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    Can you guess players by their grunt?

    Some say Rublev is still guessing Djokovic to this day...
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    Ch.9 not showing Dimitrov v Tiafoe on ch.92

    For what it's worth, I'm watching dimi on 9now, but I agree it should be on tv. Never thought I'd miss Channel Seven's coverage, but Nine doesn't show Roger walking out to cheers and that annoys me more than it should.
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    Who has the best chest area? Serena, Garbine, Aga, or Simona?

    More like who had the best chest area. :(
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    Thank you Dominic Thiem

    lol no way thiem is beating rafa without a nadal injury
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    M.Cecchinato will beat Novak Djokovic at RG 2018

    As great as OP's prediction was, I feel more privileged to have witnessed that tiebreak. Unbelievable from both players.
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    M.Cecchinato will beat Novak Djokovic at RG 2018

    A set and a break down. This is crazy, I hadn't even heard of Cecchinato until this week but OPs out there predicting where lightning will strike a month in advance.
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    La Decima Documentary

    OPs link, had to set my vpn to murica though to get around the geoblocking
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    La Decima Documentary

    Worked for me just now
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    Wawrinka to hold press conference on Dec 1st

    He's not retiring - he said he can't wait to get back on court in a recent facebook post.
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    Yeah I deleted it after a few weeks cos I figured everybody who wanted it had it. I'll reupload...

    Yeah I deleted it after a few weeks cos I figured everybody who wanted it had it. I'll reupload it again for a few days tonight, it should be ready an hour after I post this :)
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    More epic Djokovic 7-0 streak vs Nadal?

    I don't wanna feed the troll but isn't it a bit hypocritical to bash Fed in a thread specifically about Nadal and Djokovic?
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    Who Wins Shanghai?

    Since Delpo could be hurt I would expect Fed to make the final, but it doesn't really matter because rafa looks scary good at the moment.
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    Tomic will play USO, former coach thinks his career might be "finished"

    He needs to make the last 16 just to stay in the top 100, which of course he's not going to do, so from here on out he'll be qualifying for slams until he gets his act together or retires.
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    Bigger disgrace to Aussie tennis: Kyrgios or Tomic?

    Tomic by far. At least Nick has put in some effort into a sport that he clearly doesn't love, taking down the big 3 at least once each in his short career so far. Tomic has somehow become rich enough to not care anymore without actually winning anything or beating anyone of significance. He's...
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    BREAKING: Novak Djokovic Announcement

    Looks like he'll come back around No. 13-14 for the AO looking at his current points. It should be interesting to see what kind of comeback he will make with the bar set so high by Fedr.
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    To Nadal fans. It's time you admit it

    Damn it OP you're making us all look bad. 1: He hasn't even won the tournament yet, you're going to look especially silly if Fed loses 2: The ************* and Nolefam either already understand that Fed is GOAT without taking away anything from their respective ATG or they will debate it until...
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    I'm so nervous! Please Roger win Wimbledon!

    It's different, this is a golden opportunity and even though he would've still been the favourite with djoker and rafa in, this Wimby is obviously now his to lose. We've seen 3 close calls in the last few years and we don't know how many chances he has left for the 8th.
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    I'm so nervous! Please Roger win Wimbledon!

    I hope so. If he's as nervous as I am he won't be able to play very well...
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    Nadal certain to become number 1

    Somebody get @clayqueen to show him around.
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    Are you getting bored of Konta and her Process?!

    When I read the thread title I thought "the process" was referring to her slow, deliberate and obnoxious ball bouncing technique, but it looks like we're rightfully venting about that anyway, because it's damn annoying, even more so than NoleBounce™ in my opinion.
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    Are any Federer fans worried about Raonic?

    Less concerned than I was last year. Roger looked in much better form against a sub-par Dimitrov than his previous matches this tournament, and he's also fully fit this time around. We all of course recall his recent dismantling of Zverev on grass, who had Raonic on the ropes yesterday and broke...
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    How much french open did you watch this year?

    You should've watched the women's final. Ostapenko blasting away Halep under a hailstorm of winners was the most entertaining tennis since the AO.
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    Annacone: Kyrgios is the most talented player since Roger Federer arrived

    Doubt it. Kyrgios' talent is obvious to everyone - he certainly didn't defeat the big four with hard work and a positive attitude no?
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    Federer wish list for 2017

    Just Wimbledon. He doesn't need any of his remaining masters, they won't matter when all is said and done. Maybe a WTF if we're being optimistic and top 5.
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    Link to HD version of AO final (English) Google is still processing the video, but you should be able to download it if you want it to save it offline. The video plays better in KMPlayer than vlc if that's relevant
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    Link to HD version of AO final (English)

    Will do, should be up before the end of the weekend :)