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  1. equinox

    Can Hewitt Make it Back into the Top 20?

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  2. equinox

    Federers last two handshakes with nole

    He really should consider hanging up the racquets. But he'll try hang on until next Olympics. Imho time for him to look after the twins and be a real dad now.
  3. equinox

    Roger i have no sympathy for Troicki
  4. equinox

    Quake in Japan!

    Worlds problem now.
  5. equinox

    Quake in Japan!

    World Renowned Scientist David Sukuzi says Japan is going bye bye and West Coast of America will likely need evacuation with the next 7+ earthquake which will destroy the already weakened nuclear structure...
  6. equinox

    The What's wrong with Grigor Dimitrov? Thread

    Thinking with the wrong body parts.
  7. equinox

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Prometheus. I didn't find characters compelling and the story left out far too much information. Seriously the co-pilots suicide themselves when there was no reason to do so.. 5/10 if only for special effects.
  8. equinox

    ***Gamers Lounge***

    Paid $20 for FC3. Short and sweet storyline. 7.5/10. Would i buy or play it again, probably not. Save your money. Console owners are considered the hardcore gamers. Mobile/tablet devices are now casual gamers. PC gamers are dinosaurs. Cost of midrange/high end gpu hardware has spiralled as...
  9. equinox

    ***Gamers Lounge***

    Planetside 2 FPS, Dota 2 Moba.
  10. equinox

    Camila Giorgi and Israel
  11. equinox

    Ugliest Serve on the ATP

    Pancake server mayer.
  12. equinox

    5.0 Male Player vs Date Krumm

    Tony would win against date. 6-1 6-1 or better. He's legit 6.0.
  13. equinox

    Server calls own serve out?

    Yes. Though if this was done repeatedly and deliberately, player would likely get cited for unsportsmanlike behaviour. Server should always expect any ball to be good, until a opposition call is made. So that lady cheated and should be vigorously reminded of the rules.
  14. equinox

    John Isner & USO'13: America's Last Great Chance For A Slam

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  15. equinox

    Stosur separates from her coach

    When's she coming out. That'll be the real "news".
  16. equinox

    if you were forced to get a tattoo which of these two would you get

    I'd never get any "forced" tattoo. Tattoos should be something of extreme significance to the wearer and be something they'd proud to wear into old age. While being conscious of the likely ramifications from peoples preconceptions in business workplaces. Take marker, write something silly or...
  17. equinox

    can atp pros place bets on themselves?

    Nor coaches or event staff. Family/friends can't bet either without raising suspicions and possible investigations, leading to player sanctions. In some jurisdictions, criminal penalties could apply.. Enshrined in legal framework, as condition of betting licenses, the governing sporting...
  18. equinox

    Permanent use of Hawkeye

    Until Tennis governing bodies can roll out a portable and reasonably accurate/reliable line calling system on the cheap at highest junior and futures levels. Umpires/linepeople are still going to have a volunteer "job" don't be in such a rush, they do a remarkable effort considering the...
  19. equinox

    Based on this video: Division I material?

    Ranking 570 ca. Taking a closer look at records, appears you were a reasonable if not outstanding regional junior player in 14/16's. And your peers have now caught up and...
  20. equinox

    Based on this video: Division I material?

    Agreed. OP, is obviously a decent enough player 5.0+ from the short video. Doesn't tell us much about his match play in a competitive environment. Quick guess you'd get offered a mid tier D2 placement playing singles. If have college contacts could pull strings, if lucky maybe even score...
  21. equinox

    What's my rating? (Video of practice session)

    Not 5.0, 4.5. High 3.5, Edging on 4.0. Since you'd not improve much playing against 3.5 players. I'd play you at 4.0 pos#2/3. Decent standard for four years of playing. Keep it up.
  22. equinox

    How Clean Is the Sport of Tennis?

    Not clean. Drugs been around since 70-80's. Only since 90's did it get up to speed with the science. 00's accelerated, i'd be very surprised if any major player didn't have treatment at some stage of there career to boost there performances or recovery time. Experimental stuff that's being...
  23. equinox

    The Serena worship is sickening

    Given a life time of attempts serena williams might eventually pass through a futures qualifying and with lucky loser drawn might even score a round win. Being realistic she has no chance against top 1500.
  24. equinox

    It's Amazing to me how people don't know proper "tennis ettiquette"

    And don't complain about 3.5/4.0 straying. Find a 5.0 next court, offer them $20-40 to hit where you want.
  25. equinox

    Roger Federer 2nd highest paid athlete in the world

    When federer is near death, his managers and wife will cryo freeze him. $2 million a year for LIFE.
  26. equinox

    UGA's Singh leaves team effectively immediately...

    Many says otherwise.
  27. equinox

    Calling a let on neighboring tennis court in USTA match.

    Tommy Haas. If only someone had spoken up for him, his career would have headed into another direction. Though you can't call a let and force them to stop the point, if a rolling or stray ball has potential to cause harm, better to take the safety first approach and make the players aware of...
  28. equinox

    Rude to Return Out Service Ball to Server Especially When It's Obviously a Fault?

    Fine, by time your mind has clicked serve is definitely going out, you're already started your receiving motion. Better to swing than get stupidly aced by a fast dropping kick serve. I'd only consider returning outs gamesmanship if they were aimed at the doubles partners head.
  29. equinox

    5.0 Male Player vs Date Krumm

    Let's break it down further. Completely silly since ntrp means nothing at pro levels. Rough guide. 7.0 Top <200, Lower ATP events, Challengers, Slams Qualifying. 6.5 Top 400-800, Challengers Q, Futures Maindraws, Top D1 6.0 Top 1000-1500, Futures Qualifying, Average D1, Top ITF junior 5.5...