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  1. StringSnapper

    Anyone up for a hit in melbourne?

    I used to play league back in Perth and i'm rated as a "5" on the site... probably around 4-4.5 in 'murican standards? I'm located near the city - my ideal location/time is Melbourne park on sunday morning but i can be flexible
  2. StringSnapper

    Tips on beating this guy?

    My opponent is a better player than me, I just want to do as well as I can (maybe miraculously beat him too??). Big serve big forehand big 2hbh. He hits flat. Makes more mistakes on his bh I'm told. Probably similar as a player to @J011yroger j011 but I imagine his serve isnt as big/good, hes...
  3. StringSnapper

    Found the secret to improving at tennis as a rec player

    Play many many hours Whenever you play have only one or two things max in your mind that you're working on Be lean, build up specifically your leg muscles to avoid injury. Do dynamic stretches like leg swings to avoid injury. Dont go all out at the start, get your body warm first In the warm...
  4. StringSnapper

    Got a try out as a tennis coach for kids this weekend

    Any tips/ suggestions?
  5. StringSnapper

    Not another... StringSnapper serve thread

    Okay now i've settled on the Salzenstein trophy pose method, this session i was focusing on two things: Trying to get the elbow up before the hand Trying to "bow" my front hip out into the court and catapult myself up and into the ball more to prevent too much leaning to my right at contact and...
  6. StringSnapper

    what do you guys think of this? "hit forehands like kygrios"

    Interesting how he's talking about stuff like joint position, inverting that front hand etc. havent heard that before.
  7. StringSnapper

    Hows this serve looking?

    I tried the Salzy three quarter start for the serve, trying to keep palm down and elbow up... with a loose wrist. I was also trying to make contact at the highest possible spot (trying to stay more upright instead of leaning to the right). Observations: my racquet now appears to be "on edge"...
  8. StringSnapper

    What should I work on with my serve?

    Currently: Seemingly i've just got a proper ESR racquet drop for the first time, mostly I think from the Salzy from tennis evolution tip of a "good first move - keep palm down". BTW sometimes my racquet hand cramps when i serve now. Is there something im doing technically wrong to cause this...
  9. StringSnapper

    Hand cramping while serving

    Since i've been trying to incorporate proper ESR into my serves, my racquet holding hand has begun cramping. I think its usually more on off-center or frame hits, or late etc. But it cramps really bad from my ring finger down to my palm. Its hard to hit the next shot sometimes because i have no...
  10. StringSnapper

    Racquet drop quest continued...

    I've decided to break down the serve into progressions as outlined in this feeltennis video: 1st progression: starting the serve from the drop 2nd progression: starting from the trophy pose that Tomaz recommends 3rd progression: start normally, toss the ball, pause in trophy, catch the ball...
  11. StringSnapper

    Novak just showed us how to be the best tennis player: do 3 things only

    But do those 3 things amazingly well 1. Serve well (technique, placement) 2. Return serve well (abbreviated on the rise, placement) 3. Be consistent while hugging the baseline (be able to hit on the rise consistently and be fit enough to hit / chase 4 rally shots corner to corner per point...
  12. StringSnapper

    Getting racquet drop on the serve

    I've never had a good drop (or really any drop, for that matter.. maybe a 1 inch drop now LOL) but today i was serving pretty well. I put a permanent table tennis fixture up in the backyard and i've been playing a lot of that while ive had my groin injury. For those of you that dont know, the...
  13. StringSnapper

    Best prehab exercises for tennis?

    Squat challenge: Get in an ass to grass squat position for 30min a day (put a timer on your phone and take a break from work or something every hour or so and slowly accumulate 30min over the day). Shrimp squat: seems good for the whole leg. Balance, flexibility, strength. Diagonal stretch...
  14. StringSnapper

    Stringsnappers treat #2

    Thought some of you tennis purists might appreciate this somewhat novel view, Federer vs Tsitsipas hopman cup 2019. Unbelievable match, we were spoiled. Super aggressive tennis, no breaks on serve the whole match. Tsitsipas is the real deal - i think he will win grandslams. In fact, i wish...
  15. StringSnapper

    New forehand takeback

    Tried this out yesterday after watching Fed live and the results were great, felt like I couldn't miss a fh and more power than usual. I noticed during his takeback he kind of points the racquet face (strings) at the ball, or where he'll make contact at least. I tried holding this position for...
  16. StringSnapper

