 1 minute mark, Sock hits the bottom of his knee bend and then instead of uncorking out of that position like...
  17. bjk

    AO Draw: Will Sock make it into AO

    Sock is ranked 106, and because AO accepts the top 104 and there are 3 protected ranking players (Murray, Tipsarevic, Darcis), he is 5th. Will there be 5 withdrawals from the main draw? Got to think that Delpo will probably take it slow and start his season on clay, so who else might withdraw...
  18. bjk

    Reversing server dominance by turning lets into faults

    Tennis is a game of a minuscule edges: "one ranking place is equal to about . . . one point per thousand." Given that the edges in tennis are so small, what if tennis disallowed lets, how would that affect the biggest servers? We know there are about 4 first serve lets per 100 first serve...
  19. bjk

    Will Darryl Hale get his first ATP points

    Darryl Hale is living the dream, playing the Futures circuit in Africa. He's played 18 tournaments this year, and right now he's playing his second tournament in Cameroon. Although he's made it through qualifying probably a half dozen times over the last three years, he has never won a first...
  20. bjk

    Poll: Why players don't come to net

    Post your answers
  21. bjk

    How to reduce server dominance part CXII

    Expand the serve box and then limit players to one serve. The biggest advantage big servers have is getting two chances to hit their best shot. Expanding the service box and giving servers only one serve would also speed up the game. It would also disproportionately benefit shorter players...
  22. bjk


    There are a number of vets playing in Monterrey. Ferrer beat Kokk pretty convincingly, J Melzer beat Lorenzi and Granollers won. IN Stockton Opelka lost when it took 40 minutes to get a racket restrung and Escobedo won easily. Interesting match tomorrow between Ruud and Eubanks and all-British...
  23. bjk

    Is Querrey Finnish

    Querrey turns 31 next week which means that he is officially old. Over the years, Querrey hasn't really improved or added anything to his game, and his ranking didn't improve over his 2010 level until he reached the semis of Wimbledon last year. This year he hasn't shown the ability to beat any...
  24. bjk

    Race to Milan We know Zverev isn't going. It would be surprising if Rublev or Shapo went two years in a row. That leaves Tsitsipas, Fritz, Tiafoe, Deminaur, Humbert, Hurkacz, and Munar. Moroni is Italian and will be the WC. Felix, Opelka, Harris, Ruud...
  25. bjk

    Mmoh better tennis

    Mmoh wins his second challenger title in a row, over Granollers. He should get into AO main draw and top 100. Very big hitter and very high break rate (27%), second highest among the young Americans after the serveless Kozlov. Mmoh has much more upside than Fritz, Donaldson and even Tiafoe...
  26. bjk

    Kozlov is going backwards

    Like a lot of US tennis players, Kozlov appears to be going backwards. Although he's only 20 years old, this year he's had a long string of first and second round losses and his ranking is currently 253. In 2016 when he was 18, Kozlov finished off the year with one challenger win, one challenger...
  27. bjk

    A proposal for reducing server dominance

    The best servers tend to outperform their win percentage (return + hold %) because they get to more tiebreaks, and every tiebreak is worth at least 50% of a set (except for old man Karlovic, who is now losing more tiebreaks than he wins). So an Isner has a chance of beating a better player if...
  28. bjk

    Why is Bob Bryan tested so often

    Over the last 5+ years Bob Bryan was tested 45 times. His brother was tested 32 times, a big number but still quite a bit less than Bob. Clearly USADA thinks there is something going on with Bob. Querrey sometimes get tested just once a year and Sock has never been tested more than three times...
  29. bjk

    Karlovic thinks big men can't hit 1hbh But a better backhand, Karlovic thinks, more specifically, a two-handed backhand would have helped him break more often throughout his career. “The No. 1 thing that I always regret is not having a two-handed backhand...
  30. bjk

    Four game sets would help serve bots

    Let's say that Karlovic never breaks his opponents and the tiebreak is a coin flip. At 90% hold rate, Dr. Ivo would get to a TB in a four game set 72% of the time and win 36% of the time. In a normal set, he would get to a TB 53% of the time and win 26.5% of the time. So a 4-game set would be a...