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    Suggestion for the Shot Clock...

    To take the power and subjectivity out of the umpire's chair, I suggest the following to give the players the control of the match tempo in regards to the Shot Clock. Once a point ends, whichever player steps into position (server or receiver) the clock starts for the other player to get ready...
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    How long back to the courts after getting meniscus clipped?

    I just has my medial meniscus scoped and clipped, I tore it about 4 years ago, did some rehab and it was doing pretty well. But the past 6 months it started locking up and causing more pain and even times I couldn't really play. So I got scoped last Thursday. Honestly I'm feeling pretty good...
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    Looking for Topspin Pro Replacement parts?

    I have a topspin pro and need to replace some of the rubber bushings that hold the ball in place. Went to their site and for the life of me can find any contact info. Anyone have any luck contacting them outside of purchasing the topspin pro? Or has anyone had to replace parts to it?
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    Why don't they play 8 game sets?

    After watching the women's Wimbledon final, I felt empty wanting more. The winner played great and the loser was a little subpar, but it was still decent tennis. Yet it felt it was over in about 20 minutes. Limited chances for redemption in 2 out of 3 sets with 6 set games. Many have said...
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    Hiearchy of focus???

    When hitting I feel in a session I might figure something out that isn't working and fix it. For example, if my groundies are landing short, I might focus on driving my elbow and follow through completey. Then for the next session that fix doesn't seem to work as well as something else has...
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    Grommett gets pulled out when I pull tension.

    I'm finishing the mains on a Aeropro Drive GT. As I pull tension on the 8th main, the grommet gets tugged to the side and disappears into the frame and the outside of the grommet base pops out. I'm afraid if I tied down and then release it will be stuck and would be hard to manipulate with an...
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    USTA Team Time Limit Rules?

    Anybody know of a link to the time limit rules for USTA team matches. For the life of me I can't find it on their site or the ******* Region Site. My current understanding is at 15 minutes to the hour if one team is up by 2 games the set is over and you move on to a 10 point tie break in lieu...
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    When to move kids from a child to adult racquet?

    Daughters are moving up to real tennis balls (yellow ball) from green ball this fall. They are age 10. Currently have 25" racquets. When we hit with yellow balls they seem OK at the moment. Should we bump up to 26" or even an adult racquet?
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    Benefit of a Drop Weight with ratchet?

    I've been stringing with a Klippermate for years. Overall it is fine for my needs and string jobs are great. Past few years I've been having string slip through the tension clamps/grip resulting in the drop weight crashing down (string starts to slip or with polys it gets squished so it slides...
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    How to change back my forehand grip??

    When I first started playing tennis I'm pretty sure I had a semi-western grip. As the years have gone by coupled with some bad habits, it has slid over to a western. I'm hoping to get back to a semi-western for the following reasons: 1.) Flatten out the ball more on offensive shots...
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    Heading to Hilton Head this summer

    Taking the family to Hilton Head. Wife, 2 kids 9 years old and I hope to get some tennis instruction. I've been to Van Der Meer as a kid and it was pretty good. We'll be closer to Sea Pines Racquet Club (I think this is the club supervised by Stan Smith and Stearns). Any recommendations one...
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    USTA League--is stacking allowed?

    I always thought when playing USTA league tennis that the #1 teams should be the stronger team than #2 and #3 for both singles and doubles. Hence the best home doubles team should play against the best away doubles team. Which would be the #1 slots. OR since the USTA Leauge is at a...
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    Switch from a Six-one to a head heavier racquet?

    Most of my buddies play with racquets in the 11oz range with head heavier balances. Some K-surges and lots of Babolats. For years I've been playing with Wilson 95 Six-ones (n Codes, then Blix and latest model, didn't like the K-factor). Am I missing something by playing with a heavier...
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    Frequency of Drop Weight Strining Machine Slipping

    I have a Klippermate Drop Weight machine. For years, I'd have slippage in the tension jaws/clamps maybe once every 10 stringings or so. I'd clean our the tension jaws/clamps with isopropyl alcohol and they'd be fine for a while. But now, it doesn't seem to last as long. Sometimes I can get...
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    N Blade Bumper Guard/Grommets??

    Any ideas how to find or replace N Blade Bumper Guard/Grommets? Really need a new bumper guard.
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    What's the deal with US Open Attendance?

    Just watched Kerber vs. Wozniacki. A semi-final. The upper stands were empty and near the end of the match I saw more blue seats then people watching the game. Once it was over there was almost no one for the winner to shoot balls too. That's got to suck to have a terrific match and to have...
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    Can racquet/string types be used to change ones stroke?

    Has anyone used a particular type of racquet or string job to help change one's mechanics? I've noticed if I play with a low powered string set up, it makes me drive more and swing more aggressively. So would there be a benefit to use a really low powered set up to help me hit out more...
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    How do you define a weak era?

    Seems that whenever there is a controversy as to how great a player is there will be a counter argument that it occurred in a weak era. This has been used against Federer and Djokovic. I haven't heard it used too much against Nadal. Some even bring it out when talking about Sampras's reign...
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    Adjusting stringing tension when changing string sizes?

    I typically string with Kirschbaum Proline II 17G between 55-57 pounds. I've never had a problem with them breaking and just need to pay attention to when they go dead to restring. So I figured I can use a thinner string and bought a reel of 18G Proline II. I strung it up at 55 pounds. I...
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    Racquet Chips and fraying Bumper Guards

    What's the best way to prevent or fix racquet chips and bumper guards from getting chewed up? I think on low balls, I'll aggressively slice backhand sometimes hitting the edge of the racquet on the court. Once in a while I'll get a chip, but what bugs me the most is how fast I go through...