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  1. Jonnyf

    Meaghan Is a fantastic seller

    Thanks so much for the racket, It was sent very quickly and packaged very well. Thanks mate!
  2. Jonnyf


    A friend of mine just got terms/sponsorship with GUNNVS, I heard that they are taking applications for terms/sponsorship, has anyone heard anything about them? Some of the designs look pretty awesome....
  3. Jonnyf

    Anybody in Aberdeen (UK)

    Hi, Just moved here from Glasgow for Uni and was wondering if there was anyone here from Aberdeen that fancies a hit?! Cheers, Jonny
  4. Jonnyf

    Fitness Experts: A Favour!

    Dear Forum Members ;-) I was wondering if someone/Anyone with any sort of experience could help me out and create a sort of excercise regime for me! I'd be extremely greatful! In Mid-February I'm going on a football team tour to Rotterdam to train at Feyenoord,play some local teams all that...
  5. Jonnyf

    Happy Birthday CanadianChic!!

    Happy Birthday!!! I notice no age posted though :-P Drink on me (Somehow, I always seem to be saying that:shock:) PS: I'll leave the singing to ILC :-)
  6. Jonnyf

    Anybody want the Federer Cardigan?

    Hey guys/girls, Does anyone want the Federer cardigan? I can get one for the nominal fee of $650.:shock: Seriously...I've seen them on sale :-|
  7. Jonnyf

    Nickb great seller.

    Bought some string from Nick.....transaction was very smooth. Thanks
  8. Jonnyf

    Tecnifibre Experts- Help Identifying

    Hello, I recently purchased a "pro" version 320, the description explained that it had a slightly modified 18*20 pattern to the usual 320. However, after I opened this it became apparent that this wasn't a normal 320. You see, I've reasoned that this is either a 325 pj or a "mixture" of 320 and...
  9. Jonnyf

    Hingis Exploits Loop-Hole!

    Hingis will play in Liverpool because of a loop-hole in her ban. from bbc news Former world number one Martina Hingis is to play at the Liverpool International tennis tournament at Calderstones Park in June. The Swiss star, 27, retired from tennis in 2007 after testing positive for cocaine...
  10. Jonnyf

    New Deadly form of MRSA

    Anyone else see this, obviously MRSA was going to evolve but it's quite freaky to think that now it's becoming immune to 6 of the major antibiotics and although vancomycin seems to work in treating it, Doctors say it's pretty close to acquiring resistance to it. Ohh and since "Gay" is mention...
  11. Jonnyf

    Gulbis Racket?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any info on what racket Ernest Gulbis use's? and what string? It appears to have indents at the throat (the same as Wawrinka's) And I know his racket has nothing do with it but this guy has some SERIOUS game, I remember him destroying Henman at the French and...
  12. Jonnyf

    nickb-great seller again!

    Bought some more stuff from Nickb and everytime he ships items promptly. Thanks man! JF
  13. Jonnyf

    SRD Tour 90 Experts, A question.

    Hello, anybody with basically any knowledge of the SRD Tour 90, See I've had an srd tour 90 for a few years that I take out to have a hit with every-so-often. Anyway, another one popped up on the UK Eb*y recently and I nabbed it for £10 (without pics/decent description) but it arrived today and...
  14. Jonnyf

    Hingis Handed 2 Year Ban!

    Martina Hingis has been handed a two-year-ban after being found guilty for a doping offence. The ITF has anounced. The 27-year-old Swiss star was found to have tested positive for a metabolite of cocaine while competing at Wimbledon last year. Although Hingis challenged the findings,the ITF has...
  15. Jonnyf

    Tursunov's Kit in Doha

    Anyone else quite like this, It's a sort of Modern Borg top and headband, I actually really like this and hopefully We'll be able to get it. Anyone else like this? (Trying to get pics)
  16. Jonnyf

    PD+ Original Graphics

    Hello, I'm looking for a Pure Drive Plus with the "swirl" graphics, this is the version which stopped being made in 2003. It has a silver babolat buttcap. I'd take any gripsize and condition (provided it isn't cracked) and the seller has to be able to ship to the UK. Thanks so much guys JF
  17. Jonnyf

    Starace and Bracciali banned!

