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    So long and thanks for all the memories!

    Matkowski is a big doubles player.
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    Why the Next Gen Suffer Against Rafa but not with Roger and Nole?

    I agree Fed now can have an off day and help give a match away. Rafa fights every minute and every inch of most matches. If Fed is off it gets, ugly if Rafa is off he keeps his head down and keeps driving the ball--but in, you have a chance but you also have a chance to beat yourself...
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    So long and thanks for all the memories!

    How many of these guys stuck it out a couple of extra years either trying to pull a Fed or hoping the big 3 would take a step back and they could snag a lucky slam? If the big 3 didn't have such continued success do you think they would have retired earlier? Does the latest 2 generations...
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    What changes, if any, would you make to the ATP Finals (WTF/YEC)?

    I'd say if there is a dead match---let the loser play one of the alternates for points. What was the point of Berrentin/Thiem? Make it Berrentini/Monfils and the winner gets the points for the lower slow.
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    Man, that one was a W for the ages!

    Amazing that after the first two rounds of being way off, he can turn it around to such a high level. Fun to watch. Hopefully he can keep it going for the rest of the tourney.
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    Sebov tells her side - handshake drama

    Even if her Mom was coaching, it doesn't give the opponent the right to attack the other player or anyone. Even if the Mom was coaching, you don't attack the player you talk to the ref and file a complaint. Don't make tennis a farce.
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    Hawk-Eye Live needs to be on all courts for all WTA and ATP events going forward

    They have it. Sometimes it doesn't pick it up and if the umpire isn't certain he won't overrule it. This would be one of the problems of perceived problems of fully automated line calling. If it is really close, there would be no challenge and you just have to accept the outcome.
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    Hawk-Eye Live needs to be on all courts for all WTA and ATP events going forward

    Is there any data comparing hawk-eye to line judges? If line judges are significantly more accurate, that would mine only reason for keeping them. People complain that Hawkeye has made mistakes, fine, but how much more than people? And is there any trend that would favor a certain type of...
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    'Problem' with Stan

    I'd also say his baseline positioning. He can destroy the ball from 10' behind the line, but sometimes he seems to hover there to long, when he should be moving forward..
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    Wilson Pro Overgrip Black version

    I tried the black pro over grip and it just lacks the tack of the white.
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    Grass court tournaments above 250?

    For ultimate pure tennis-- rearranging the schedule to create a dedicated off season then equally spread out the slams and insert appropriate masters before each slams sounds great. But I don't think it will happen anytime soon. I think by tradition, summer time available and corporate...
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    How long back to the courts after getting meniscus clipped?

    I'm doing great and have hit a couple times without pain, maybe a little soreness. If I could predict that both of your tears were minor and went as well as mine, I'd suggest doing them both at once. But it might be hard to predict, and having one good leg is nice for getting aroudn for the...
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    How long back to the courts after getting meniscus clipped?

    Yeah, not much at all. He felt the cartilage on my knees was pretty smooth with little signs of osteoarthritis. Nice to have no more clicking or locking up.
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    Laver Cup Ridiculous Line-Ups

    Went last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sock was clutch for the double points But it has gotten even more lopsided. The fact you have Foginini, Raonic and Fritz is not good for the event nor the future of tennis. Isner's stats make sense for being picked, but he is not an entertainer. I...
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    How long back to the courts after getting meniscus clipped?

    Knee not cracking at all. Smooth as butter.
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    WTF should not be worth any ATP points.

    It certainly keeps the top guys elevated since only 8 guys can get the points. Kept Zverev's rank up for most of the year and he didn't do too much outside of last year.
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    Can Federer win 21st GS at AU2020 to increase the gap between him and Nadal?

    Most pros would be happy to have made it to a Slam Final, Slam Semifinal (in a slam that hadn't been to in a while) and to the quarters of another slam. Was this his best year? No, but it shows he still remains a contender. Would I currently put him as the front runner for AO? No. Healthy...
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    Anyone else feel like Nadal's poor record at the ATP Tour Finals has made the tournament less significance?

    Agree with others and Rafa's participation hasn't had a major effect on its importance. It's hit by its venue, format and being the end of a season that felt done 2 months beforehand. Conceptually, it seems like a great idea--best players play each other in round robin so you are guaranteed...
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    A look back on the 2010 Slam decade

    It took 10 years to catch up. That's a career for a lot of guys in tennis.
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    Suggestion for the Shot Clock...

    Lets see the list of problems. I'm willing to learn and modify.
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    Suggestion for the Shot Clock...

    My point is to give the players some flexibility. Doesn't have to be 15 seconds, that could be field tested. Again, it is after one of the players steps up to the plate. If they have a gasser of a point, both guys can go towel off and get a sponge bath. But on the other hand, if one guy is...
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    Suggestion for the Shot Clock...

    Yes, that is partly the idea. Many have complained why some of the bigger guns get away with long breaks. Let the other player have some control in the situation. I suggest 15 seconds, but 20 might be more reasonable.
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    Suggestion for the Shot Clock...

    To take the power and subjectivity out of the umpire's chair, I suggest the following to give the players the control of the match tempo in regards to the Shot Clock. Once a point ends, whichever player steps into position (server or receiver) the clock starts for the other player to get ready...
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    Do you believe it was all an accident ?

    Those tickets ain't worth $50K anymore.
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    How long back to the courts after getting meniscus clipped?

    Strange, I have absolutely no pain and I'm just a week out. Have done some PT and even some light workouts--sled drags, lunges, step ups and really no pain or dysfunction. Haven't done anything really explosive yet. Knee no longer cracks or pops when walking stairs.
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    Why is it that most pros with eastern forehand grips use a Wilson Pro Staff

    I would say the classic aspects of the ProStaff family fit those who have an Eastern Grip Better. --more weight --more handle heavy/headlight --tighter string patterns for more control.
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    What do you hate most about the US Open coverage?

    I hate the split screen. Stay with one screen or only do split screen for a quick transition.
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    Roger is the easy favorite for the title right now

    I want Fed to win. But looking at the current draw, if he has a slow start against Stan or Medvedev he'll be in trouble. Not sure how Diego or Monfils would slow Nadal down to the final. So if Federer continues to gain speed and make it to the final, I still see Nadal with the edge...
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    Would you call it "quitting" or "withdrawing"?

    I think a lot of people don't understand the psychosomatic component of pain. When we are feeling mentally well, winning or doing what we are supposed to, the brain turns down pain signalling and despite any physical damage pain is much more bearable. As we fatigue as our mind sees us losing...
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    Would you call it "quitting" or "withdrawing"?

    I think it was a little bit of both. Writing was on the wall, he was going to lose, why risk playing more and injure hiss shoulder. If he played on and strained his shoulder more, he might be out longer than needed. Or he'd have to withdraw from the next match and hear people complain he...