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    Favorite Song

    Hey im looking for some songs to put on my ipod can everyone tell me there favorite couple songs? thanks. ill start with mine 1. We taking over - various artists 2. everyday im hustlin - rick ross 3. me and god- josh turner 4. Niel Diamond- Sweet Caroline
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    Tennis Hardest Sport?

    Tennis to me has to be one of the hardest sports not physically or mentally...just to make it big in the sport. In tennis theres not any diffirent positions or diffirent weight classes. My little brother 11 yo is a really good tennis player, me im a wrestler but there are 14 diffirent weight...
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    Clevland Tennis

    Nimjoxox or w/e? I live near Clevland Oh are you on there tennis team?
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    playing outside your game

    Im Usually serve and volley with some agressive baseline play but today I was wiped and tired from school and I was playing a set with this pusher and I basically pushed back we had like a consistent 25+ ball rally ever time it was kinda fun because the set was for no reason. Is it bad like this...
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    I played this kid it was his first time at a tennis club, he said he was a strong 4.5 so they told me to play him. I bageld him both sets he also called every serve out between 2-4 inches of the service line lol. Any1 play kids like that?
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    Ohio juniors

    Any Juniors from Ohio here?
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    Ball Machine: buying &

    ball machine any brand /w oscilator. Prince O3 racquet Blue
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    Diffrence between topspin serve and kick serve?

    What is the diffirence between the topspin serve and kick serve as far as how you hit them like from 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock stuff like that
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    More Passion

    This is my first post. I'm a freshman in highschool and i play tennis and wrestle i have always loved wrestling starting when i could walk. My dad puts enormus pressure on me to wrestle everyday even in the offseason. I just started liking tennis more, I'm kinda of bored on wrestling but my...