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    Semi western backhand grip on the ATP tour?

    Is Gasquet still using this grip? How come I don't see many others if any at all now? Surely a more solid topspin shot can be hit from this grip?
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    'Problem' with Stan

    Stan is a bit odd in that you have big 3 then Murray which is actually pretty close to the big 3 but not really there. Then you have Stan a fair way away from Murray. Then after Stan you've got a large group of guys who are good contenders but never really made it to the big time. So Stan...
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    Cocking the wrist at the unit turn position for the forehand?

    Some players do it. Not many though. Prominent ones are Nadal and Wawrinka. Why do they do it? What do they get from it? By cocking I mean slanting the racquet inwards towards them at the unit turn position. Stan does this big time on the backhand side as well. At 0:03 here
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    "snappiest" forehand on tour?

    Who has the "snappiest" forehand on tour? By snappiest I mean most amount of visible wrist snap.
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    The "trick" to low biting slices

    I notice some of the older experienced players can consistently hit low biting backhand slices. What is the trick to doing it consistently??
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    What is exactly going on between trophy position and contact of the ball in the Roddick serve?

    In a normal serve like Sampras' it's racquet drop then hit the ball. But for Roddick he's (famous) trophy position is much lower and earlier. His motion just after that position is so much quicker as well than the usual racquet drop of a normal serve.
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    A Sampras serve action but pin point stance?

    Any pros serve like that? Now or in the past?
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    Who has a more compact forehand: Djokovic or Wawrinka?

    Many people say Wawrinka's forehand is long or not compact. But it seems more compact than Djokovic's forehand. But people never associate Djokovic's forehand as non compact. If anything many people say its very compact. What do you think?
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    Forehand finish?

    Many say it dosen't matter where you finish but still different players finish at different positions. What determines where you should finish your forehand? eg Djokovic finishes up high. Federer a bit lower. Wawrinka even lower. I know it will depend on the stroke but in general out of 100...
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    Why doesn't Wawrinka learn to return properly?

    Instead of chipping back the return for the first serve why doesn't Wawrinka learn to return properly like how everyone else on the ATP tour does? Also he stands a long way back to return the second serve. Wouldn't it be easier if he stands closer and return it on the rise?
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    If Isner had Wawrinka's ground strokes?

    Would he be GOAT?
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    Follow through in the flat serve?

    Many big servers have almost zero follow through in their first serves. Thiem though has full follow through on the flat serve. Why is this? I can understand why the second serve do no require much follow through. But with the first serve why almost zero follow through? By follow through I mean...
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    Big servers with shallow racquet drops??

    Are there any? Also any ATP players with a shallow racquet drop? I haven't seen any based on my wide search.
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    Who had the best chip return of serve male or female?

    Who hits the chip return the best?
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    Could Medvedev be the GOAT?

    He is clearly the best in his generation and with the big 3 in the twilight years Medvedev might just win more grand slams than anyone else in the history of the sport.
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    Who has the better service technique: Borg or Wawrinka?

    They seem to have similar service techniques. Both have pin point stances and relatively low jump. Who has the better service technique?
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    Who has/had the best slice serve ever?

    Video would be good if you can find them.
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    Is the 'elbow drop' the most important determining factor in how fast a player can serve?

    By elbow drop I mean in here at 0:09 you can see Stan dropping his elbows down a lot to 'horizontal'.
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    How good was the Philippoussis serve?

    I was too young at the time but when Philippoussis was at his prime how effective was his serve? Is it among the great serves of all time though?
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    Who has the better service technique Thiem or Del Potro?

    Let’s disregard their heights and just look at service technique. Have a vote. Their serves look similar at first but quite different. Interested in an analysis. Fittingly they had an excellent match in the US open a couple of years ago.
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    Who has the better serve technique: Wawrinka or Del Potro?

    Let's take take into account their height difference at the start in this analysis. Del Potro has an obvious advantage here but my question is just on their serve technique. Both big servers but not great servers. Both have the platform stance, similar swing to trophy position and minimal...
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    Cut short the follow through?

    We are told to hold the racquet loosely and not be too tense through the groundstrokes etc but is it a good idea to stop short the follow through after contact somewhat? The reason am thinking is mainly to make sure the majority of the motion of the swing is forwards. With the follow through...
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    Nadal's forehand and Gasquet's backhand.....

    Both great shots and from looking at their matches I can't help but draw similarities between them in terms of style. For one they are both really top spinny. They look alike despite one being forehand and the other a backhand. If only Gasquet had a smaller back swing then they would look even...
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    Whose ground strokes combo is more effective: Wawrinka or Del Potro?

    Groundstrokes combo as in both forehand and backhand. Del Potro has a killer forehand but relatively much weaker backhand. While Stan's forehand and backhand are on par both being very good. If you had only one choice whose ground strokes combo would you choose to win more matches on tour?
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    The Del Potro serve

    Much is talked about his forehand but what about his serve? Seems good. Is that his second best shot? What are the pros and cons of his serve? Also there seems some similarities with Wawrinka’s serve.
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    Chip Blocking first serve returns on tour?

    Wawrinka mostly does that especially on the forehand side. Who else mostly block their returns on tour. Also how in the world do they get away with it?
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    Most similar ball forehand and backhand on the ATP tour?

    Which player hits the most similar balls on the forehand and backhand sides? Wawrinka comes to mind. Any other players?
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    Who is more talented in tennis Thiem or Wawrinka?

    Both similar type players. Who is a bigger talent?
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    Similarities between Tyson and Wawrinka??

    Are there similarities between Mike Tyson the boxer and Wawrinka the tennis player in their primes in terms of style in their respective sports??