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    So long and thanks for all the memories!

    Where is Tipsarevic?
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    Well this is why Djoker Nole is not as loved

    In match against Thiem, Novak screamed famous Serbian curse "Idi u k*ra*". That literally mean "Go to d**k".
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    A rather depressing scenario could be on the cards for Federer

    Fed will beat Berry and Nole and qualify. What's the problem?
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    Last 3 matches of Z at WTF, defeated Federer, Defeated Djok, Defeated Nadal. All straight sets. Is he real GOAT?

    Zvever is becoming very serious threat and dangerous opponent to the Big 3. I'd say he's having too much lethality at the moment.
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    Typical Nadal

    Moral winner, no?
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    Why does Fed and Djoker seems to don't really love extra cars?

    Novak is cyclist. There are numerous video online.
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    Who Will Own The Slams When The Big 3 Are No Longer Dominating?

    Tennis will not be elite sport when The Big 3 is gone. Really don't care. They certainly couldn't be dethroned in their best years by new generations. Now when they are old, who cares. There's big difference in quality.
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    WTA Finals: 64 million dollars prize money???

    Idi*ts. Only care about millions of dollars. This is not sport anymore. It's cr*p in its purest form.
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    Fed leads with 6 tour titles for 2019

    Age is temporary, class is permanent.
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    Best Federian tennis since Wimbledon

    Hope Fed plays as long as he wins even if that happens in his mid 40s.
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    To Federer Fans , you guys Thank you for novak Djokovic?

    Djokovic was very good player. He had his chances. Let's see 2020. Will be an interesting year.
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    6 finals in row for Medvedev.

    Medvedev is just using vacuum on the tour created by Fed's being 40, Novak being injured and Nadal getting married plus being injured.
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    New BIG 4 Confirmed ?

    This had to happen one day. It's life. Let's see them at AO though. It's high time one of them wins a GS. Otherwise, it will be really funny.
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    Potential new Nadal record

    2020 is not a new decade. It's 2021.
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    Is 40-15 the reason for hate against Djokovic in ttw?

    He has better H2H including H2H at slams and soon will dominate in all the categorises including weeks spent at the no.1. Clearly the better player.
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    Subdued Nadal

    Once he meets Novak in the finals he will see how it feels for a rag doll to be thrown side by side on a tennis court.
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    Is Djokovic Chasing Federer’s Slam Record? You Betcha!

    While we all discuss Djokovic vs Federer GOAT battle, Rafael Nadal will come from shadows he's currently in and become GOAT.
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    20yo Djokovic third best in 2000-08?

    2008 was great tennis year.
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    Do you want Djoker Fed rematch?

    What if Djoko wins again after facing two match points? Would Federer retire or what?
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    Big 3 Draws Discussion

    I think if Novak is in the zone and plays well like he knows, no one can stop him.
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    Janko Tipsarevic retires

    I remember when he was 16 year old boy, soon after he won AO for juniors. Time flies. Except for Fedr. He sold his soul to some mystical forces, whatever...
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    Incredible August of Medv

    Tennis needs more players like him.
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    We need more of this

    In football you get yellow and red cards if you say something nasty to referee. Then you're out and can't play next matches. The same happened to Cristiano Ronaldo why it can be applied to stupid Nick? Well, perhaps because no one watched tennis. Stadiums are empty in Cincinnati. So tennis...
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    Your thoughts on Kecmanovic?

    He just beat Zverev and FAA back to back at Cincinnati. He definitely can go high in his career at one point.
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    The Importance of Rogers Cup 2019 is not just Another Small Trophy for Nadal

    He only won there due to the absence of Federer and Djokovic, let's not fool ourselves.
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    Nadal gets a bye to finals

    Why, oh why one player has to play 2 matches in a day??? Totally not fair. Shame on the organizers. They need to extend the stupid tournament to make it regular. Otherwise, they need to be investigated for match fixing.
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    Why do people constantly say Sampras had the best serve when Ivanesivic held all the records?

    I've no idea what records were made by Goran. Can you substantiate your claims with evidence please? Thanks.
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    Dont ever compare Wawrinka to Murray... EVER

    Wawrinka is the biggest overachiever in the history of the sport. Ridiculous.
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    Tsitsipas: Olympic Gold medal over a Grand Slam

    The significance of the Olympic Gold Medal depends on two things: sport and country. If the sport is popular in that country, the significance will be greater. If it is not popular, no one will really care. Let's take US basketball team. NBA title is very important, sport is very popular and...