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  1. Polaris

    The Talk Tennis (Epic) GOAT dictionary

    A few weeks back, I listed several funny types of GOATs that posters have come up with. The list keeps growing all the time as people come up with ridiculous but often entertaining classifications. So, without naming names of the posters, I thought I'd put down the list in alphabetical order...
  2. Polaris

    Your favorite smartphone apps

    Guys, I feel like posting videos of puppies to diffuse the tension in the Galaxy versus Iphone thread, but let me propose something more interesting :). Let us list (a) your 10 indispensable apps, and (b) up to 10 often-used but probably dispensable apps, and (optionally) (c) up to 10 widgets on...
  3. Polaris

    Tips about traveling & sightseeing in Cambodia

    Hey all, I was wondering if any of you guys would have some tips about traveling in Cambodia. I'm going to be there for 10 days in July. Currently, the only sure thing is that we will be spending the first 2-3 days of our trip in Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) and the last day in Phnom-Penh. We would...
  4. Polaris

    Federer's 1000th match. Remarkable.

    Whatever the result, Federer versus del Potro will be Roger's 1000th match. A perspective on two of his under-appreciated streaks: # Matches = 999 # Mid-match retirements = 0 # Grand Slam Tournaments Played = 51 + 2 Qualies in 1999 # Consecutive Grand Slam Tournaments Played = 49 A reflection...
  5. Polaris

    Molik versus Vinci (Spoiler: AO 1st Round)

    How wonderful it is to watch Alicia Molik take the court again! Seriously, it feels nice just to watch Molik and Vinci playing a tight match of one-handed backhands. That game is turning out to be a cliff-hanger. 6-6 in the third.
  6. Polaris

    Best and Worst Tennis Writing

    Who, in your opinion, are the best and worst writers of tennis-related articles? (I'll start with mine, and edit the list as I think of more.) Don't restrict yourselves to people who write newspaper articles, and feel free to include writers of books as well. Like (in no particular order): 1...
  7. Polaris

    Federer video interview on BBC

    Just found a link to a video interview with Federer. Talking points: 1. Hamburg result (They actually discuss the phrase "monkey off your back".) :) 2. Splitting with Roche 3. French Open Click here for the interview. Apologies if this has already been posted.
  8. Polaris

    Experiences with the Head Graphite Edge

    I purchased a Head Graphite Edge (henceforth HGE) for $6.45 on the big auction site, just for an experiment. I figured that even if the grommets were about to crack, it would be worth the price if I could get a few hours on the court with it. Here are the specs to the extent that I know them...
  9. Polaris

    What is the policy on multiple simultaneously active user IDs?

    I couldn't locate this in the FAQ, and my searches provided insufficient information (notably, legitimate suspicions expressed in the past by Rabbit and Moose Malloy), so I figured it was best to just ask the question here: There are, as most of you know, people on this board who use multiple...
  10. Polaris

    Nice Interview with Andy Murray (by Peter Bodo) That is a fine interview. Murray comes across as frank, articulate, and interesting. I'm going to be following him a little more closely from now on.
  11. Polaris

    Calling Experts: Stringing Specs of Snauwert Graphite Composite

    Hi all, Just for fun, I bought a Snauwaert Graphite Composite off the big auction site ($24). It is a wood/graphite/fiberglass composite and I think it may also have been manufactured under the Spalding brand. I doubt that it is anything special, but it looks beautiful, with a wide open throat...
  12. Polaris

    My impressions from demoing Redondo 98, POGOS, Pro 7g, C10 Pro

    In the spirit of Kaptain Karl's wonderful thread on demoing rackets, I thought I would provide my views of the four racquets I got from TW yesterday. The 4 racquets are: 1. PK Type C Redondo MP with Luxilon Big Banger ALU @ 63 lbs 2. POG OS with Wilson NXT 16 @ 64 lbs 3. Volk C10 Pro with...
  13. Polaris

    Help me make a decision: POG Oversize vs. PK Type C Redondo Midplus

    I have a question for the racquet experts. I've done a lot of searching in this forum but could not find a good comparison between the POG Oversize and the ProKennex Type C Redondo. I wonder if you guys (anirut, thejuice, grimjack, BP, NBM?) could help me out. I am a right hander with a...
  14. Polaris

    Michael Stich article about taking on Federer

    Michael Stich has written a nice, readable article about a possible gameplan to trouble Federer at Wimbledon. An excerpt: "You cannot wait for the perfect approach shot to come against him, you have to move in to the net and make a chance for yourself. You have to take the risk of being passed...
  15. Polaris

    AO Mixed Doubles Final **SPOILER**

    Post deleted. I will re-post this in the Match Results forum. Apologies.
  16. Polaris

    Wonderful article by Rohit Brijnath, after the MC final Roger Federer, an exceptional athlete defying descriptions By: Rohit Brijnath. An excerpt: "But it is good Federer lost, for having inhaled his eloquence with the racket all year, we have been allowed to exhale. To...
  17. Polaris

    Fed Cup Russia vs. France (SPOILER)

    Fed Cup Final Result, Russia vs. France (SPOILER) Dementieva leads Russia to victory after playing three 3-setters in two days. Great accomplishment, given that the players had to switch from the US Open hard courts to the red clay of Roland Garros. And a fairytale comback story for her, being...
  18. Polaris

    Sharapova's footwork on cover of Tennis magazine

    As a lot of you know, the cover of this month's Tennis magazine has Sharapova hitting a low backhand shot. Are her legs in the right position? What bothers me is that she is leading with her left leg, instead of the right leg. I tried to mimic the pose and found it extremely uncomfortable. Am I...
  19. Polaris

    A mathematical equation to predict results of tennis matches.

    This is weird, but some of you might find it interesting. Swinburne University mathematicians have come up with a formula for predicting the winners of matches and tournaments. The article says that it has been used by some bookmakers. Here's the link...
  20. Polaris

    Article: Roland Garros - Graveyard of Heroes

    A nice article by Rohit Brijnath.
  21. Polaris

    A good article about Federer's (relative) anonymity Title: Why is this man not a household name? : RF soars under the radar. By: David Marchese Fodder for federer fans. Can't agree with all of his points, but its a nice read.