    Hi, not sure if this has been posted before but I searched and couldn't find this. Potito Starace and Daniele Bracciali have been banned for betting on matches From BBC Italian number one Potito Starace and countryman Daniele Bracciali have both been suspended for betting on matches. Starace...
  18. Jonnyf

    Smooth transaction with psp2

    Thanks to psp2 who sold me a speedport black in better condition than described!. Everything was great with psp2 who put up with my money delays perfectly Thanks alot psp for a smooth transaction
  19. Jonnyf

    Forehand Video's

    Hi, This is 2 video's of me just having a *soft* hit, this wasn't me running around bustin my gut, this was just messing about with a friend of mine. The video's are mostly forehands, as awkward as some of these may look I'm just hitting the ball back, there's only a few that I really go after...
  20. Jonnyf

    Reebok Clothing

    Hi, I'm looking for the sort of 2002-2005/6 Reebok Clothing worn by Roddick, In particular the 2002-AO 2003 top and his 2003 US Open Top but most tops/shorts from then would be awesome. Any size'll do aswell,In Reebok I can do S-XL. I know it's a long shot but I figured it was worth a shot...
  21. Jonnyf

    Babolat Pure Drive Team Plus

    Hi, I'm looking for a Pure Drive Team Plus (ala Roddick 2003-2006) I'm really looking for it in an L4 (4 1/2) but any gripsize is ok. The seller obviously would have to ship to the UK. Thanks guys! JF
  22. Jonnyf

    Rusedski Serve

    Hey I was wondering if anyone has some decent video's of Rusedski's serve. Whether or not you like him it's a hell of a serve, Although the only time I've seen him play in person he got out served by a young serbian guy (Bozlojac) but it's still a tremendous serve and I'd love to see some...
  23. Jonnyf

    Converting Specs (Help please)

  24. Jonnyf

    Nickb (Nick Bond) Terrific Seller.

    Bought a racket from Nick and the whole process went incrediably smoothly. 2 days after payment and the racket arrives. Wouldn't hesistate to buy or sell too. Thanks Nick!
  25. Jonnyf

    Speedport Black: UK

    Hi, I'm looking for a Speedport Black in any gripsize and condition (aside from cracked) scratches etc. are fine. I really need both inserts (the string insert) and the seller HAS to be able to ship to the UK. C'mon guys I'm desperate! Thanks JonnyF
  26. Jonnyf

    Increasing Racket H.S-Contradiction

    Hi, After reading this article It got me wondering what other board members thought, In the article (below) it talks about using an "underload" racket ie. a racket 10-20% lighter than you're playing with and swing it full speed for 30-50 swings...
  27. Jonnyf

    I'd Have Been Terrible in the 80's! (vids)

    Hi, This is me just messing around with my Donnay Borg Pro and trying to hit with a continental fh- Obviously since this is just a mess about I'm not really trying to move my feet. If you notice in one of the video''s after I try unload on a fh i almost slip on the grass :p! Ok so after...
  28. Jonnyf

    McEnroe vs. Borg advert

    Hey, thought I'd post this advert since I love it! Just always has me laughing.
  29. Jonnyf

    Anyone with an ITN?

    Hi, I was just wondering if any other juniors here have an ITN. Mine is apparently between 5-6? And how accurate have you guys found these to be? Attempting to convert these to the UK scale just proves how dreadful the LTA's rating system is haha.
  30. Jonnyf

    Tecnifibre Grip Shape.

    Hello, Could somebody please describe the tecnifibre gripshape or even better photo the grip of a T-fight so that I can see what the shape resembles. Also, do these grips run large/small etc. Thanks alot.