    Stringsnapper treat for TT.. Federer vs Ferrer 2019

    Yesterday they had an open training session at the hopman cup and i got a front row seat and video'd (court level). Ferrer (i thought he retired last year?!) was a gun right from the start, reminded me of Nadal or Thiem, no warm up required lol 100% instantly. Federer was a slow starter, i...
  17. StringSnapper

    Most basic stratergy

    So if we consider the most basic "all court game" stratergy: 1) serve well, usually wide 2) hit deep crosscourt until your opponent gives you a short/weak one 3) hit the short one up the line 4) volley, finish the point, or overheard, wherever to the opponent isn't Of course you could win the...
  18. StringSnapper

    New StringSnapper video

    This video actually makes the 1 year video anniversary for me (and also one year since i joined here). Rallying from 00:00 to 11:35 11:37-11:50 pirate boat spotted 11:50-16:34 point play including serves What do you think? In the 6 months from the last video i've worked on the forehand...
  19. StringSnapper

    Kygrios highlight reel 2018

    Anyone else seen this yet? He is a freak of nature...
  20. StringSnapper

    people complaining in tennis

    Kind of paradoxical, I'm complaining about complaining... but its ok since its a paradox. Inspired by this post by @Rafaboy its almost unbelievable. Read the AA poem ffs, control what you can, accept what you cant, and know the...
  21. StringSnapper

    Anyone seen this youtube channel 'AgStyle Tennis'?

    Check it out: WTF looks like crazy high level. Is this like the Chinese equivalent of d1 college tennis in America? How do you think they compare to d1 players?
  22. StringSnapper

    Forehand and leg drive

    I've seen Tomaz from feel tennis say this, that you should "push up" with your legs, on your topspin groundstrokes, when the ball rises up from the bounce. Is this a good idea? I get that it could generate some topspin. It seems to work well on my 1hbh. The forehand i'm not so sure about. I...
  23. StringSnapper

    How to best improve 'starting the point'?

    If I remember correctly, one of the coaches on here.. I think it was either @Ash_Smith or @tennis_balla said something like "If you want to be good at competitive tennis, get really good at starting the point" And this seems the be the problem I have. Against guys that are ranked higher than...
  24. StringSnapper

    How Racquet specs are influenced by surface

    On tuesday night i played with a beastly wawrinka style racquet on hardcourt: 375g, 360g sw, 6pt headlight and it was great. absolutely smashed the ball. Yesterday i played on grass with it, it was so sluggish (comparative to the fast skiddy grass conditions) i felt i never had an oppourtunity...
  25. StringSnapper

    Heavy Racquet improves technique?

    @Shroud my man with the "ATP level" forehand according to college coaches, known to wield Thors hammer. Today I tried a racquet (hitting on the wall) which I specc'd up to Wawrinka-like specs (376g, 360g sw) and man that thing was actually making lightning bolt crack sounds. What a beast. My...
  26. StringSnapper

    What makes a great baseliner? The ultimate list

    I'm trying to compile a list of things you need to do to be the best baseliner. I don't know it all - please comment what I miss! (you don't need a 2handed forehand BTW) What brought this idea on is that I played a guy today who is better than me, more experienced etc. Its like every element of...
  27. StringSnapper

    tenfitmen - anyone seen this guy?

    He's put some tips and advice videos on youtube. Seems like a legit really nice dude, also a great player! Check out his channel: He's got footage of him hitting with Djokovic last week, hanging in really well. He also has a match where...
  28. StringSnapper

    How is swing weight worked out?

    If a two racquets have the same head light balance and the same overall weight, but they're different brands, will they have the same swing weight? Alternatively, if two racquets of the same brand and model have the same swing weight and head light balance, is it guaranteed they will have the...
  29. StringSnapper

    heavy racquet = better slice?

    Is a heavier racquet better for the slice? does it aid in creating a more punishing low ball? Im talking the block slice that goes very low over the net. Is the overall heaviness more important, or the swing weight?
  30. StringSnapper

    1hbh with majority of weight on the back foot

    Anyone tried this shot out much? Was practicing it today. I can hit on the rise on my fh well now, i think because i hit off my back foot more. But on my 1hbh ive stuck to hitting off the front foot because thats just what everyone does. I have timing issues though, it seems to break down...